I Love My Cousin

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

The year was 2003. I was 21 years old that time and was in the final year of my graduation.

My elder brother was getting married and all of us (my parents, my siblings and many relatives) had traveled from Jakarta to a city called Medan.

A few things about my life those days:

- I was dating a guy called Pramud. He was in my university only but not the same class. Pramud and I used to have sex every day in his hostel room and he used to get a wonderful blow from me every day when we used to go out driving. My parent's loved Pramud and his parents loved me too. We had got engaged in a private ceremony attended by our parents. But, for me, he was my steady guy, other than the other guys who I used to sleep with.

- I was also involved with a guy called Edwin. He was in my class only. Whenever we could escape and find some empty classrooms, we used to have quickies. Of course, my boyfriend, Pramud, never knew about it. Edwin also used to come home to study with me. Pramud and my parents knew about it. But what they dont know is that Edwin and I used to have mind blowing sex in my room while others used to think that we are studying.

- I used to have sex with my distant uncle. A year before, in early 2002, my uncle had blackmailed me into having sex with him and I had found it amazing. Whenever he came to Jakarta, I used to take out time to be alone with him to wonderful sex with him.

- Lastly, my former boyfriend's (Firman) best friend, Jonson. Jonson and I had starting having sex when I was still dating Firman and I was still crazy for him. He and I used to ensure that we have a fuck at least once in 2 days.

When I was in Medan for my brother's wedding, I had nobody there except for my uncle. There was a huge group and we had booked a 2 floors hotel. The lower floor had all the elders. I was on the top floor with all the other siblings and cousins and many distant relatives.
That so called uncle was there in Medan too but he was with his wife.

It was a long stay there. We had many family get-togethers and various ceremonies. After 2-3 days, I got really horny. I had carried my dildo with me but it was just not the same. I wanted a real cock and some hot cum. I was sharing my room with my younger sister, who was just 10 that time. When she used to go off to sleep, I used to masturbate and also talk to my boyfriend, Pramud or one of my lovers.

I talked to my uncle once when nobody was looking and I pleaded to him that we should find a place for a fuck. I tempted him by fondling my own breasts. He also wanted to have sex with me, but we just could not find the time.

I grew more desperate. Once I was in my room alone and I got all naked and called up Pramud. He didnít pick up the phone. So, I called Jonson and we started having phone sex. I pushed my dildo deep inside and I was loving every moment of it. That time he said that he is willing to fly to Medan if I sponsor it.

I immediately agreed and I called my travel agent and booked a flight for him.

I was willing to go to that extent just to have sex. And of course, I never had any problems in cheating on my partner.
In fact, cheating on my partners gave me a high. Its so amazing. Its like an addiction.

Yes, my fiance, Pramud was faithful to me but I used to hop beds behind his back very frequently.

Anyway, the next day was another boring ceremony. I was wearing a long traditional Indonesian dress. Jonson reached the hotel and called me. I told him to go straight towards my room.
I quietly sneaked out of the ceremony and headed for my room. He was standing outside my room.

I took him inside and we just went for it.
I had never stripped naked so quickly. hahaha!!!

He loved seeing me nude with all the make-up and jewels that I was wearing. I didn't take off the jewels and I stood naked in front of him.
I also got him out of his clothes and we started.

What I didn't know was that one of my distant relatives, Renata, had seen me sneaking out of the hall where the ceremony was happening. Renata was my cousin and of my age. Curiosity had got better of him and he saw me taking a guy inside my room.
He actually got out on the terrace from one adjoining room and came to my room's terrace. The curtains were open and he saw everything.

I was busy sucking Jonson's cock while he was eating my pussy. I then rode him, my favorite position.
Then I again sucked his hard cock which was so dirty with my cum. I took my dildo and masturbated while sucking his cock. He made me lick my dildo too.
Then I asked him to fuck my ass. I wanted everything.

He got me in a doggy position and pushed his cock inside my ass. I screamed in pain and pleasure and I asked him push my dildo in my pussy. It was amazing.
After a lot of switching positions, after I had multiple orgasms, I got down on my knees and I started receiving his cum in my mouth, on my face, my breasts, neck.
I was so super horny.

