I fucked my best friend sister

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

"Xavier, my sister Lola will be staying with us for a few weeks" Jackson, my best friend told me. "Why?" I asked with a mouth full of cereal. "She needs a place to because her house burnt down. I nodded in agreement that she could stay until she finds a new place. "I already gave her the key, she'll be here while we're gone."

Me and Jackson both went to the gym, but he met this hot chick so he was planning on banging her. I went back home without him. I opened the door and I walked into the apartment and I heard moaning. Jackson must be at it again. I went to his room to close the door but the room was empty. It wasn't my room, Lola was in the spare room and there she was, massaging her clit. My breath was caught as I saw the tanned girl with a nice shaved pussy, beautiful breasts. Her nipples were erect and to be sucked on.

I felt my cock growing at the sight. I thought about how Jackson would do when he found me pounding my cock into his little sister's tight pussy. He would kill me tats for sure. I pulled out my big cock and started stroking it . Fuck it I thought. I went into the room and stared at her, "You need help that?" I asked. She stopped. She looked at my ten inch dick and licked her lips. She nodded.

I got beside her and put my hand on her pussy and clit and started to rub her. I used my other hand to turn her head to face me. I kissed her plump soft lips, shoving my tongue down her throat, and she moaned at the action. Her pussy was getting wetter, i put two of my finger up her pussy. I groaned as it was hard to slip it in. "Your so tight baby" I said as she moaned. "I haven't had a cock in me for a while." I got down on two knees and spread open her legs. I dove into her pussy and started her out. I slipped my tongue into her fucking her with it, making her buck her hip out of pleasure. I took my tongue out and replaced it with my finger, I started finger her, I also started licking her clit at the same pace, I added two more fingers licking and sucking her clit pounding my finger faster and she moans.

When her walls started getting tighter around my finger, I knew she was about to cum. I took my fingers out, "Don't cum yet" I got her to suck my cock, for awhile. until I was ready to cum. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and said, I'm going to cum inside you." she smiled. I layed her down and slipped my cock up her tight pussy, and started to pound to the shit out her. Hearing scream my name made me fuck her wet pussy harder. "you like that don't you" I grunted. "You like it when your pussy gets destroyed by a big cock." She moaned louder, "Please don't give my pussy mercy. It needs to be taught a lesson" and I did . I picked her up and pushed against the wall, both legs on my shoulders. And I fucked her against the wall, "OH fuck!" she moaned. Slowly pulling in and out, then back at it again. "I'm cumming!" she screamed cum drizzling down my cock, but I didn't stop.

I kept going faster hearing the slushy sounds from her wet pussy, her moans were getting louder. She screamed as my hot load ejected into her. I slowly fucked her then pulled out. I picked her up some more, with her pussy in my face. I started to lick the cum off her stretched pussy, licking her dry as she moaned. I put her down with her standing, and I kissed her , she sucked on my tongue tasting both our cum from her pussy. She grabbed cock and started to stroke it, and I fingered her hot pussy. We were getting reading for round two.

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