I Love Being Anal Fucked in Public !

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Hi Everybody,

I just love being ass fucked in public places, cum drooling from my asshole, and the look on peoples faces as the man pulls his cock out of me still blowing his sperm all over me, or coming on my face just before we walk through a crowd licking it off my face as we go. 

One of my favorites was while enjoying an adult movie I had my boyfriend fuck me deep and hard for everybody to see and here, after taking his load into my ass, I stood in the isle way with cum dripping from my asshole and yelled would anybody else like some of this before I put it away ! you should have seen how quick and how many men I had to fuck that night ! I left the theater nude with sperm covering my entire body not to metion running out of my ass and down my legs.

I just do not know what it is ! I guess I just love to be fucked and by as many men as i can fuck ! I've gone home with some pretty sore assholes and absolutely loved it, the more cum in my ass the sexier.

I've been fuck in the ass by so many men in one nite, that as one was pulling out of my ass and another being stuffed in sperm just shot and squirted from my bowels ! so I started swallowing the rest
I did'nt eat for two days after that.

My favorite places are adult theaters and sex shops when I want to suck and be fucked by several men at once as there is nothing better
or sexier than a hard cock in both hands while sucking two cocks and being double penetrated in the back door, I've even jacked another one off with my feet ! I've also taken home over a hundred men and then taken the whole weekend just to fuck and suck them all.

I'm still told all the time how tight my asshole is ! I'm telling you nobody can out fuck me, nobody ! one time I took a dare to suck every cock in an old folks home ! that is alot of dick sucking let me tell you, I think it ended up being like 248 cocks I swallowed and another time while at lake mead I said I'd fuck anybody that wanted to fuck me ! in the middle of summer ! I ended up being there for like a month I had so many men to fuck.

Could you imagine if I had a pussy too! I'd wear out whole towns of people.
Hope to fuck you next !

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