Thatís the time I saw my cousin in the terrace. I looked up at Jonson, he had his eyes closed and was busy shagging. I didnt do anything.
Jonson shagged and I received it. And my cousin, Renata saw it.
Then he immediately vanished.

Jonson sensed that something has happened. He made me suck his cock more and made me lick whatever cum was left on his penis and asked me if I was okay.I told him while picking up cum from my breasts that my cousin had seen us and I told him to leave immediately.
Jonson wore his clothes and immediately went out and told me that he will hang around in some nearby restaurants and will come back again for one more fuck in the evening if everything is okay.

I cleaned up, wiped all of Jonson's cum from my jewellery and did my make up again and went down to the hall where the ceremony was still going on.
I saw Renata there. He saw me on the other side of the hall and he had a strange smile on his face. I avoided eye contact with him.

After sometime, I saw Renata talking to my parents. My heart sank and I started hyper-ventilating.
Pre-marital sex in our family, community and religion strictly prohibited. I come from a very conservative family.

But nothing happend. My parents didn't talk to me about anything related to this.
Every time I saw Renata talking to someone, I was terrified.

The ceremony got over and all of us went to our rooms to change and all. There was a get together in the evening.
Jonson called me and asked if he could come over to have my body once more. I told him no and its too dangerous.

He left for the airport and went back to Jakarta.

Around 10pm, I had changed into my pyjamas and my sister had gone off to sleep. I could not sleep as I was very tense.
So, I went out to the roof and was just walking around. The weather was nice and it was cool air blowing. I was wearing a t-shirt and pyjamas. I was not wearing a bra.

From the top of the hotel, I could see my family elders sitting in the lawn and talking.
Just then, Renata came and stood next to me.
We said Hi to each other but I didn't make an eye contact with him.

He then said
"Kareen, I haven't told anyone."
I said without looking at him

"Thanks. Are you going to keep it that way?"
He came closer and said
"Depends on what I am gonna get?"
I looked at him and said

"How much do you want?"
He said
"Do you think I care about money?"

Then he sized me up from top to bottom....and said
"I was hoping for something else."
He came closer and leaned over and gave me a kiss on my lips. I didnt move and I didnt say anything.

Then he placed his hands on my breasts from top of my t-shirt and softly fondled them. Because of the cool air, my nipples were already standing up and with the touch of his hands, they popped up further.
I was panting and I said
"Renata, please. I am your sister."

He kissed me again and moved his hands towards my pussy and said
"Nobody has to know about anything, my sister."

And he started feeling my pussy from top of my pyjamas.
Then he held my hand and motioned me to walk.
He took me down to his room. There was no one in the corridor.
Once we entered his room, he locked the door and I was standing. He came to me and hugged me and kissed my lips.

Then while kissing my lips and cheeks and then neck, he started softly squeezing my hips.
He then pulled up my t-shirt and I raised my hands. He took it off. He just stood there eyeing my naked breasts.
Then he slowly pulled down my pyjamas. I was wearing panties.
He then said

"Climb on the bed, Kareen."
I did.
He came closer and slid off my panties. I was standing on his bed....all naked.
He just kept on looking at my body. I felt a bit embarassed and I folded my arms to cover my tits.

He smiled and asked me
"Slowly turn around, darling."
He wanted me to show him all my body.
I did as told.

Then he climbed up on the bed as well and slowly took of his clothes.
I saw his cock. AND IT WAS AMAZING.
He came closer to me and said
"Kiss me, sister."

We opened our mouths and we started passionately french kissing.
He was hugging me, feeling my naked body, his hot cock was touching my body. It was erotic.

Slowly he lay me down and he started kissing my toes, then slowly started planting kisses all over my legs, thighs, inner thighs. He deliberately didnt attack my pussy and that got me soooo wet.
He came up further, kissed my tummy, sides, and then breasts. He was an expert in foreplay and I was going crazy. I was softly moaning.
Then started sucking my nipples and his hand moved towards my pussy and he felt the wetness. I automatically spread my legs wide.

