I Love My Big Teddy

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When I was younger, I went to the Royal Show with my folks. I went on every ride and got every show bag I could con Mum or Dad into getting me. Then as the day was drawing to a close and we were heading back to the main gate to head home, I spotted him! It was the biggest and cutest giant white teddy bear I had ever seen! He was at least a foot and half taller than me! And I just had to have him! To win him you had to get top score in the shooting gallery.

I pleaded with Dad to have at least one go at winning him. I also played on Dad’s ego a bit here, considering he was a member of the local rifle club and a dam good shot. Dad paid the lady the coins as he saddled up to shoot. I watched on with great anxiety on my face hoping and praying he would win. The first round he missed only one. The second round, however, was a perfect score. I had never been so excited in all my life and couldn’t wait to get my new teddy bear home, where he took pride of place on top of my bed. Teddy became part of the family, part of the furniture and he went with me everywhere in the house, but he was never allowed to leave the house.

I fell in love with my teddy so much I would lay on top of him and sleep. And when no one was looking I would lie on top of him and nuzzle into him while sucking on my thumb. He was just so big and soft and cute in every way that I just couldn’t resist. And I felt completely safe whenever I was curled up on top of him. This behavior continued right through until my teenage years when my love for Teddy took an interesting turn.

When I hit my teenage years, I discovered sex by accident, but in a good way. One day I was sleeping on Teddy and had a wet dream. The feeling overwhelmed my entire body as I began grinding my pussy into Teddy’s groin. The sexual pulse was still rippling through my body, as I began to wake up. As I began to open my eyes and look down, I saw Teddy’s gorgeous cute face looking up at me and orgasmed almost instantly. I didn’t just love my Teddy; I had fallen in love with my Teddy! But I wanted more!

One day while my parents were out, I found a secret stash of my Dad’s porno magazines and was flicking through the pictures of some of the positions and toys these much older girls were using and became quite excited at the thought of how I could use Teddy this way. As I flicked through the pages I came across a full-page advertisement for sexual toys. I scanned the pages until I found a strap on dildo in an assortment of colours. I used my Pre Paid Credit card, faked some details and ordered a white one.

Every day for weeks I was always the first one home to check the mail and finally after three weeks it arrived. I was so excited and nervous I raced upstairs, locked my door and opened it hurriedly. I pulled it out of the box and gasped at the size and wondered if it would actually fit. I grabbed Teddy and put it on him for a test fit. The white strap on fitted perfectly against his white fur and as I laid him back on the bed, the strap on stood to attention. I checked the time and realized I had at least two hours before the parents were home. I stripped off every piece of clothing and stood their naked looking down on him.

My gorgeous teenage body was tingling all over as I stood there whimpering, pining and pouting for more. Within minutes I was between his legs and sucking on the dildo feverishly, pretending it was a lollipop. I kept looking up at him with my puppy dog eyes as I pouted and this just turned me on even more. After polishing Teddy for about ten minutes, my pussy began throbbing for attention. I straddled up on top of Teddy and began to slowly ease my ass and pussy back towards the dildo. I could only see the very tip of the dildo beneath me as it began to caress the outside of my pussy.

The feeling was overwhelming as I teased myself by rocking back and forth on the very tip of the dildo. When it was in perfect position I then began to drop down on top of it and felt it pushing the delicate sides of my pussy aside as it inserted deep inside me. I felt my hymen break as the tight muscles of my little pussy gripped around Teddy’s thick shaft. It wasn’t too long before I was pounding and riding Teddy hard and fast. I grabbed his front paws and pushed them against my tits as I bounced up and down on him. The front of his paws had sharp black plastic claws that gently cut and scratched into my fleshy tits and nipples as they rubbed over them.

Oozy liquid then began gushing out of my pussy making the fur within his groin all wet and sticky. Moments later I exploded and collapsed down on top of Teddy wrapping my arms tightly around him as I pulled him close. But I wasn’t finished yet.

I slowly and carefully climbed off him and repositioned into the missionary position, grabbing hold of Teddy and putting him on top of me. I lay back, spread my legs wide open and pulled my thighs back up into my chest as I pulled him closer whilst grabbing hold of his ass. As I got him into position, his front paws dropped perfectly onto my tits, completely covering them and rubbing my already erect nipples, while his sharp claws pierced the sensitive flesh of my boobs, leaving scratch marks around and on my nipples.

