I had a dream

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Some day I’ll tell my angel about my dream, the truth that is, but for now I think I’ll just let her live the dream, while I coast along for the ride. We have been married for five years, with no kids and it appeared we were going to have to take heroic measures if we wanted any. This we had decided not to do, the world not really needing any more mouths to feed. Which was neat in its own way, meaning sex became recreational only, with not a care in the world about birth control. The thing is about recreation, though, is that you become jaded with your present level and feel the need to push the boundaries. A skier would have looked for a steeper hill. I just thought about wilder sex.

Problem was, of course, my angel was just that, and how do you tell your angel you want to fuck another woman? The absolute last thing I wanted is to lose her, or even hurt her in any way. But the idea stayed with me, and one day I had this dream. At least that’s what I told Noriko. We were sleeping late on a Sunday morning, just lazing our way to ten o’clock or so, when Noriko prodded me and impishly asked me what the smile on my face was about, and what’s more what that boner was for. Both were because I was really lying awake thinking carnal thoughts to myself, but an idea was born in a glimpse of genius.

“Wow, what a dream! No wonder I’m hard. You don’t want to know what I was dreaming,” I pulled face to back up what I said, “I mean, it was just a dream, but so real, we’re lucky it wasn’t a wet dream.” I whacked my boner on her tummy and tried to draw her closer.
“Whoa, bucko, I want to know who you were fucking and why. You can’t tease me like that. Who was the bimbo, and I’ll let you know if I’m going to scratch her eyes out.”

“Remember it was only a dream,” I flinched from a poke in the ribs, “The bimbo was you, Angel. I dreamed you were getting screwed by this big, blonde hunk with me and his wife watching. Don’t ask me what she looked like, but he was what I would have to call very hot, I think the term is. And you were really grooving on him. It was a very sensuous scene.” I faked a shudder.
“What about your hard-on? You’re not telling me you got hard watching me get laid? Surely you and his lady had something going.”

I feigned puzzlement, “No, it was just you two, and it did turn me on watching you. It was so real, I could almost believe it really happened. He was just cumming in you when you woke me up. I could see his balls suck up and squeeze the last bit out. And you were just wild. Wow.”

Noriko still put on that she was sceptical of me story, but she didn’t resist as I pulled closer, lifted a leg over me so I could bring my boner to her pussy, “See? This is how you were doing it,” I pushed into her pussy, pleased to find it wet and slippery enough. Whatever I was doing was having some effect at least. “It was like you putting a show on for us, and we were cheering you on, telling you both to fuck the ass off each other, which you did.”
Noriko frowned, “Well, I would never cheat on you, and you know it.”

I laughed to dispel any tension I might have lain on her, “I know you wouldn’t, sweets, but I can’t think it can be called cheating when your husband is a cheerleader. And it was only a dream, after all. And I told you that you might not like it. But it’ll be etched in my memory for a while. I could even pick him out of a police line up, it was that real.” I was stroking into her as I talked, “Do you like this position? Thor sure did.”
Quizzically. “Thor?”
“Well, he was big and blonde, very Nordic, and he could have been fucking you with a lightening bolt, the way you were cumming. Actually, he had a lightening bolt tattoo on his shoulder. How‘s that for detail?”

And then she was cumming, and I had to think, ‘OHO!, my angel is somewhat titillated. Right on!’ And then I was cumming, surprise, surprise. AS we lay in the afterglow, I wondered if I might have the balls to try an idea that had been niggling at me. I had been quietly logging on to a website for swingers, had even paid a membership and put in an obligatory Ad. Nothing too brazen, just an eager young guy with a not so eager young asian wife, looking to meet and see what happens. And something had happened, almost right away. This couple had answered me saying they loved initiating new members, and would like to see our pictures, and hear more about us. So I looked at their Ad and was blown away by the cute little latin girl with him and the delicious things they did for the camera. So I posted a couple Pictures of us that had never been intended to see the light of day. Bit bad of me, I know, but if it worked I would be forgiven, and if it didn’t, Noriko would never know. I hoped.

Thor was very taken with Noriko, and very enthusiastic that we should get together. At that point, I had my doubts, but was having so much fun ogling his sweety I kept that to myself. After my ‘dream’, I began to see a way to perhaps make it happen, at least have some fun playing with it. My account of the dream, of course, described Thor as close as I could get. And I had mentioned that a rep would be coming to town to compare ideas on a possible new joint project. This was when I was still thinking of ways to get us together without spooking Noriko. Things were starting to look almost possible, and a little scary.