He went down and kissed my pussy and licked it for some time. I was going crazy.
After sometime, he came on top of me and pushed his cock inside my pussy and fucked me beautifully. I spread my legs and raised them higher inviting him to go deeper inside me. He did and he went bam bam bam in my pussy. I had an orgasm and I softly screamed.

He ejaculated all inside me.
Then we stayed like that for some time. I so wanted to take his cock out of my pussy and suck and lick it clean. But I didnít.
He rolled over and he hugged me from the side. We slept.

After a few hours, he again climbed on me after sucking my tits and fucked me again.
(I was used to having sex in the middle of the night. Whenever I could spend the night with my boyfriends, they always had me in the middle as well.)

I kept my eyes closed and enjoyed his cock inside me. He lifted one of my legs higher and did me wonderfully and he again ejaculated all inside my pussy.
We slept again after that.
Around 5am, my cellphone rang. I was lying almost on top of my cousin. I picked up and it was my lil sister.
I quickly wore my clothes and went out. Renata understood.

When I reached my room, I told my sister that I had gone to get some coffee as I could not sleep. She was a kid that she slept again.
When I lied down on my bed, I had a smile on my face. I was constantly thinking about his cock and how much I would love to have it in my mouth as well.

I slept for a couple of hours. I was woken up by my mom asking to come down to have breakfast. I said I will have it later and she took my sister along. Normally, the breakfast used to take an hour or so as everyone would land up talking and chatting a lot.

I quickly got up and brushed my teeth and fixed my hair. I wore a very sexy bra which didnt cover much. (The bra was gifted to me by my darling boyfriend who I was about to get engaged to, Pramud). I wore the same t-shirt that I was wearing and my pyjamas.

Then I peeped out of my room. The corridor was empty.
I went to Renata's room and I pulled the t-shirt down showing my cleavage and I hoped that he is there in the room and alone.
I knocked. He said come in from inside. I opened the door and found him half sitting on the bed watching tv and smoking. He was wearing shorts.

We said hi and smiled. As expected he was eyeing my cleavage.
I went to the bed and approached him on all fours giving him a wonderful view of my breasts.
I smiled and asked
"How are you today morning?"

He smiled and said
"I was sleepy but now I am up." and he pointed at his cock. I could see the hard one from his shorts.
I placed my hand on his cock and asked teasingly

"Really? You sure you are up? Can i check?"

Without waiting for an answer I pulled down his shorts and WOW! He had a wonderful hard on. His cock looked so delicious.
I lied down next to his cock and held it softly and while looking at him I said
"You really are up, aren't you?"
He laughed.

Then while looking at him, I pumped his cock. I looked at his cock and I saw some precum on the head of his penis.
I went closer and while looking at him, I took out my tongue and licked the pre-cum. It was delicious.
He said "Wow".
I said "Mmmm...delicious."

He tried to get up but I didn't let him. I so wanted to suck his cock and give him a mind blowing blowjob. I wanted to give him oral pleasure.
I made him spread his legs more and I softly started planting kisses on his hard dick. Then I moved down and kissed his balls, lifeted his balls and kissed his perinium, kissed his inner thighs and then again while looking at him, I kissed the head of his dick.
Then I asked him smilingly and while pointing at his cock

"Can I?
He smiled and nodded yes.
While constantly maintaining eye contact, I took his cock inside my mouth and started sucking it. He moaned. I was loving it.
He was playing with my hair and I was sucking his cock. I deep throated, I sucked, I licked and I kissed.

My cousin then pulled my t-shirt. I understood. He wanted me to take it off.
I got up and he helped me take it off. He said Wow on seeing my bra and how much it exposed.
I came close to him and I pulled his head between my tits. He kissed my half exposed nipples softly.

While kissing my ample cleavage, he unbuckled my bra and took it off and he attacked my breasts and nipples.
He reached for my pyjamas, I took his hand away. It was time for a blow only.
I then we down again and started doing my job that I specialize in, giving a man a blow.

He said
"Sister, you seem to be an expert in this."
I laughed and licked the head of his dick and said
"Yep. Practice, my darling brother."