Then I looked towards my pussy whilst pouting and looking up at him again with puppy dog eyes, as I teased my throbbing pussy with the tip of the dildo. I couldn’t resist reaching up and kissing him all over his adorable face. My hands clenched his ass tightly as I guided him and pulled him deep inside me. I gasped at the sheer size of this dildo violating my little tight pulsating pussy.

I wanted Teddy to rape me! But I knew he wouldn’t hurt me as his huge soft, warm body lay onto of me, dominating me yet protecting me as I thrust him in and out of me. I wrapped my arms around his body and wrapped my legs around his waist, using them to control his penetration. In the end the sensation became so overwhelming that I plunged into wave after wave of orgasm while my whole body starting shaking uncontrollably. The pleasure was so intense that I passed out as it put me to sleep very quickly after it subsided.

The next thing I remember was being woken by the sound of Dad’s car pulling into the driveway. As I tried to move, I realized that Teddy’s huge frame was still pinned on top of me and the dildo was still deep inside me. But when I tried to pull Teddy out of me, I discovered to my panic that he was stuck inside me. My pussy had become so engorged and swollen that it had locked itself onto Teddy and wouldn’t let go. I had to use my legs to pry him off me as quickly as possible without hurting me.

I felt the dildo gripping the insides of me as it began to slide out. And when it finally released, I felt a suction that made a small popping sound as it exited. I quickly got dressed and put everything away, hiding the still dripping strap on into my knickers drawer. I opened the windows and turned the fan on to let out the musky, pungent odour of my cum that still lingered in the room. I was safe.

When I got to school, I secretly told my best girl friend what had happened, as she was a bit more experienced than me. We had often talked about how we could have sex without actually having sex. This seemed the best and safest way! She was so excited, that we organized with our folks for her to come over for the weekend so we could secretly experiment even more and so she could try it out for herself. The folks were going out on the Friday night so we decided to stay home and watch a ‘movie.’ As soon as they were gone we headed to my room and prepared ourselves.

I got Teddy out of the cupboard and cleaned up the dildo from the other afternoons adventure ready for use. I strapped the dildo on Teddy and lay him back on the bed. We both stripped off and lay on each side of him, sucking and licking his huge white member, giving it all the attention it deserved.

It had also been the first time I had seen my friend’s pussy close up and was turned on by how she had shaven all the hair off as opposed to my hairy little muff. She saw me looking at it and gestured me to touch it. As I hesitantly reached my hand forward to touch I felt how soft and wet her pussy was. She then leant forward and kissed me, cupping my breast in her hands and gently caressing it. This turned me on so much, that I let her finger me and then lick my little pussy. It turned out that we had both secretly had a crush on each other for years but never had the courage to admit it to each other until now. And before getting into it with Teddy, I let her gently shave my pussy so we could both be hairless together.

It wasn’t long before we were both extremely horny and were ready for some action. I got my friend to lie down on her back and spread her legs apart very wide and to hold her thighs back against her chest. I positioned Teddy on top of her and gently told her to relax and accept him. Within moments I had maneuvered Teddy so the tip was teasing the outside of her pussy. My friend stuck her fingers in her mouth and began to whimper and pout like I had done. It wasn't long before I had Teddy deep inside her and was controlling the motion of Teddy as he pounded her sensitive little pussy. My friend’s orgasm, exploded soon afterwards.

We then went on to spend the rest of the night, fucking and sucking Teddy in every position possible and lapping up each others sweet young girly cum. Our favorite position would have been when Teddy fucked us doggy style, each of us taking turns in controlling his motion until we both finally collapsed from sheer exhaustion, Teddy wedged between us under the covers.

Later that night when we were both asleep, Mum had opened the door to my bedroom to see Teddy between us under the covers. We had both wrapped ourselves around him and were taking turns in turning him over so we could fuck him while we slept. Little did she know what he was wearing around his waist. I ended up waking up in the morning with the feeling of him still deep inside me again. I gently fucked him again half asleep. And it was obvious by now that my pussy had become so addicted to Teddy that it never wanted to let him go!

This behavior with my girlfriend went on for the rest of the weekend and continued on for many years after. In fact my girlfriend and I became much closer and enjoyed Teddy's sessions as often as possible and never once got caught. And even now at the age of 21, I haven’t had a boyfriend yet, but I don’t need one, because I still love my Teddy!

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