IAN meets his daughter

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

Dr. Ian Tyler was a well known doctor from the east coast. He had married his high school sweetheart when he was in med school. While in med school the couple’s first and only child was born a girl they named Shannon .

Four months after the birth of their baby the couple splits up, Ian’s ex took their daughter to the west cost to be raised with the help of Shannon ’s new step dad.

Shortly after his marriage ends Dr. Tyler was invited to a party, hosted by his college roommate Don. Don Price had a thing for young girls, a man now in his early fifties Don has never seen anything wrong in taking a young girl of eighteen to his bed.

When his best friend needed a little fun and excitement in his life Don introduced his pal to the joys of a young girl’s body. Don invited Ian over one night for drinks and to watch football, Don started telling Ian about a girl that he had met online, and that she was on her way over. Ian thought nothing of until the young red head walked into Don’s apartment.

She looked to be no older then eighteen. She wore a red t-strap top and a blue jean mini skirt. She looked so young and fresh that Ian had to admit that his dick did get hard when he first saw her.

Don offered the girl something to drink, but she turned it down. Ian could not believe what he was seeing. Here was this pretty little white chick, standing in his best friend’s living room, and Don was about to fuck the hell out of her.

Ian never thought that he could be attracted to young girls until he saw Tammy. Ian went into the kitchen to get himself a beer, by the time he returned to the living room Tammy was out of her cloths and on her knees giving his buddy one of the best blow jobs he had ever seen.

Watching this girl seemed to have released a beast of lust in Ian.
Don’s cock was almost down Tammy’s throat, as Don’s fingers found her
tiny love hole. Laying on her back her lovely young body was in plain sight of
the young doctor.

Tammy’s soft white skin looked like supple lush silk; she trembled as Don’s big black hands roamed her tight young body. Tammy had a thing for black men, this love of black cock came alive a few months back, when she started fucking her mother’s boyfriend.

Tammy moans in delight as two of Don’s fingers enter her little fuck hole.
Don had slipped between Tammy’s wide spread legs. Her sweet pussy lips had
unfolded and had welcomed his nine inch pleasured tool into her warm wet
Pussy. Ian watched as his old friend rammed his nearly nine inch cock into
Tammy’s tight young pussy. It had been months since Ian last fucked.

Fucking her for close to twenty minuses, it felt like Tammy’s pussy
had put a lock down on Don’s dick.

“That’s it baby fuck that pussy, oh yes baby fuck me, fuck that tight pink pussy.”
Tammy cried.

It was raw sex that Ian was watching, and it was the most exciting thing he
had ever seen. Slamming his cock deep inside Tammy’s pussy, she let out a
piercing scream that echoed through Don’s small apartment.

“Hey buddy, you want some of this?” a breathless Don asked as he pulled
out of Tammy’s sopping wet hot pussy.

Ian hesitated for a moment, thinking about how hard he had worked to get
to this stage in his life. He was an up and coming doctor, with a bright
future ahead of him. The thought of fucking this sweet young thing was
certainly tempting, but was it worth the risk?

Tammy lay before him, with her big baby blue eyes and innocent smile, her
legs open, she was just waiting to be taking again. Ian quickly undressed,
Don handed him a condom. ‘Oh yeah, it is most definitely worth the risk.’ Ian joined Tammy on the floor, in the middle of Don’s living room.

Don looked on as Ian slipped between the young girl’s legs.. Tammy arched her
back, welcoming her new lover. Tammy’s pussy was much tighter then Ian
first thought, as he pushed her small lips apart. Contact between Ina’s cock
and Tammy’s clit drove her crazy.

Slamming his rock hard cock into the young girl’s hot little hole proved
pleasurable. Ina picked up the pace as Tammy responded in kind by
rotating her hips, keeping time to Ian’s love making.

“Oh baby, that’s good, that’s good.” he started to moan as her pussy took his dick deeper and deeper.

Tammy was close to the edge of exploding, he had almost forgotten what it felt
like to have a hot little body beneath him, and the feel of a sweet young
girl’s on the edge of coming.

