I let my wife fuck two guys

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My name is Greg and for many years my wife of 10 years has had a fantasy of wanting to be fucked by two guys at the same time. I would say this fantasy started maybe 5 years ago back before we had our two children and through the years it has become more and more of an obsession with my wife, she has seen many movies on the internet involving Double penetration and the idea of this being done to her really turns her on.

Let me tell you more about my wife. She is a very beautiful 40 year old who still has a figure of a twenty year old. It was a couple of years into our marriage one faithful night when we both had too much to drink that she told me she had a real need to one day try double penetration sex with two guys.

At the time maybe because I didn't want her to cheat behind my back with two guys or maybe partly because I never wanted to stop her trying something she really wanted to try I told her the only way I would be remotely happy with her having sex with two guys was if they were Gigolo's or some kind of professionals in the sex industry. I remember even as I was saying it my mind was thinking this would be a bad idea and hopefully she would never take me up on the offer.

Well fast forward 5 years and my wife never did forget that drunken conversation and her wanting to try a Double Penetration is stronger than ever. So after a long chat we decided that maybe we should visit somewhere that could offer her what she wants. I know for sure I would not want to be involved, the thought of me and another man having sex with my wife is something that doesn't interest me so our only option is to pay for two guys to do give her what she wants.

After searching online for hours we came across a website of a place in the centre of London that deals with Ladies with certain sexual needs, this place covered every type and perpetration that took your fancy including a chance for a woman to experience Double Penetration sex with two guys. We sent them an email and waited a day or two for a reply. My heart was racing as I typed the email of what my wife fantasy my wife was wanting to live out.

Well only a few hours passed and we got a reply, I watched my wife's eyes light up as she read out the details of the email.

For £300 my wife could have two well hung professional Gigolo's to herself for 1 hour which would include both guys having sexual intercourse with her at the same time. I knew this is something my wife was desperate to try so with slight reluctance I told my wife to reply to the email setting up a date and time that we could pay them a visit.

The day finally arrived, we packed the children off the the child minders and set off for London. My wife dressed in a nice figure hugging top, a above knee length skirt and a new pair of Skin colored Tights. She almost looked like she was dressed for work, nothing too sexy or revealing after all these two guys were going to fuck her whatever she looked like.

Me and the wife have a very close relationship and are both open minded people, we talked about what was about to happen and how she was feeling on the journey into London. She was excited but completely nervous but I said I would wait for her in the waiting room as I didn't want to see these guys fucking her.

We finally arrived at the building. It was an old looking building with huge windows and Gothic features. We went inside and was greeted by a smartly dressed lady who instantly made us feel at ease. We told her our names and she told us to make our way to the second floor and to take a seat in the waiting area.

We got to the second floor and waited as she told to do. Within 5 minutes or so another lady appeared and told my wife that the guys were ready for her, I told the lady that I was staying in the waiting room for my wife to return. My wife stood up and gave me a kiss on the cheek, I could tell on her face she was as nervous as hell but completely turned on by the thought of what is going to happen to her, she asked me if I was sure I was okay with what was about to happen to her and I nodded yes in reply.

I watched her walk off with lady who led her to a Room down the end of the Hall. My heart was pumping so fast as I watched my wife disappear into the room. 10 minutes past, it seemed like hours, my mind was going ten to the dozen, what were they doing to her now? I started to pace up and down the waiting area. Suddenly for some reason I wanted to witness my wife being fucked by these two guys.

The lady came back into the waiting area. She asked me if I was okay and that if I wanted too I could watch my wife without her knowing because there was a small room next to where my wife was that had a two way mirror that I could sit and watch from.

Now my mind was really racing, without thinking I said yes. I was walked down the hall and was led into a small room almost like a cupboard that had a bench to sit on, the lady told me to pullback the curtain in front of me and that revealed the other side of the two way mirror.

The lady left the tiny room and closed the door. My hand was shaking so much I could hardly lift the curtain. From where I was now sitting I could hear moaning and sighing coming from the other side of the mirror. I couldn't take much more I opened the curtain and there was my wife on her knees with the two guys either side of her with these huge and I mean huge cocks in her mouth. I could see that the guys had got my Wife's tits out of her bra, her nipples were so hard as their hands cupped and rubbed her tits. Her skirt was up round her waist showing her black knickers under her skin colored Tights.

It was not long before both guys stood her up and layed her on a large King size bed in the centre of the room. Their hands were all over her body and you could see she was loving every minute. Her skirt was unzipped from the back and slid down her nylon covered legs that always looked stunning in Tights.

She was laying on the bed in nothing more than just her Tights and Knickers. One of the guys reached over to a small table by the side of the bed and picked up a pair of scissors. The other guy took both my wife's ankles and opened her legs up wide while the guy with the scissors reached for the gusset of her Tights and cut a hole about 4 inches round exposing her knickers. Then using the scissors again he cut my wife's knickers off her pulling them out through the hole in her Tights. My wife had a beautifully trimmed pussy and already I could see she was getting wet.

It was a rare treat for me to have sex with my wife when she kept her Tights on and now these two guys were going to get that treat while they double fucked her.

I watched her legs opened wide as both guys teased their hands along the length of her legs and on to her pussy. She began to moan louder as the guys fingers entered her body for the first time. I noticed one of the guys poke his finger up her arse as the other guy pushed two fingers into her pussy. She gripped the headboard with her hands as they slowly finger fucked her. She raised her legs up and dug the heels into the bed as her first Orgasm rushed through her body.

