I finally fucked my mother : Part III

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

As I mentioned in part I of this story, I had just graduated high school so I was unemployed for now and my mother was a real estate agent and she started work pretty late so we slept in later than most people, I thought…..

The Mandingos fucked my mother for about 6 hours and my 4 friends and I took over and fucked mother until 2:00 AM the following day. My friends left and I told them if you want more good easy pussy, shut the fuck up and you will get all the pussy you want!

It was about 9:00 AM and I was sleeping, but I felt a raging hard on and my dick was being played with hard. I opened my eyes and my slut mother was jacking me off hard and suddenly she was deep throating me hard and moaning. Her head was bopping up and down really fast and hard. She had a flimsy sheer red bra and very micro mini sheer red panties on with red high heels. I was so hard that I immediately started finger her pussy. As I fingered her she was dripping juices, she was one hot bitch! I asked her aren’t you going to be late for work, and she said, I have time for this right now.

She dropped her panties, and quickly sat on my dick and started riding me like a wild woman! She said fuck me, fuck me, I love your dick! I will do whatever you want just keep fucking me! I turned her over under me and pinned her ankles by her shoulder with her pussy straight up in the air and I started some hard ass drilling! I fucked my mom’s ass while she screamed! After my the Mandingos and my friends drilled her ass for hours, it was easy to sink my 13 inch dick in her. She took it like the good whore that she is.

I took of picture of mom naked, plus pictures of her huge gapped pussy and ass and posted it on an internet site, blurring out her face. I said I fuck this whore housewife every night and she is available for parties and I gave my contact info and waited.

Later that after my mom went to work, day George called me and said I sure would like to have some more of your mom’s pussy, the slut has some fine pussy. I know she sure does, no wonder she was the fuck slut back in her high school years. George asked me, If it was alright if he and his friends could regularly start banging her. I said yes, but you know you have to be careful, she is still married to my dad and does have a job. You can come and fuck her at our house when dad is not her, but not your friends, do not bring them to our house or her work sites. George, if you are quiet about it you can probably fuck her at her house showing work sites. You guys can afford to take her to cheap motel room and fuck the shit out her, can’t you? He said sure, and I said O.K. than.

George wanted to know where she working on that day and I gave him the address to the place she was showing a house. He said he would be there about 2:00 PM. I drove there and I found a closed sign hanging the door knob, will be back in 1 hour.

I looked the through the window and George had my mom bent over the sofa arm and he was literally fucking her ass really hard and she was screaming. You like black dick, don’t you whore, say it tell me you love my black dick! She yelled “YES”, “YES”, “I LOVE BIG BLACK DICK”. George said great, I want you to start fucking all friends. I want you to be a whore for me and my friends and she yelled “YES” and he really started slamming her ass really hard and he started coming in her ass. It just dripped down her legs, I mean it was a gusher coming out of her ass hole.

George, turned her around and said I am not done with you slut and carried her over the table and bent her legs over until he locked her ankles to her shoulder and he started to slam her pussy so fucking hard, I could hear his balls slam on her ass all the way to the window. George told her you might be your son’s slut, but you are going to be a good black men’s whore! She said “YES” again and he came again in her pussy and again all the excess cum just flowed out mom’s pussy like a river. George was obviously a heavy cumber. Finally, George was done and started getting dressed and he asked my mom, have you ever thought of having a black baby, If you want one my buds and I can breed you, and she said how would I explain a black baby?

George said that would be up to you, but we are ready to breed you if you ever want a black baby. George said I have about 20 buds with huge black dicks and after spending 4-6 hours with you, believe me you will be pregnant, think about it. I never thought of that, but it sure aroused me and I got a huge hard on just listening to the suggestion.

George left, and I walked in as my slut was putting her red panties on and I grabbed her hand and I said don’t worry about panties right now and tossed them aside. I carried her back to the table and I also locked her ankles to her shoulders and proceeded to fuck the shit out my mom. You are such a whore mother, and you like being a whore don’t you, and she “YES”.

I love to fuck and I will let most anyone fuck me. I didn’t want to fuck you, but once it started that is all I want to do is letting you fuck anytime you want. I love your huge dick and I want it in me as much as you can give it to me.

I said I have a about 20 friends that would like to fuck you and she responded


To be continued..

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