I Kissed a Girl

(Part 5 from 8)

Jodie could not believe how nervous she was. She'd cleaned up, picked out music, ordered Mexican food -- Karen's favorite -- and, after agonizing for hours, she'd put on a strapless, satin tapestry floral cocktail dress that came down to her knees and done her hair up. She was checking herself out for the tenth time when the doorbell rang.

Taking a deep breath, she opened the door. Karen stood there with flowers and a huge smile. "Hi," said Jodie. Karen didn't reply; when she saw Jodie, her jaw literally dropped open.

"Wow," she said, finally. "Would I sound like a total dweeb if I actually used the phrase 'hubba-hubba'?"

"You look pretty good yourself," said Jodie, looking her up and down. Karen was wearing an elegant, sophisticated mid-length classic black cocktail dress, with her short hair framing her face. "Well, come on in." They kissed quickly at the door.

Jodie shyly took Karen's hand and led her to the couch in the sitting room. She put the flowers in a vase, and brought out the champagne. "So...here we are," she said, handing Karen a drink, and sitting next to her on the couch.

"Here we are," repeated Karen. She just could not take her eyes off Jodie. All she wanted to do was make love to her. Gentle, yet passionate love. But she could see that Jodie was terrified, so she decided to take it slow. "How was your day?" she asked.

"Pretty good," said Jodie, taking a sip. "The project is going very smoothly and is on schedule. Wayne hinted at a promotion...so I don't know, fingers crossed."

"That's awesome!" said Karen, genuinely happy for her. "You deserve it. You work harder than anyone at that office."

"Well, now that's totally exaggerated."

"I've seen you work. You're good."

"Aw, go on!"

"I'm serious!"

"Yeah, well...I could say the same about you."


Sex could make people have the dumbest of conversations, thought Jodie. We have perfectly intelligent conversations under normal circumstances, and here we are acting like a couple of randy teenagers. From the amused look on Karen's face, she could tell that she was thinking the same thing.

"Um, I got Mexican food," said Jodie. "You want to eat now, or after..." She stopped short, half-smiling.

Karen realized that it was now or never. She shook her head at Jodie, and took her drink out of her hand. Then she let her right hand fall on her thigh, and started massaging it slowly, all the while not taking her eyes off Jodie, who was getting visibly aroused.

Jodie put a hand on Karen's. "Maybe we should move to the bedroom."

"Okay," Karen whispered huskily. She took Jodie by the hand and guided her to the bedroom.

Karen lit a candle and switched off the lights. Jodie hit the play button on her mini-system in the room. Ali Farka Toure's sexy, slow Afrikaans blues song "Ai Du" filled the room. She took off her earrings, and sat down next to Karen on the bed. Karen's right arm went around her waist, while her left hand continued to massage the inside of her thigh. Jodie seemed pale, but completely aroused nonetheless. "Are you sure you want to do this?" she asked softly, not wanting to do anything to hurt her.

Numbly, Jodie nodded at her.

Karen got up off the bed, and pulled Jodie up to face her. Slowly, she undid her hair, letting it fall down to her shoulders. Being the taller one, she tilted Jodie's face upwards, and let her lips brush slightly against hers. Then she put her arms around her waist, and started kissing her lips sensuously. Jodie put her arms around her shoulders, and moved closer, as her sex started throbbing wildly, pleasure searing through her body instantly.

For a split second, Karen let her hands move over Jodie's breasts, brushing against them just slightly through the fabric of her clothes. Her nipples hardened immediately. She could have collapsed from pleasure right there, but Karen held her strongly.

Still kissing her, Karen steered her backwards, towards the bed, and lay her down on it tenderly. She brushed the hair away from her face, and looked into her eyes. Jodie tucked an escaping strand of hair behind Karen's ear. She was in heaven. She had no idea what she had done to deserve an angel like this.

Karen lowered herself on top of her, and started kissing her again. Jodie's breathing was growing heavier every second, so Karen moved to her right ear, and started probing it with her tongue, whispering comforting words. Jodie let out a quiet moan. She tilted her head up, inviting Karen to kiss her neck. Karen was more than happy to oblige, as she started kissing and licking her chin and moved down to her neck.

Suddenly, she stopped, and moved down to Jodie's legs. She pushed the satin dress upwards slightly, just enough to expose Jodie's knees. She positioned herself between Jodie's legs and started licking behind her knees. Jodie started squirming in ecstasy, as the sensitive skin responded to Karen's caresses.

