I fucked Sita my neighbor aunty

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

My name is Ranga and I am a habitual mother fucker. How was initiated to fucking and how I switched over to my mom disregarding my dad’s growl is a big story and perhaps fill a book. I enjoyed every fuck I had in my life be it my neighbor auntie, my grand mother or my mom. I settled down to my mom’s pussy from where I had never retreated.

Actually my dad used to show his annoyance by shouting at me and my mom using very very abusive galis in Tamil. I used to laugh at those words as when he called me mother fucker I felt it was a compliment especially when it came from my father. I felt happy that he acknowledged that I am fucking his wife that is my mother and I delighted in it. My mom on the contrary used to give him in a proper retaliatory fashion. When he called her slut, prostitute, seeker after boys lund son fucker etc she replied him with equal ferocity “You son of a bitch fucker of rabid dog sucker of rotten dog’s dick.

I know fully well how you were born. Your mother was fucked by every body in the village and she exposed her cunt to every stray dog she could spot. She never knew who really was your father. Even the street dog which was showing its lund could have been your father. Can you ever fuck. You son of rotten bitch. I will fuck Ranga whenever I like or he wants. This pussy is closed to you” As if to emphasize her point she raised her petticoat and showed him her lovely pussy. She added “if you so desire you can lick my ass after I return from my toilet. For your pleasure I will not wash my but if you notify me earlier so that you can enjoy my scat.”

Of course this incident happened very much after I started to fuck. I had a neighbor auntie who had crossed her middle age and she could not be called beauty. But her boobs remained intact and her large ass showed that she still remained sexually active. I had not completed my engineering degree then and I noticed there was a change in my physique. My voice had undergone change and so also my dick, It had grown up and when I see the auntie my dick became erect. She slowly started becoming friendly with me and touch me every where. I had not completed even nineteen and of course I had been a recipient of her largesse.

I used to haunt her daily and even requested her to ask the uncle to teach me how to smoke. She smiled and brought a pack of cigarette and lighted it in her mouth. Then she placed in my mouth and asked me to slowly drag the smoke and let off leisurely. While was smoking she was fondling my dick and started kissing me. I was getting excited and when I finished with my smoking I pounced on her breasts and forcibly removed her blouse.

I said “auntie..” and before I could finish what I wanted to say she broke out “In future do not calll me aunty, call me Sita .You are going to fuck me and it will not be nice that you call me aunty and then fuck me for good” I said “O.K Sita now let me suck your breasts. I fondled her nipples they became erect. The erect black nipples in the middle of her large breasts made my dick erect and in a crazy fashion I started to suck her breasts. Surprisingly when I sucked her breasts I was drawing mouth full of milk and it looked strange to me. I was sucking her milk from one breast and the other while I was fondling the other breast.

I had sucked a large amount of her milk and when it was over I removed my mouth from her breasts and asked her about the secret of her breasts bubbling with milk. She laughed and “ that is a different story. When our driver was fucking me for a few days last year I became pregnant. I went to my sister’s place and I delivered a baby girl there. My sister was feeling that I would get into a problem if returned to my home with my baby as I had to make a lot of explanations as to how became pregnant delivered a child when my husband was away in US all these days. Well my sister has my child and you have my milk. Let us come to practicality. I want to suck your dick.”

She did not wait for my consent or reply. She unbuttoned my half pant and drew out my erect dick. She started to suck my dick and while doing so she was showing that she was enjoying every bit of it. She cried “ Ranga my pundai has become wet and earning for your sunni(-Tamil for dick.).She laid me flat on the bed dragging me to her bed room. (In tamil we call pussy as pundai and we are proud of this word). The she mounted me and in a very elegant action inserted her my dick into her pussy and began to make up and movement of her butt. She was a large lady and her pounding me should have caused me pain but I found it was very pleasant to me and caused me unaccountable exhilaration.

She raised her butt up and down as though in a mechanical rhythm and every time she pounded me at the same time she was making vulgar abuses in Tamil and in a few minutes time I found my self in a state of extreme exhilaration and happiness. My joy knew no bounds. I was feeling that I was floating in a delightful heaven surpassed in energy. Thousands of stars floated inside my body. I was feeling “Is thisfuck? Then fuck is heaven, fuck is divine.” I was feeling also that fucking itself is pure and welcome and I was determined to fuck Sita whenever I can. Now I found my dick burst and was letting out like a jet my cum into Sita’s pundai. Sita began to cry weep and started to bite me. Her finger nails got deep into my face. I was feeling pleasure of the extreme. Sita got up after giving me hundred kisses and I on my part kissed her every where.

She gave me a glass of wine to which I was accustomed and I smoked four five cigarettes before I started for my home. Sita said “ Ranga, This fuck is only preliminary. Come to night and fuck the whole night. If you think ok. Tell your mother the truth. I will also tell her.”
I returned home and instantly mom asked “you smell liquor did you have drink?”

I told my mom that I had a fucking session with Sita and I very much enjoyed. If she permitted me I would have on that night.

Mom said “Ranga go forth and fuck Sita the whole night let your cum flow like water and fill Sita’s cunt.”As a mark of approval She kissed me and squeezed my penis and the balls.

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