“Oh yes daddy, fuck my pussy, fuck your little girl’s pussy.” the young girl cried.

It was at that moment that Ian knew that his love for young girls would be
more then just a passing fancy. The fact that Tammy was begging for it was
one thing, but it seemed that she was begging her daddy to fuck her, now
that was a real turn on for Ian.

From that night on, Don and Ian stayed on the hunt for fresh young pussy.
This went on for years. However eighteen years later Shannon ’s mom drops
her off on her father’s door step, and she never looked back.

The last time Ian had seen his daughter was when she was just a few months
old. Shannon was now eighteen, and knew nothing about her father’s lust for
young girls. The first few weeks being back with her father seemed to go
well for Shannon; she was finally getting a chance to get to know her dad.

However having this young beautiful girl living in his house proved to be a
real challenge…It did not matter much to Ian that Shannon was his daughter,
and that he was having sexual fantasies about her. The one thing that he had
learned from Don Price was that it didn’t matter how or with whom he got it
from, pussy was pussy, and if you could get into some young girl’s panties,
that’s all that mattered.

One night after a very hard and trying day at the hospital, Ian came home to
find Shannon napping on the couch; she looked so beautiful laying there,
her soft brown skin looked so inviting as she stirred in her sleep.

She was wearing an old pair of cut off jeans, and a crisp white shirt, that was
tied under her tits, leaving plenty of space to show off her flat tummy, and
curvy hips.

Ian stood over his daughter, as lustful thoughts raced through his mind. He
wondered what her mouth tasted like, as he fantasized his tongue invading
her mouth. He could almost see himself ripping off that crispy white shirt,
exposing lovely young tits. He wondered what she would think if she knew
that all he wanted to do was get his hand inside those cut off jeans, and cop
a good feel of that young sweet pussy.

He was almost ready to give in to his dark desire when her whiskey brown eyes opened. She gives her father a warm smile, as she sat up on the couch, her hair was messed up, watch made her look ever sexier then before.

“Hi daddy, you’re home?” she said in that sweet young sexy voice, that he had come to adore.

“Yeah.” he said, as he quickly turned away, so she would not see the effect that
she was having on him.

Standing next to his oak brown desk pretending to sort though the mail that
had stacked up over five days, Ian tried to ignore the hardness that his baby
girl had caused.

Stretching, and trying to release the cob webs that had gathered from her
nap, Shannon joined her father at his antique desk; Ian could not help noticing her
thick ass jiggled when she walked across the room. Just looking at the way
her shorts rode up the crack of her ass, almost sent Ian over the edge.

Lord he wanted to fuck this sweet little girl so badly, but how could he, she
was his baby girl. Ian didn’t understand how he could have such dirty
thoughts about his own daughter. Mornings were the worst time for him.
Ina would wake every morning with an undeliverable hard on, the only thing
Ian wanted was to buried his rock hard cock between the sweet pussy lips
of his sexy eighteen year old daughter, Shannon.

“Would you like something to eat daddy?” she ask as he plopped herself
on top of his desk.

The thought of ripping those shorts off, and taking a bite into her sweet
little love hole was surly a tempting thought. Upon hours of playing with
himself he often tried to picture what her pussy looked like, was it hairy,
or clean shaved. How big was her clit, and had she ever had a big dick in

“No sweetie, I have to go back to the hospital, I just came home to grab a
quick shower” he said as ran upstairs in order to hide the hard on that she
had caused.

Ian went back to the hospital; however his mind was not on his work.
Instead thoughts of Shannon overtook every minute he was away from
her. It was around midnight when Ian retuned home; he had waited
until he was sure that Shannon had gone to bed. Walking upstairs he could
see that the lights were on, and the door to Shannon ’s room was
slightly opened. As he passed her room he heard a low moaning sound. The
sounds caught him off guard, because of its familiar tone. He had heard that
moan so many times; it’s the sound of a young girl making love.

