I'm Pissed and He'll Pay

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“Lori honey, could you get me another beer?”

We were watching a television movie, Lori was sitting beside me on the sofa, she got up and brought me a Becks.

I like my beer from a glass not a bottle. The glass I’d used was on the cocktail table.

“Ah Jeez Lori, I need a fresh glass,” I like a frosty mug, they’re in the freezer.

Lori went back to the kitchen and fetched a glass.

I guess I could have gotten my own beer; I was as close as she was but that’s not how things work in our household.

Like my father before me, I expect to be catered to by my woman. Dad got home at six and expected dinner to be waiting on the table. After dinner he’d go to his recliner, he’d read the evening paper then call to one of the females to turn on the TV for him.

“Would you turn on the news for me,” he’d ask then fill in the blank, whoever was closest; Lucy, my mom, or Linda my 18 year old sister, or Lauren my fifteen year old sister or Lureen, his 18 year old. He never asked me, I was male, I wasn’t expected to step and fetch.

He took earned the money and took care of the lawn, all chores indoors were woman’s work, so mom and my sisters cleaned, cooked, ironed and answered his beck and call.

And that’s exactly what I expected, expected hell, I demanded in my home.

I expected breakfast, a hot breakfast before Lori left for work, I expected her to prepare dinner when she got home and, of course Saturdays she needed to vacuum, dust and do the laundry.

Of course mom had three daughters to help her and was a stay at home housewife but I didn’t consider that, Lori did the woman’s work and that was that.

She was the convention manager for a large chain hotel. She was expected to look sharp and be sharp, conventions are a big revenue producer and she’s integral in bringing in the business.

And look sharp she does. Lori’s a big girl, five feet ten inches and she carries her one hundred and fifty pounds in a dynamite package. She’s blonde, long blonde hair that she normally wears in a pony tail has icy blue eyes, voluptuous 38D breasts, wide hips and a high, tight behind. When she’s in her high heels, a pants suit or skirt and blouse she reminds of the Valkyrie of Norse lore.

She’s sharp of mind, too. Lori has her degree in hotel management; she’d been on the job for six years. She started as a management trainee and now she’s convention manager. She gives a lot to the company but the company reciprocates; she’s well paid, has excellent benefits and some perks like free rooms in other company hotels.

She has to hustle, to get bathed, make up applied, dressed and have breakfast on meant she was up at five. She often didn’t get in until seven or later, meetings, event planning and the supervision of her staff all had to be taken care of. Occasionally she was much later; client dinners and entertainment also fell under her purview.

If she was going to be particularly late I expected her to fix something that I could microwave, I mean, I would do that.

One evening, several months ago she got home around seven-thirty; I gave her a kiss then asked, “What’s for dinner?”

“Hal I’m whipped, can we order some Chinese or something; I’m just not up to cooking.”

“Lori, that’s not how we do things,” I replied.

“Hal, I know, I know, but just tonight, please, I’ll pay for it.”

“Well, ok, just for you, go ahead and call in the order; I want moo goo gai pan and hot and sour soup.”

After the food was delivered and we’d eaten she cleaned up and went upstairs. I went in to watch a little TV.

Lori took off her jacket, blouse, shoes, and slacks; she just let them fall to the floor. She pulled on her nightie and fell between the sheets, exhausted she was asleep in seconds.

After I’d turned off the TV I fired up my computer and prowled some porn sites so by the time I went up to bed I was aroused.

My beautiful Lori was sleeping but she had her conjugal obligations. I crawled in beside her, she was on her side, I was behind. I raised her nightie.

God she had a desirable body, I rolled the back of her panties down over her bottom and was working them over hips when she awakened.

“Hal, please not tonight,” she asked.

I paid her no never mind, I pulled her panties over her feet and rolled her onto her back.

Her eyes pleaded with me but when I put my knee between her legs she spread her thighs.

She’d be dry, I knew that but I was pretty small, only five inches and rather thin, I wouldn’t hurt her, I was sure, I’d done this quite a few times in the four years we’d been married.

I thrust into her; she gave a little moan as I parted her dry flesh. It didn’t take long, thirty or forty seconds at most and I had my relief. I rolled over and was asleep in seconds.

But Lori didn’t, she lay on her back staring at the ceiling and seethed.

I’m just about at my wits end, she thought. I cook, I clean, I do the laundry and what thanks do I get for it, nothing. I even had to beg to be able to buy dinner tonight. My God with my work schedule along with all the household tasks, I’m lucky to get five hours sleep a night

Damn it, he tele-commutes on his job, he’s here all day. He could at least put in a load of laundry now and then.

The little twerp she thought, and he was a little guy, only five six and around one hundred twenty-five pounds, the short dick little twerp. He won’t perform oral on me and he’s good for about ten or twelve strokes when he has sex with me; I can’t remember the last time he’s given me an orgasm.

Something’s gotta change around here, I won’t divorce him but something’s gotta give.

