Ida may screws her nephew

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

Ida May snuggled up to her nephew and ask.

"Do you like my pussy?"

"Hell yes" answered the boy.

"Your uncle will be gone for a month on his hunting trip and you can sleep with me until he gets back"

"What about your daughter?"

"She's too busy whoring around to care what we do" she laughed.

"Linda was the one that said I could seduce you"

"That slut knows what I want" she laughed.

Jim got another hard on and rubbed it on her ass and Ida May helped him put it in. He fucked her for almost an hour resting when he was about to blow his wad and then did it again. She was always surprised that he could last so long. Young lovers were the best. The next morning Linda used her key to get in her mother's house and went to her bedroom to wake her. Her mother and her cousin were in bed naked with their arms wrapped around each other.

"You fucking slut, I didn't think you would let him do it" she laughed.

Ida May woke up and covered herself with a sheet.

"You should knock before barging into my room" she scolded.

"I don't care if you bang Jim, just don't let daddy find out"

"I'll be careful Linda don't worry about it"

"Does he fuck good?"

"God yes" she blushed.

"Do you want me to fix breakfast?"

"That would be nice honey"

Linda made pancakes and after they ate they talked.

"My boyfriend dumped me"

"Why?" ask her mom.

"He's Catholic and I'm not"

"Why should that make a difference?"

"His mom told him that if he didn't marry a good Catholic girl she would kick him out of the house"

"Good god Linda he's eighteen, can't he find a job and live by himself?"

"He's a momma's boy" she explained.

"You're better off without him" said Ida May.

"Maybe he's fucking her" said Jim.

"I doubt it, he was a virgin before he screwed me"

"I wish I could screw a virgin boy" said her mother.

"I miss his prick in my hole can I borrow Jim for a quick fuck?"

"His prick is my piece of meat Linda, keep your hands off of it"

"Maybe I should seduce daddy"

"Go for it honey, I don't care"

"Can I watch you and Jim fuck while I play with my pussy?"

"Ok" giggled her mother.

Ida May and Jim undressed. When Jim heard what his cousin said he mounted his aunt and fucked her on the couch. Linda pulled down her panties and played with her clit until she climaxed.

"I want to see you cum on her face" said Linda.

When Jim was ready he pulled his prick out of his aunt's pussy and splattered her face with sperm.

"I wish I had a camera" laughed Linda.

"Are you still horny?"

"God yes mom, I want a cock in my hole"

"I've got a vibrator you can use if you want"

"Get it, you and Jim can watch me fuck my hole with it"

Linda undressed and lay on the floor. Her mom got the sex toy and turned it on and Linda shoved the buzzing vibrator up her cunt. She did herself with it and climaxed so many times she felt faint. Jim was fascinated and played with his prick. Ida May saw her nephew looking at his cousin Linda and kissed him.

"I know you want her but I want you more and I will do anything to keep you"

"Will you let me fuck your asshole?" he whispered.

"I've never done that before but if that's what you want we will do it tonight when we go to bed"

Linda went home because she had to go to work in the morning and Jim and his aunt got in bed. Ida May lifted her legs and shoved the vibrator up her cunt. Jim spit on his prick and fucked his aunt's asshole.

"OOoooogod JESUS this feels wonderful" she cried.

"Do you love me?"

"Yes" whispered his aunt.

Jim fucked her asshole until the batteries in her vibrator went dead. Then she pulled it out and let him fuck her pussy. When she climaxed she was so excited she peed on him. This got Jim so hot he shot his sperm in her wet hole. They lay there kissing and suddenly the phone rang. Ida May answered it and her husband told her he would be home in the morning.

"Oh shit" she said.

"Who was it?" ask Jim.

"Your uncle said he is coming home"

"We better get up early tomorrow morning, we don't want him to catch us sleeping together" warned Jim.

Jim screwed his aunt until he was tired and in the morning he fucked her again. Then they got dressed and waited for Harold. When Ida May's husband got home he ask Jim.

"Do you like to keep your aunt company?"

"Yes" said the boy.

"Stay with her, I have to go on another business trip tomorrow"

"I'll do it" said Jim.

"He's a good boy" she smiled.

That night when Jim slept on the couch he could hear his aunt's cries of passion. His uncle was getting a piece of ass from Ida May and he was jealous. He pulled out his prick and jacked off fantasizing about his beautiful aunt. Then he went to sleep with his limp prick exposed. The next morning Harold saw his nephew's prick and laughed. Jim must have fallen to sleep after he jacked off. He woke him up and said.

"Stuff that thing back in you pants before your aunt gets up"

"Oh my god" gasp the boy.

"Has my daughter been to see her mother?"

"Linda was here yesterday but she went home"

"I want to see her"

"Call her up uncle Harold, this is Saturday and I know she will be home"

When he called Linda she ask him to come to her house because she had a present for him. As soon as his uncle left Jim undressed and got in bed with his aunt.

"Where is Harold?" she ask.

"He went to see Linda"

"Lick my pussy and taste your uncle's cum" she cooed.

When Jim sucked cum from his aunt's sloppy wet hole when she climaxed and ask.

"Can I pee in your mouth?"

"God yes" mumbled the boy.

Ida May emptied her bladder and Jim swallowed it. Then he pushed his prick in her wet cunt and fucked her until he squirted cum.

When Harold opened the door to his daughter's house she was nude and her legs were spread.

"I should have knocked" he gasp.

"You've seen me naked before daddy, don't be a prude" she said.

"You were a little girl then" he blushed,

"I bet you wanted to play with my cunny" she giggled.

Yes, but I was afraid you would tell your mother"

"I'm a big girl now and I want you to fuck me"

Linda led her dad to her room and jumped in bed. Harold undressed and mounted his daughter and fucked her with all he had. When he filled her hole with sperm they lay beside each other and talked.

"Was I good sex daddy?"

"Oh god yes"

"Mom is fucking Jim" she giggled.

"I don't care as long as I can do you"

"Next time you go out of town take me with you and we can sleep together in a motel" she cooed.

This was a perfect arrangement. His wife was fucking Jim and he was screwing his daughter. What more could he ask for?

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