Ian approached the door, giving it a slight shove and peering in he could
see his eighteen year old daughter riding the dick of his best friend, Don Price.
“What the hell” Ian yelled, as a stunned Shannon slipped from her lover’s cock.

“Oh my god, daddy.” that’s all she could say as she covered her naked body.

“Don what the hell are you doing in my house, and with my baby girl?”

“Don’t dare get all self righteous with me old buddy, you seem to forget
that I know how much you love banging sweet young things yourself.”

“Yes, but this is my daughter, my little girl” Ian said, as Don gave him that
all knowing look.

“Oh come on Ian, are you really not going to stand here and tell me that you
have never thought about hitting this, not even once, in all the time she has
been living here, you have never wanted to stuff your cock into this sweet
little whore.

Ian never said a word, as he watched his best friend seduce his daughter 0214
again, by sliding his fingers in and out of Shannon ’s young ripe pussy.
She didn’t seem to mind the fact that her father was looking on, while
his best friend was giving her a good finger fuck.

“Is it true daddy, do you want to fuck my pussy? Shannon asked as Don continued stroking her hairless pussy.

“Let me tell you something pal, you really don’t know what you’re
missing, this little girl is a fire cracker in bed. Hell man the first time
she called me to come over, she told she was worried about you, that
you was working too hard, and she needed someone to talk to about
it” Don said as Ian took a seat on Shannon’s bed..

“What did you do?”

“Well my friend I came running over here expecting to see this sad, distraught
little girl. I knocked on the door, when I didn’t get an answer, I remembered
the spare key that you gave me, and so I used it to let myself in. When I walked
in I called out Shannon ’s name. When I didn’t get an answer I started to
search the house. I looked everywhere, until I got around to Shannon ’s
bedroom. When I opened to door I was surprise to fine her lying across her
Bed, naked..

A stunned look settled in Ian’s eyes as he looked at his beautiful young
daughter. Could he have been wrong all this time? The thought of
another man tapping that ass, before him, made his blood boil.

“Man I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, my best friend’s hot sexy young
daughter was willing and ready to give up her pussy, and I was the lucky
son of a bitch that was going to get it.

“Yeah and we both know your sorry black ass will never turn down free pussy.”
Ian sneered.

“You dam right, turning down free pussy is a sin where I come from.”

“But you’re my best friend, how could you do this to me.”

“Like I said I know how much young pussy you have gotten into over the years,

“Besides I did it for you.”

“What the hell do you mean you did it for me, are you telling me that you
stuck your dick into my baby girl’s pussy for me?” Ian scoffed.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying. Man you really don’t know, do you?

A look of confusion over took his face, as he noticed Shannon still sitting on
her bed, still wrapped it the bed sheet she used to cover her beauty. Walking
over and standing before the young girl that he had dreamed about having.

“What do you have to say for yourself?

Shannon just sat there, head hug down and biting her bottom lip. She really
did not know what to say, or what he wanted to hear, for that matter.

“I’m sorry dad, but I didn’t know what else to do.” Shannon said

“What do, what does that mean, come on baby, and talk to daddy.”

Don Price spoke up. “Why waste time talking, why not show him what you

Shannon gave Don a wild eyed look, and decided he was right, why talk
when she could just show him what she wanted. Without one word she
stood up, letting the white sheet that hid her treasures tumble to the floor.

Ian’s eyes wide with excitement, as his dick followed suit. Walking towards
him, Ian tried to turn and walk away but the sight of her beautiful naked
body would not let him.

Standing face to face Ina took his naked daughter in his arms. Their brown
skin mixing together made for a beautiful erotica moment. Their eyes met as
Ian caressed her cheek with his finger. He would have never dreamed that
she would have wanted him, just as much as he wanted her. Not a word was exchanged between father and daughter. Shannon helped Ian undress, she lead him over to her bed, lying down and spreading her legs, she left very little doubt about what she wanted.

“You can have me if you want.” she said.

Ian licked his lips, took a deep breath and joined Shannon in bed. She was so
soft and sweet as he caressed her honey brown shin, pulling her legs apart
Ian covered her mouth with his. The first sweet kiss that father and daughter
shared shook both of them to their core.