He hadn’t given her an orgasm but that didn’t mean she hadn’t had some. She got out of bed, went to the bathroom and got her toy from where she kept it hidden. Sitting on the toilet with her legs spread she started the buzz.

That was her little secret, her vibrator, with a sigh, she brought herself release.

She rinsed her butterfly, stowed it and went back to bed, at last, blessed relief, an orgasm and sleep.

I didn’t know about Lori’s little secret, at least not then; had I found out I’d have been amazed at her brazenness, I screwed her a couple of times a week, what more could she want?

I had my little secret, too.

I’d grown up in a household with four females. I’d seen tits, pubic areas, pantied bottoms, breast filled brassieres from the time I could remember. I was the baby; they didn’t give a thought to their immodesty. If dad wasn’t home they’d all parade around in their underwear, even mom.

I can’t count the times I’ve witnessed a naked body going or coming from the shower or that a bathroom or bedroom door was left ajar, female flesh lots of female flesh for little Hal’s viewing pleasure, even if I got caught all any of them would say was, “Hal, get out of here.”

My favorite was when the bathroom door wasn’t closed; I’d peek and listen, their tinkle sound and their panties pooled around their feet, that’s how I felt my first arousal, I was twelve, it was Lauren and I got stiff.

As soon as she left I went in, locked the door and dug in the clothes hamper. Lauren’s panties, the ones she’d just taken off were on top. I picked then and brought them to my nose, they were damp in the crotch and still fragrant, I didn’t know it then but it was a mixture of young girl and urine, I inhaled then touched my tongue to the gusset, tasting Lauren.

I dug a little further; there was a pair of mom’s. They had a more powerful scent. I wrapped Lauren’s around my throbbing cock, held mom’s to my nose and masturbated, I’d never felt anything that felt better than that first cum. I buried the panties at the bottom of the hamper and went to my room.

Over the next six years I became a panty connoisseur, I didn’t even have to look, I could just sniff, I knew whether they were Lucy’s, Linda’s Lauren or Lureen’s, they all had a slight nuance in aroma and taste. I could always tell when mom and dad had sex; there’d be a white residue in her panties.

When I was thirteen, it was a Saturday and I was alone it the house, I wanted to try something a little different, I had several pairs that I’d taken to my room, I was naked, sniffing and the idea came to me. I pulled Linda’s panties on. Hers were the sexiest and the feel of the nylon against my bare cock was fantastic. I pulled them down, masturbated then pulled them back up. I wore them the rest of that day and every time I got the chance, I had panties on under my jeans.

I equated panties with pussy and pussy with pleasure; I had a major panty fetish, still do.

I revel in the fact that I work from home, I often walk around in nothing but a pair of Lori’s panties, dirty ones, ones that smell like a woman not laundry detergent. For a real treat I slip into one of her camisoles or chemises, they’re both comfortable and arousing.

When I masturbate and I masturbate frequently I like to lie on the bed, pull up my top garment, lower my panties to my knees, put a pair of panties over my head so my nose is buried in the gusset and jerk off with another pair. I’ve been doing this for as long as Lori and I have been married and she’s none the wiser.

Then several weeks ago I screwed the pooch, big time.

I had all day and a big chunk of the evening, Lori had a client dinner and had told me not to expect her ‘til about eleven. She’d fixed me up with a microwavable pasta dish for dinner.

I’d finished my work by noon, now it was Hal’s party time; I was already dressed for fun. Lori had several sets of baby doll lingerie with matching panties, the outfit I had on was apricot in color. After a several hours surfing porno sites on the net I was about as aroused as I was going to get, I got two pairs of her soiled panties, put one over my face and began to prepare. Slowly I raised the top, my hands caressed my stomach, my abdomen was clenching in anticipation, I rolled my panties down to my knees and massaged my upper thighs, I was hard as a steel rod, all five inches of me was sticking straight up, I wrapped myself with the other pair and stroked, slowly, slowly, drawing it out, I’d bring myself to the brink then stop. The crotch of the panties over my head was in my mouth, I was sucking them, tasting Lori, smelling my wife, finally I was ready, my hand was flying, it was coming, it was coming, I bucked my hips, I came. I caught most of it in the panty but several drops hit my stomach. I deflated.

Wow, I thought, that was great; maybe I’d have time for another after I ate dinner.

I lay back on the pillow and relaxed. I still had my head in the panties; my panties were still around my knees. I dropped the cum filled ones on the floor beside the bed and daydreamed.

Then it became more that a daydream; I dozed off.

Lori had dressed to impress, the man she was having dinner with was a convention planner, he could steer a lot of business her way. She towered over six feet tall in her four inch spike heels, she was wearing a black pencil skirt and matching belted jacket, they were from Donna Karan, there was a little bit of stretch in the fabric, it fit her like a glove.

Then at nine-forty five she got a call, it was Dave Larsen, he dinner companion for the evening. His wife had taken ill overnight, she’d been admitted to the hospital, he couldn’t make it. After expressing her best wishes for Mrs. Larsen’s quick recovery she asked him to give her a call when he wanted to reschedule.

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