Then I rubbed his cock between my breasts and I told him that I love his cock.
I started pumping his cock feverishly. His body got tense and I knew he is going to cum.
I placed the dick while pumping it in such a manner that a lot of his hot cum landed on my tits. I smiled.

Then I put his cock in my mouth again and he ejaculated again. While looking in his eyes, I swallowed it.
I sexily got up and while looking at him, I picked up some cum from my breasts and I licked it. He said WOW again and I laughed.
I got down from the bed and I picked up my bra and I started wearing it.

He said
"Aren't you gonna clean your boobs, Kareen? You don't mind having it on your tits?"
I wore my bra and my t-shirt and it immediately got stained because of his cum on my neck and tits. He also got up.

I went close to him and said
"When I didn't mind having your cum inside my pussy all night, why should I mind having it on my boobs or inside my tummy?" And I laughed.

I went towards the door and said
"These people are going to a park nearby. You have dirtied your sister's tits with your cum. Come to my room when I call you and give me a bath." And I winked and left.
I went to my room and quickly lied down. I could feel the stickiness of his cum on my chest. My t-shirt also showed spots. I covered myself with a sheet.

A few minutes later my sister and mom came. The timing was perfect. They asked me if I want to go to the park. I said no and pretended to sleep.
My sister took a long time to get ready. It was probably the longest shower she took...so it seemed. Damn!!

As soon as they left, I got up and went to the window and waited for the last of the cars to leave. Then I called up Renata's room. He picked it up in half a ring.
I told him to come over and I took off my pyjamas and panties.
He rang the bell and I opened the door. He laughed at see me. I was wearing a stained t-shirt with a bra inside and nothing below. My legs were looking creamy as he said and my pussy hair were visible.
I smiled and we came close and kissed like long lost lovers while the door was still open.
He immediately took off my shirt and bra and got me all naked. The cum had got hardened up on my breasts and neck.
I asked him seductively,
"Wanna clean your sister's breasts now, darling?"

He led me to the bathroom. While kissing I took off his clothes and we went inside the shower cabin. We kissed passionately under the water and he fondled and squeezed my breasts. I pumped his hot rod.
Then I bent over the faucet and asked him
"Wanna fuck your sister like a bitch, Renanta?"

He went wild on my pussy. He was slapping my hips while bonking me. I came twice.
I took his cock out and I knelt down.
I said
"Baby, see. Your dick is so dirty with my cum." And I took it inside my mouth and I started sucking it. He was surprised to see this.
He took me out of the shower cabin and made me sit on the wash basin and he spread my legs wide and pushed his cock deep inside me.
It was amazing.
He finally came all inside my pussy.
I again went down and sucked and licked his dick clean.

Then I dried his body and he dried mine.
He wore the same clothes that he was. I said seductively
"Darling, I wanna stay naked, hope you dont mind?"
He laughed said yes and I didnít wear any clothes till evening and we had loads of sex.

I made coffee for us and we generally chatted.
I remember clearly that we were sitting on the couch watching tv. I was in his arms all naked and I had taken off his shorts.
I was generally playing with his cock.
He asked me about the guy he had seen me with. I told him that he is my senior is university.

I received quite a few calls as usual.
I remember clearly that the first call was from my darling boyfriend, Pramud. He called when I was slowly riding Renata.
I asked Renata if I can pick up the phone. He refused first but I said it will be fun and he will enjoy. He didnít understand at first but later he made me do it more.
I picked up the phone while riding Renata and talked to my fiance.

We talked about how much we miss each other. He said he is missing my body. I told Pramud that my pussy is missing his cock also while my pussy had Renata's dick inside.

I moaned and Pramud asked what am I doing. I told him that I am masturbating thinking of him. Pramud asked me to send him a picture of me. I said later.
Renata enjoyed all this. And I definitely did. All this cheating has always given me a high.

After this, Jonson also called. I told him that I am fucking with my cousin brother. Renata was surprised to hear that, but me and Jonson enjoyed. I told him the situation that time that we were naked in my room and Renata was fucking me in a missionary position.
Later Edwin also called while I was in a 69 with my brother. Since Edwin has known about all my lovers always, I told him that I am sucking my cousin's cock.

