Illegals ehh!

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

I myself am a criminal with my fingers in many pies, mainly because I am a ruthless, sadistic prick, and that’s to people on my good side. My enemies and clients fear me but still need what I have – money and connections. ‘Amed the Tailor’ was no exception. He owed me money and I was going to collect one way or another. Amed knew this and right there in front of me in my car he went and had a heart attack – turns out fear CAN kill! This left me with no money… and of course his body, but that would soon be disposed off. Gupta his accountant said the only money Amed had was the little known tailor shop him and an assistant ran – with a separate building behind where 5 illegal indian women did the mending.
“I’ll take it! Was my response, much to Gupta’s surprise, but he also knew there was little point in arguing with me.

Illegals ehh!:
Four of the five looked alright, one was a bit chubby. Gupta explained that they lived upstairs and Amed went shopping for them as they owed Amed the cost of transporting them here they got paid £10 after food and board and this was quite profitable for Amed.
Immediately I saw another advantage for me. Once Gupta was gone and with the women all looking at me I started to introduce the new rules.
“First off you are getting a raise to £20 a week and you can send it home” – eyes bright with joy.
“Second, I get to have sex with any of you when I want” – eyes not so bright, fear showing.
“Do we have a choice?” the one Gupta called Sunita piped up. Being talked back to was new to me and so I gave a quick “No” snarl.
“But all but one of us are virgins” she continued, as my cock hardened. Looking at them all I could see that Malli, the smallest, was the non-virgin as the others had their heads down.
“And if we are ever to be wives we should remain virgins, as it would bring great shame and possibly death if we did not” Sunita pushed, feeling she was making a valid point. Always one step ahead I countered with a question.
“So 4 of you need your hymen to remain intact for your wedding night?”
“Yes” was her quick and smarting answer.
“Well then you will take it up the ass!” Shock on their faces, but she knew they were beat.
“That’s that settled, starts tomorrow!”


First up had to be Sunita, she was the feisty one and one that was not willing to do vaginal intercourse, so anal it would be.
So I took that first walk out into the factory to start a ritual that would hopefully go on for a good time to come. They all looked around knowing what was to come, not knowing which of them I would choose and fearing what it would be like to be taken analy.
“Sunita, can you come into the office” I said, loud enough for everyone to hear.

Sunita arose from her work desk, getting looks that seemed to say ~ good luck; glad it wasn’t me ~ from some of the others. She proceeded into the office and I followed her shutting the door behind, the noise making her jump. Quietly I opened it a slight bit again.
“Pull up your dress and bend over the table” I said, getting straight to the point, aiming to get her doing what I wanted before she started talking and begging, though begging would have been nice. It also served a second purpose as I will come back to later. The table I pointed at was lying up against the wall the door was on and this would leave me able to see the door.

Slowly she lifted up her dress revealing a nice set of legs, with a mole on her left calf as the only blemish. She stopped with her hands just at the bottom curve of her ass.
“Up further” I immediately ordered, and she dutifully obeyed revealing black panties which were well covering her shapely ass.
“Now bend over the desk, I’m not going to repeat everything” So she proceeded to do what anybody else would and let go of the left side of her skirt in order to put her hand on the desk as she lowered her torso down.
Once she was bent over I ordered her to “lift back up your dress with your left hand”. She proceeded to do this which left her resting her breasts, in their confines, on the desk.

Now I was right behind her and let the bulge in my pants rub over her panties. Catching the panties with a finger under the waistband on each side I moved the fingers down her ass and down to the gap between her legs and, there is was, the soft feel of her hairy snatch. She shivered involuntarily at my touch, but I was not here for her pleasure and so I ran my fingers back up to her waistband and proceeded to pull the panties down, revealing her light brown ass with a slightly darker crack and then I could see her anus even darker and tight, like a target for a good marksman. Then as it went that slight bit further I saw her most prized spot, surrounded by black shiny hairs, but pink showing all the same.