Fortunately, Thor lived only across town, which is why they contacted my Ad in the first place, so it wasn’t hard to meet them myself and for me to spill my subterfuge to them. Dina looked a little doubtful about the deceit, but Anders (close to Thor, eh?) was tickled by it, reckoning any means that would get him Noriko was spot on. I let Dina see me sneaking peeks at her little bod, and she soon agreed too. After all, she knew I had seen pics of her playing with a dildo, and it was hard to get too pious knowing that.
So the rep came to town, along with his secretary (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) and they knocked on our door one evening. I still hadn’t ‘met’ him, but our project was above and beyond our usual jobs, and the evening was just to see if the two of us were compatible to work together for an extended period once the project was given the go. We welcomed them in, both dressed to kill, and charming to kill too, but I let Noriko see some startle as Anders introduced himself and Dina. I kept my peace as Anders poured on the charm, and I have to say he was good. After, he laughed and said it was just what a Swede will do to bed a girl like Noriko. It wasn’t really his nature.

It was a good half hour before I found a moment to be alone in the kitchen with Noriko. I did my best to looked excited(which I was), but puzzled too, “That’s Thor!,” I whispered. When she looked perplexed, I went on excitedly, “That’s the guy you were fucking in that dream I had! Right down to the cleft chin. Bushy eyebrows, he’s exact. This is spooky I wonder if he’s as well hung.” I knew Noriko placed a certain amount of stock in the paranormal, and I’m afraid I played a bit on it.
She looked a bit panicky, “You don’t think he came here to screw me? Isn’t he who he says he is?”

I looked as thoughtful as I could under the circumstances, “No, he’s real, all right. Its just so spooky having seen him in the dream. I told you how real it seemed.” That was all the time we had, but the seeds were planted. I had done all I could for now to deliver my girl to Anders, Now he would have to close the deal, with whatever help I could give him. We carried our loads back to our guests. I made a point of being near Dina for the next half hour, forcing I guess Noriko to be closer to Anders, but she seemed relaxed and he didn’t seem to be pushing anything. A real pro. Then Dina had to take a call on her cell, and Anders went to the bathroom and I had another chance to put some points in.
“Do I detect a certain spark between you two? Or is it just wishful thinking?”

Noriko raised an eyebrow at me, “Wishful thinking? That sounds like you want us to make out.”
“I guess to be honest, my dream was so detailed that I’m almost sure you will make out, and in light of that exciting me, I guess you would have to say I want you to. You have to admit it is almost like fate, isn’t it? I wonder if Anders has a thunderbolt tattoo like Thor. That would really blow me away.”

Noriko took on a playful expression, “I tell you what. If it turns out he has that tattoo, I’ll think seriously of letting you have your way. Is Dina a problem? Would it have to be when she’s not around?”
“I gather Anders fucks every secretary under fifty he comes close to, including her. And that’s what she says, so I guess it includes her, especially since they are currently living together.”
This was fodder for thought for my angel. Anders came back while Dina was still on the cell in the kitchen. “I understand Dina is more than just a secretary to you, Anders, “Noriko teased.
Anders let his face erupt in a big smile, “Could any man have her close by and not touch her? You too. I bet if we were together long enough you would expect me to hit on you, wouldn’t you? I can tell you I would, anyway. Maybe I’m hitting on you right now. You are a beautiful lady, and I would expect I should be.”

Noriko was as coloured as I have ever seen her. Anders had taken her hands as he spoke and was holding her eyes with his. “Do you have any tattoos?” Her voice was almost a croak. “it’s a funny question, I know, but its just a feeling I have. Do you?” She glanced at me in an agony of embarressment. ‘Oh, god, Vic, I really goofed up, didn’t I?”

Anders laughed gently, “How did you goof up? I’m not shy about my tattoo. Its just something I did as a kid, like lots of kids. Would you like to see it?” He was already pulling his polo out of his waistband, showing a flat rippled belly.
“Oooh, are we stripping? Cool!”, Dina had returned from her call and stood smiling in the doorway, and made a move to her blouse buttons., her tongue between her teeth, smiling enticingly.
“Do you have a tattoo to show us as well?” Noriko managed bravely, “Anders was just going to show us his tattoo, because I was dumb enough to ask about it. Like its my business.”

Dina smiled, “ I do have one. Its just like his, in fact it’s a copy, only better done..” Her busy fingers opened her blouse, exposing perky little breasts and pointy nipples. “Sorry no bra, and my sleeves won’t roll up.” She Showed us her red thunderbolt on her right shoulder, not seeming to mind that I was riveted to her tits Anders had peeled by now, and his thunderbolt was indeed a carnival special, but the thing is, it was there. Dina noticed the stricken look on Noriko, “Oh, I’m sorry. Have I over stepped myself? I’m afraid nudity and even what you would call promiscuity are not on our taboo list. Please forgive me.” She made to cover herself.