Renata asked me what did Pramud mean by pictures. I showed him my phone and he was shocked to see my nude and porn pictures.
I took my dildo and asked him to click close up pictures of me while masturbating. He did and I mailed them to Pramud.

Since that day, I didnít miss any of my boyfriends, lovers throughout the trip.
Renata and I had sex every single day, multiple times.

- Every night after my sister slept, I used to sneak out of my bedroom and go to his room. We used to go crazy fucking each other.

- In the middle of the night also, he used to wake up and do me.

- We used to put an alarm for 6am and he used to push me down towards his cock and I used to blow him and swallow all. Sometimes when I was too sleepy, he used to pump and then make me take his cock in my mouth just when he was about to explode.

- I used to go to my room after filling my tummy with my cousin's cum and then sleep for some time.

- My sister used to wake up and get ready and go out to play.

- When I used to have a shower around 10am, I used to call him. If there was nobody in the corridor or in my room (like my parents or someone else), he used to come straightaway and we used to have mind blowing sex in the shower or the tub.

- Once it was my Mom in my room when I went to the shower. Renata actually climbed out of the corridor window and climbed in from the bathroom window. We had amazing sex that day. It was so dangerous but so exciting. My mom was outside the bathroom door and I was getting bonked like a bitch by my cousin.

- A few times, we took some relative's car to run some errands. Well, running errands used to take time as we used to park the car in a lonely spot and have sex.

- He got a blow from me a few times while he was driving as well.

- Once there was a ceremony going on and we sneaked out and went to the hotel store room. I was wearing traditional dress without any panties. He lifted my lon skirt and I opened my top to expose my tits. We had sex in the standing position. Thats the time 2 hotel employees saw us. Renata saw them while fucking me but I didnt. They approached us when I was sucking Renata's cock clean after he had ejaculated all inside my pussy.

I was topless and my skirt was still pulled till my waist whe and I was kneeling down and sucking my lover's cock. They demanded money and Renata paid but they said that they had a nice time watching my naked ass while I was fucking and my tits I was while sucking.

- We used to quietly sneak into the fire escape stairs and he used to just slide off my pants and panties or lift my skirt (I had stopped wearing panties with skirts) and he used to do me in a doggy position with me leaning on the rails.

- Once, I wore a very sexy lingerie after my sister had slept. I checked the corridor and went out of my room like that only. He was surprised to see me like that in the open corridor dressed in a lingerie which didnít cover anything. He paraded me in the corridor. hahaha!! And I took off his pants and I gave him a blow in middle of the corridor itself while I masturbated with my fingers. He took off my lingerie and he splattered his cum all over me in the corridor. I came like crazy. We went to his room after that.

- Once he insisted on fucking me in my room at night. I agreed and he came over after my sister slept. I had got dressed in another lingerie set. I welcomed him and then we silently fucked on the bed. It was so dangerous but we enjoyed it. I had multiple orgasms that day.

In between, once my uncle called me and asked me to come to his room. My parents had gone out with his wife and kids to shop. When he called I was fucking in a doggy position in front of a mirror with Renata. I told him that i will come. I made some excuse to Renata and I went to my uncle's room. After lots of foreplay, my uncle also had me in a doggy position in front of a mirror. hahaha!! It was amazing. 2 guys, both relatives, same desires.

The best part is that after the marriage and all was over and when everyone was leaving, I somehow convinced my parents that I want to stay for 2 days extra for just sightseeing on my own. They agreed.
Even Renata managed something like that.

We both checked out of the hotel all of us were staying in and went to another resort and checked in as husband and wife.

The first day we didnt come out of the room at all and I didnt wear any clothes.
The 2nd day, we went shopping for mini-skirts and sexy tops and went to bars and all.

After I reached back Jakarta, we kept in touch. We met pretty frequently for sex.

We sometimes met at his friend's place for sex. A few times, his friends also saw me all naked and getting bonked like a slut by my own cousin.
A few times of that they joined in as well. Well thats a different story.

I am married now and so is he but we still have sex whenever we can.

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