She pushed the dress higher to expose Jodie's thighs. For a few seconds, she moved her tongue around her inner thighs, using her hands to stimulate the skin behind her knees at the same time. Jodie could feel herself getting wet already. The pleasure was immense. She started moaning incessantly.

"Ohhhhhhh. Don't stop. Don't ever stop."

But Karen had something else in mind. She hiked up the dress high enough to uncover Jodie's lace underwear and well-toned stomach. She looked up at her to see that she was completely enraptured. She moved her hand over Jodie's abdomen and stomach, stroking it, while her other arm was wrapped around one of her thighs. She lowered her lips to her stomach finally, kissing it and licking it, while using her hands to rub against Jodie's hips in slow, sensuous circles.

Jodie's body arched upwards. "Ohhhhh, Karen. Ohhhhh, God, that feels amazing."

Karen raised her head, and used her arms to lift Jodie up into a sitting position. She started kissing her on the mouth again, while allowing her hands to play with the zipper at the back of her dress teasingly. Little by little, she pulled the zip down. When it was all the way down, she pulled Jodie's dress down her body, leaving her lying on the bed in just her lacy black underwear. For a brief moment, she couldn't help but look down the length of Jodie's body. Her petite figure and curves left her enchanted. She took a second unzipping her own dress and getting out of it, before lying down on top once more and kissing Jodie's lips again while massaging her sides with her hands.

Jodie put her hands on Karen's back, and began rubbing it slowly. She started kissing her neckline, but Karen wasn't done just yet. She moved down to Jodie's chest, continuing to kiss her while she twisted and turned beneath her. She looked at Jodie for a second, as if to ask permission, and unclasped her bra from the front, throwing it out of the way.

"God, you are so beautiful," Karen gushed.

A red flush crept up Jodie's neck and spread over her face. She knew what Karen was staring at when she said that.

Karen cupped both her breasts, one in each hand, allowing her hands to gently rub against them, teasing them. Jodie let out a whimper. Karen used her fingers to trace slow circles around each hard little nipple. She moved her fingers closer and closer to Jodie's nipples. She could feel the wetness between Jodie's legs. She moved her knee up between Jodie's legs to touch her sex. At the same time, she lightly rubbed each nipple with her fingers, before finally moving her head down and licking each in turn.

Jodie just couldn't take it any longer. Her hands were in Karen's hair, and she was getting closer to a climax. "Karen, fill me up. Fill me up NOW," she cried out.

Karen, however, was going to make sure that Jodie enjoyed this experience to the fullest. She moved down again, and slipped a hand inside Jodie's panty, feeling the heat and the secretions. "Ohhhh, God, Karen. I can't take it anymore." Jodie sighed. Karen looked up at her and smiled, as if to say, "The best is yet to come." She took off Jodie's panty to reveal her smooth crotch, and gently spread her legs apart. Jodie propped herself up on her elbows, and tilted her head back, moving it from side to side in pleasure. Her mouth was open, but no sound was coming out. Sweat dripped from every inch of her body.

Karen started planting quick kisses on the wet folds surrounding Jodie's clitoris. Jodie was starting to quiver. Karen felt herself wet between her legs. No feeling is better than when you're giving someone such intense pleasure, she thought. She continued to kiss Jodie's folds, as they became more and more drenched with secretions, making her cry out in anticipation.

Jodie's legs wrapped themselves around Karen's back as she licked her clitoris after what seemed like an eternity. She felt a huge spasm of pleasure go through her body. She tried to cry out, but she had lost her voice. Karen realized that her orgasm was close. After another minute of licking, she moved up, rubbing her own body deliciously against Jodie's, and kissed her on the lips briefly, suppressing a moan. Then she moved down to her breasts again, licking one of her hard nipples, playing with the other using one hand, and letting the second hand rub her clitoris in small circles.

Karen's fingers began moving faster and faster between Jodie's legs. She slipped a couple of fingers inside Jodie, feeling her vagina close in on them. She penetrated her fingers deeper and deeper, and pumping harder and faster.

"Ohhhh...Karen...Karen...yes...YES..." Jodie couldn't breathe, and her heart was beating harder than she had ever experienced before. And then...she didn't know how...but she got the strength to put a hand down Karen's panty, taking her by surprise. She rubbed her clitoris slowly, while cupping a breast with the other hand. Karen's body shuddered with pleasure and she moaned; she had not expected Jodie to try to be generous just yet. It touched her that she cared. She started to come, her body pulsing against Jodie's.

