I caught her and She caught me

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If you know me you would know that my life has been fairly boring. In high school I never really went to a whole lot of parties, I didn't drink much (never liked the taste) but I did have fun with my friends. Nearing the end of summer my friend Bobby and I went Florida where we stayed with his sister for a week while we were down there.

Bobby's sister was the girl of my dreams. She was 5'10' and about 105 lbs. Ashley (was her name) has natural red hair and green eyes. She has a beautiful tight little heart shaped ass and a pair of tits to die for. Being that she lived on the beach she was always walking a round in her bikini, which just drove me wild. I must have had a hard on the entire week we were there.

My looks well I have to say I'm fairly average looking. I'm 5'11" 160 lbs. I'm not ripped but have decent look. I been told I could have had a lot more girls in high school but I was just to shy. I had a few girlfriends but nothing to serious. At this point in life I'm not a virgin but nor am I very experienced either.

Well after a good five days of Ashley's teasing I could not take it anymore and just had to jack off. My cock is a little under seven inches and fairly big around. It was about twelve at night when I was going to the bathroom to jerk off. It was then I heard it. Coming from Ashley's room was a small electric buzzing sound. She had forgotten to close her door all the way and I quietly cracked it open. There she was the girl of my dreams completely naked her rear end pointing at the door fucking herself in both holes. Her ass sticking up in the air was filled with her silver vibrator and a huge black dildo pumping in and out of her ass. I was frozen in shock my cock was hard as a rock in a matter of seconds because here was the girl I have lusted after for years fucking herself. 

After about five minutes of watching Ashley started screaming and thrashing about as she had a huge orgasm. This was the best female orgasm I had ever seen. I was harder then I had ever been in my life and it was then that I realized that I had pull it out was jerking off right there in the hallway. I realized what I was doing and decide to head to the bathroom before I blew my load all over the floor and wall. As I was leaving I accidentally bumped the door. I froze. Ohh my God did she here me was my only thought. After a moment she still had not moved so I guessed she didn't hear me.

Now in the bathroom it was I who forgot to lock the door because a minute later in walked Ashley. I was so shocked I below my load all over the bathroom floor. Never had I been so embarrassed in my life. There I was cock in hand cum all over the place and her nude staring right at me. I got up without a word cleaned up and went back to my room.

A few minutes later in walked Ashley still nude. She walked right up to me and gave me the best kiss of my life. "Did you like the show?" she asked me. I just nodded my head yes. "Good. I had been waiting all week for you to see it." I could not believe it here she was the girl I had loved since before I knew what the word meant telling me she wanted me to see her fucking herself. Still unable to say a word she looked down and saw my now hard cock poking out of my boxers. With a smile on her face she bent over and gave me the best blowjob anyone could have ever given. After 5 minutes i pumped load after load into her mouth. She swallowed every drop kissed me and said good night.

After that night Bobby and I had to return home to get our stuff ready for college. Bobby was going to one school and I was going to another. When I got home my mom had news for me. She told me that plans had changed and I would not being living in the freshmen dorms because Ashley had just transferred to my school and we would be sharing an apartment. I could not believe my ears.

Today is the day before I move in with Ashley and I cannot wait to find out if what we had in Florida was a one-time thing or if we will be continuing our fun.

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