“No!,” Noriko hastily stopped her, “You look nice, and I’m not bothered. It’s just really seeing Anders’ tattoo. It’s all like part of a dream that I thought I would wake up from, but now it seems like I’m not going to wake up after all.” A moments pause, “Would you mind if I took my top off too?” To the delighted nod of Anders, she peeled her sweater over her head, her girls proudly displayed over a little pink bra. “If Vic would just unhook me, please. Vic had a dream he told me about , oh, a long time ago, where I was fu…..having sex with someone else while he watched, and when Anders came in Vic thought he looked just like the man in the dream. The only thing missing was the man in the dream had a tattoo like that, and how could Vic know that?” This last came in a rush as she stood shyly with her large firm breasts cradled on her forearms.

Anders drew in a theatrical breath, “Vic has nice dreams. I am so happy I was able to be in one.” He caressed Noriko’s shoulders as he frankly admired her breasts. “Maybe there is something in dreams. But reality is good too.” He glanced to where I had captured Dina’s breasts from behind and Noriko’s eyes followed, and she didn’t resist as he stroked down her chest to massage her tits. “Do you want to fuck like we did in the dream, or make up our own script?

Noriko was smiling now, and eagerly horny, “Its been a good story, lets not change it. I want Vic to see your cock in me. Do you know right after he told me the dream he showed me how we did it, and even then I thought about what you might have felt like.” She was pulling his belt loose as she spoke, opening his fly, and groping his hard-on. “Oooh, Vic does have nice dreams, doesn’t he? I think we should be in the bedroom.”

And then we were. Anders had lain Noriko on the edge so he could kneel between her thighs and she was giggling wildly by the time we had stripped. Who was the keen one here, anyway? So I put Dina beside her and nuzzled into a nice shaved Italian pussy. Noriko roused from her own ecstasy with Dina’s sounds, then the two girls could only smile fondly at each other as the studs got to know them better.

“So what was the position in the dream?” Dina wanted to know puckishly, “I want to see it too. Go on, girl, fuck my man, and I’ll fuck yours.” Dina pulled my ears away from her crotch, and I obligingly brought my cock up to meet her pussy. Noriko was wide eyed as she watched me plunge in, but she quickly relaxed and pulled Anders onto the bed with her and coaxed him into our position, even changing her angle so I could see easily. When it was just right, I held my breath as she pointed him just so, reset after a false start, then opened and welcomed in the dream man to her secret domain of delight. I’m afraid I can’t be more specific or poetic, because I was finding Dina to be the wildest ride I could have imagined, and there is something a bit impolite to be a spectator to another couple when your own lady is cumming wildly under you. So the next moment I had to spare for my wife, she was under the big Swede, slender arms and legs too wrapped around squeezing him closer as her hammered into her. Then she was laughing wildly, as she often does with me, and I knew she was feeling cum being pumped deep within her.

In the quiet moments after, when I had managed to find a bit of room on the bed beside the sprawled bodies, I exulted to myself. The woman I was hoping was under the shyness was there and I knew would stay there. She looked so frail and tiny beside the big form of Anders, but I had seen her handle his lust and call for more in the heat of her own rapture. And no woman, nobody period, could have that much fun and not come back for more, even , I grinned to myself, if it meant finding still other soul mates.
“Don’t think of this as a complaint, lady,” came the languid voice of Dina, “but isn’t it us Italian mama’s who are supposed to have the big jugs?” She stroked Noriko gently, teasing a nipple back to life.
“I think it must be the hormones they feed cattle nowadays,” Noriko’s reply was lazy and happy, “Anyway, Japan is a big country, and they weren’t always one race. I bet yours are just as ticklish.” After a pause for trials, “Do you feel like we did anything wicked? I don’t think so, do you?”
“Well then,” said Anders, gathering her in, “There is absolutely no harm in doing it again, is there? Would like to sit on something hard?”

Unfortunately, the ‘project’ Anders and myself were working on never got the go ahead. But no matter, they live only an hour away, and we’ve exchanged visits every week for the last month, and even Noriko says she prefers us playing together rather then working together. And here’s the thing that makes me excited. When Anders mentioned he had a friend who he bets Noriko would love to fuck, she perked right up to say if Dina fucks him then she will too. So she’s going to, tonight, on the same bed she fucked Anders on. She hasn’t even seen him yet, but she plans to meet him at the door naked, and their first contact of any sort will be his cock in her pussy. What Dolores and I do is our business, but she just knows we’ll get along fine.

I think I’ll tell her about the dream soon, but whenever I think I should she comes up with something more fun to do. And this business of first contact being coital? She says it’s a dream she’s had. Is she making fun of me? I hope so.

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This story is a dream I had last night. It was getting weird I guess you can say. But just so you know there is not a lot of sex in it so don't give me crap for that. There is sex just not a lot. But this dream is stuck in my head I just have to write it...