His hands knew no boundary, with every touch Shannon found pleasure in
her father’s touch. Ian’s hands found nothing but pleasure as he explored
her young body. Shannon ’s slim thighs, and firm upright tits, with hard
brown nipples proved to be a powerful combination. Her smooth hairless
pussy with swollen pussy lips, made his mouth water with desire.

Sliding between her legs, Ian could feel his heart pounding so hard, as he
looked into her whiskey brown eyes. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

The look in her eyes, and that sweet innocent smile, told her dad everything
he needed to know. She felt so dam good as his hard stiff dick slowly cascaded down her flat tummy, as the two continued to share kisses.

As his hard dick continued to move closer to the paradise he sought, Ian closed his eyes and prayed for forgiveness. “God please forgive me for what I am about to do” he said as his cock found the opening of her pleasure box.

Ina pushed his big black cock against her tight pussy, as he took one of her young hard nipples in his mouth. Shannon ’s fuck hole was so tight, he was afraid that he might not be able to penetrate her sweet little core.

“Man, just get on with it; you’re not going to hurt that little whore, as many dicks as she has already had.” Ian heard his best friend say, as he looked on.

Ian started to push his cock head in, easing it slowly into her little fuck hole. Shannon let out a whimper, as she felt her pussy lips unfold, welcoming her father’s eight inch cock into her love hole.

Once he was sure that she could handle all eight inches of his pleasure tool, there was no holding back. Ian drove into her little fuck hole; slamming in and out, in a pile driver fashion, fucking his eighteen year old daughter to pure ecstasy.

Shannon was certainty on the edge of exploding; she had never been pushed to the edge like this before. All her other lovers, including her stepfather never took her past the edge of an erotic abyss.

Constantly slamming in an out of his daughter’s young wet pussy, Ian
never felt more alive. He had plenty of good young pussy in the
past, but nothing like this, her pussy felt perfect.

“Hey buddy, how about sharing that sweet little pussy with your old pal?”
Ian heard Don

Never letting up on his assault on Shannon ’s pussy Ina made his wishes real
clear. “Don get the fuck out of my house.”

“Hay what gives, I have shared just about ever piece of ass with you for the
Past ten years, and now you want cut me out” Don bellowed.

Pulling out of Shannon , Ian turned his attention to his old and up until now
a trusted friend. “You knew man how much I wanted her, how much I
wanted to be her first. Yet you never said a word about fucking her
yourself” a furious Ian said.

“Dad, please don’t be mad at Uncle Don, he really helped me.”

“No baby, it was more like he helped himself.” Ian corrected Shannon .

“Well if that’s true, then that whore certainty didn’t mind, did you baby?”
Don said as he slipped his hand between her legs, to get a good last feel.

Ina gripped his friend and shoved to him the floor. “I told you to get the fuck out
of my house.” Ian said as he threw Don’s clothes in his face.

“Yeah ok man I’m going, you can have this bitch, I know where I can always
get me some younger, sweeter stuff.” Don said as he slammed Shannon ’s
bed room door behind him.

“Daddy I’m sorry that you are so mad at Uncle Don and me.”

“Oh no baby I’m not mad at you, I love my sweet baby girl.” Ina said as he
slid back between her legs.

The look on her sweet honey tan face as her father began to eat her pussy for
the first time was priceless.

“Have you ever had your pussy eaten?” Ian asked as he opened her small lips.

Shannon gave her father a sweet smile, “No” she said as she braced herself
for the onslaught of her father’s tongue. Shannon gave a low moan, and
arched her back, and welcomed Ian’s smooth tongue as it entered her sweet love

“Oh God daddy, oh God that feels so good.”

With Ian’s nose and mouth buried deep inside his daughter’s pussy the
aroma and taste of her sweet young pussy made his blood boil and his
heart race. He had never had pussy this good, both in taste and texture. The two carried on their affair for more than ten years…

The end

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