Sunita was now bent over with her legs barely apart, her hands holding up her dress behind her, her breasts pressed against the desk and her face looking left… wondering what was going to happen, and fearing the pain.
“Spread your legs further apart” I said knowing this would be a bit harder with her arms in use, but that was the point for now. I watched her shuffle a bit and left her at that while I took off my trousers and whipped out the bulge which was well hard by now.

I lined my self up behind her to check the height of her ass was right, she didn’t have such luck, but I proceeded to put a very small bit of lube on my index finger and then put it down outside her nice dark hole. She flinched, whether from the cold or the unexpected touching of her hole. I rubbed it around the rim of the hole briefly, nearly wiping all the lube off, before proceeding to try to gain entry. Needless to say her body’s natural reaction was to tighten up against what was not supposed to happen naturally.
That was fine with her anus but her cheeks were a different thing, all was going as planned
“You gotta loosen up and stop squeezing your ass cheeks together”
“Okay” was the quite reply.
“Actually let go of your dress and grab your ass cheeks” I added in a slightly angry tone, assuring she would do it quickly. As she let the dress go I grabbed it and put it further up her back.

“Now pull those cheeks apart so I can have access” She did so slowly, but all the while revealing a vertical line where her cheeks joined leading me straight to her hole. “Further!” and she did, this then caused her anus to be pulled out a bit. I put another small bit of lube on my finger and put it straight on the new opening that was showing and it in turn squeezed close. I continued anyway and put the tip of my finger at the center of the target and pushed in in a soft jab motion.

Suddenly her anus gave way and I was a knuckle deep in Sunita, followed by a loud exhale from her. I squirted another small bit of lube onto the closest bit of my finger to her hole and proceeded to sink my finger all the way in with an “agghh” from Sunita, it wasn’t loud but she was going to get louder before we were finished, pain was going to guarantee that.

I pulled my finger almost out and then pushed it back in, to yet more “aggh”s and kept doing this for 6 or 7 more quick strokes. I put a bit of lube on my cock and then shoved the finger back in. Now I checked again if the brown target would line up with my cock – still no luck for Sunita, she was just a bit low.

“Your going to have to pull your legs together a bit so you are a bit higher” And so she tried, she had to try and shuffle her legs together while holding her cheeks with her hands and I had a finger in her ass, which I was consciously pulling upwards, indicating that she had to go up further. Once she was at the right height I pulled out my finger, much to her relief, and she stopped. But the I placed my cock at her hole entrance and she flinched again.

“Pull apart those ass cheeks, well apart!” and so she did. I put the tip of my hard cock, with its small bit of lube on the tip, at the centre of her now slightly open hole and proceeded to push against it. With a bit of effort it started to spread Sunitas anus open, and she started moaning. Then it had it nearly fully open, just before the head gets in, and she started shrieking saying “no, my ass…. It hurts… agghhhh!” She was getting louder which was the point seen as I had left the door open a slight bit so the others would hear and would have even more fear of what was to happen to them.

With a good push I sank my tip and about an inch into her anus and stopped, but only to step forward and proceeded to shove the rest of my cock into her ass. She screamed, a lot. I proceeded to pull it nearly all the way out and then slowly back in, to more screams. I continued this for 10 or so times, until her sighs told me she had grown accustomed to my cock. With the message delivered to the others and little chance of hurting her I quickened up.

I leaned back and watched as my cock slammed into her and her ass wobbled a bit in the confines of her hands. I pulled out my cock and then pushed it back in, getting sighs of pleasure from Sunita. I shoved it all the way in and out picking up the tempo and soon felt the tightness in my balls. I knew what was coming, and grabbed for Sunitas hair, shoving my cock, which was growing that extra bit ~ to Sunitas surprise and yelp, as far in as I could. And then it came that spurt that shoots it all as far as possible, all the way into her anus. I kept pumping and spurting and Sunita kept “aggh”ing.

When I felt the last spurt shoot out I withdrew my cock from her anus, letting a small bit drip from her hole towards her hairy mound. Even though I had just spent my lot I swear my cock said it could do some more after seeing the cum reach her vaginal opening. Plenty of days yet was my thought on that.

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