I heard her tell one of them the fuck her pussy. The guy on the left of her climbed between her spread legs and guided his huge cock towards her pussy all the while the other guy continued to finger her bum. As his cock slowly entered her both her legs raised off the bed are wrapped tight around his waist, I was amazed watching this guys huge cock disappear inside my wife. I sat opened mouth as I watched him fuсk her through the hole in her Tights, she had her legs locked round his waist as he thrust his cock in and out of her. The other guy's finger was now fully inside her bum with every stroke he pulled out his finger and put it back in again, my wife made a high pitched yell every time his finger entered her arse hole.

After 5 minutes or so the guy fucking her pussy put both his hands on her butt cheeks and in one quick movement rolled her over so now she was on top off him, my wife's tits looked amazing bouncing up and down with every thrust of his cock.

I sensed that my wife was not far off from being double penetrated by these guys cocks. My mind was racing, for some strange reason my cock was rock hard watching my wife fuck with these two guys. I was shaking all over at the thought of both of them preparing to fuck her at the same time.

The guy that my wife was riding pointed to the other guy to get the lube from the table at the side of the bed. He reached over opened the tube and squirted a huge amount over my wife's bum hole. She let out a sigh as his finger massaged the rim of her arse. He then put both hands on my wife's shoulders and pushed her down tight against the guy she was riding, this made her arse stick up in the air. I heard him ask her if she was ready, I could see her nod her head looking completely nervous as to what was going to happen next.

The hole in her Tights was made slightly bigger by the guy behind her ripping them with his hands, her bum cheeks were almost fully exposed. Keeping one hand pushing on her back he guided his cock against her arse with his other hand. Everytime she moved back and forth on top of the cock in her pussy the guy behind hit the rim of her arse with his cock behind her.

Suddenly the guy behind went for it and slowly forced his cock up her bum. The look on her face when the tip of his penis went inside her for the first time her will stay with me forever. Her eyes rolled up inside her head and let out what real low pitched moan. God know how she fit both cocks inside her, her holes were being stretched to the limit.

Her hands gripped the pillow in front of her and she started taking deep breaths as further and further both cocks went inside her. The guys took it really slowly to begin with so she could get used to feeling so full of cock but It was not long before the slight pain of being Double Penetrated for the first time was replaced by complete and utter pleasure. The look on her face said it all.

As both guys slowly began to pick up speed my wife's moaning and groaning increased in volume. Her feet banged against the bed with every thrust from the guy behind her, at the same time her tits banged against the guys face that was under her fucking her pussy.

Her body looked tiny sandwiched between these two guys who knew completely how to DP a woman. My wife was by now was yelling and shouting how much she loved it. The feeling of both cocks rubbing against the walls of her vagina and anus was too much for her to handle, I watched as her toes curled up tight as an Orgasm exploded inside her.

Both guys didn't stop, they carried on a now relentless pounding of her pussy and arse, the bed was rocking back and forth with the headboard smacking against the wall. The guy behind her reached under her and cupped her tits as the guy beneath her put both hands on her arse cheeks and pulled them apart.

Half hour ago the thought of my wife fucking two guys was really not something I was the turned on about but I have to be honest and say I yanked my cock hard watching these guys ruin my wife's holes.

They had now Double fucked my wife for 15 minutes straight and I could tell that the guy in her arse was close to cumming. Both guys cocks were going in and out of her so fast they was almost like a blur. I could see my wife looking completely exhausted from Orgasm after Orgasm, her body looked almost like a piece of meat between these two guys that had well and truly fucked her brains out. Her legs was flapping and banging on the bed with both guys fucking her so hard. The guy behind her had both hands gripped on the waist rim of her Tights and with every thrust he was pulling her back hard against his cock.

The guy in her arse started to grunt louder and louder, at the same time the guy fucking her pussy was trying to time him cumming with the guy in her arse. My wife was also close to yet another Orgasm, she took her hands and gripped hold of the bars on the headboard, her tits hung down brushing against the guys chest beneath her.

The guys hands gripped tight around her waist as, all three of them were grunting and shouting ,first the guy in her arse exploded then almost instantly the guy in her pussy did the same and in the middle of that my wife let out one almighty scream, her body had lost control and she was shaking from head to toe, they held her tight as her buddy bucked and shook.

I watched both guys cocks slowly pull out of her pussy and arse. My wife's holes looked red raw and ruined from one hell of a DP. She lay on the bed with her hands between her legs holding her pussy as she twitched and shuddered from her Orgasm. Her Tights were covered in cum, ripped and laddered, my wife's pussy was still squirting cum 20 seconds or so after they had pulled out of her. Her body was a complete wreck but you could see with the huge grin on her face that she loved every second of her very first Double Penetration.

The guys looked pleased with the fucking they had giving my wife, I could hear them tell her that for her first Double Penetration she could take one hell of a fucking.

I could hardly stand from the boner in my pants but I made my way out of the tiny room and returned to the waiting area for my wife to get herself together. After 10 minutes or so my wife left the room and headed back towards me, walking very gingerly. I was in two minds weather to tell her that I watched every minute of her double penetration.

She sat down next to me, put her head on my shoulder and whispered in my ear that she loved every minute. Her eyes lit up when I told her I watched the two guys fuck her brains out and that I also loved it.

I think this may be the start of something new......

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