Jodie's entire body shook with pleasure as the first orgasm hit her. Karen guided her through it, her own body wracked with tremors as her orgasm began. Jodie tried to scream in vain. The room seemed to be filled with a silence. As their bodies writhed against each other, all they could hear was the lush African music, and each other's breathing. When their orgasms had subsided, Karen knew she could do better. She moved to Jodie's throbbing sex, and resumed licking her clitoris again.

"Karen, ohhhhh...I can't take it again...ohhhh...uhhhhhm...Karen..."

Karen didn't pay attention. She penetrated Jodie with her tongue. Another orgasm hit Jodie, followed by a third and then a fourth. Karen wrapped her arms and legs around her, kissing her mouth fiercely and passionately, trying to touch every part of her at once. At last Jodie's body went limp in Karen's arms, and the immeasurable pleasure that had radiated through their bodies died down.

Karen, still on top of Jodie, looked deeply into her eyes, as they kissed slowly with their eyes open. She brushed away the sweat-soaked hair from Jodie's face. Jodie smiled at her, and she couldn't help but smile back. "No fair," Jodie said faintly.

"What?" breathed Karen.

"You did all the work."

"I wanted to."

"I want my turn." Jodie tightened her grip around Karen's back.

"You can have it." Karen smiled again, allowing Jodie to get on top of her.


Karen awoke to see sunlight streaming through the window of the bedroom. At first she didn't know where she was, and then she saw Jodie's face above hers, looking down at her. "Hey, you," said Jodie, gazing lovingly.

"Hey, you." Karen sleepily pulled her on top, and let her kiss her.

"You need to brush your teeth," laughed Jodie when she broke off.

"Gee, that's romantic." Karen got up, amused, and pulled on her bra and panty, pleasantly aware that Jodie was watching every move.

"Hurry back soon," said Jodie, watching as Karen went to the washroom. She closed her eyes as she waited, and felt the rustle of sheets as Karen got in and sat down beside her. She purred as she moved closer to Karen, sitting up and letting her put her arms around her as she positioned herself in her lap with her back to her stomach. She pulled up the sheets on top of them. Karen kissed her cheek.

"You okay?" she asked, stroking her arms.

"Never been better," said Jodie, moving an arm behind Karen's head to ruffle her hair affectionately.

They had made love the whole night. The sex had been unbelievable -- for the first time Jodie could see how much more fulfilling a relationship was if it was accompanied by genuine physical desire that could be sustained without tons of alcohol. Still, Jodie thought that the best part of the sex was the five minutes that immediately followed it...the sensual holding, the gentle touching, feeling the silkiness of each other's bodies. And they had talked. About love, about ethics, about philosophy. It was like a wonderful dream, and Jodie was afraid she would wake up any second.

"What are you thinking?" asked Karen, observing that Jodie had closed her eyes.

"I was thinking...about last night...remembering..."

"What do you remember?" grinned Karen. She lightly rubbed Jodie's bare stomach with her fingers, knowing that it would stir some of the previous night's feelings. Jodie just smiled demurely. Karen found her shyness such a turn-on. It was the most adorable thing, particularly given that she was such a loudmouth outside the bedroom.

"Umm, Karen..."


"I was just wondering...how was I? Brutal honesty, please." Jodie turned her head slightly so she could view Karen's profile.

Karen kissed her on the lips. "You were a natural. You were great."

"Are you just saying that?"

Karen looked at her very seriously. "No."

"So I didn't do anything wrong?" Jodie was insistent. She was being realistic, after all. She knew she was an inexperienced lover, and she was anxious to learn.

"Well," Karen chuckled. "I do have one tip."

"Please tell," said Jodie eagerly.

"The next time you want to spread my legs apart, don't forget. They're legs, not saloon doors."

Jodie laughed. "Did I really do that?"

"Yes, in your ardor you may have been a little rough." Karen couldn't stop chuckling to herself.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing, I was just thinking. When I was touching you, you kept making the 'O' face. In retrospect it was quite funny."

"I did NOT do that!" Jodie pretended to be insulted.

"Yes, you did!"

"I don't have an 'O' face!"

"Stop yelling, I'm right here!"

"But I'm incapable of making a face like that!" Jodie kept yelling.

"And how would you know?"

"You are really asking for it now!" Jodie got off her lap and turned to face her, kissing her violently.

"Whoa, stop, stop." Karen tried to fight off the temptation to make love again. "We both have work in forty-five minutes. Come on, we're going to be late."

"Okay, fine," Jodie grumbled, getting out of bed. "But you can rest assured, I am going to get my revenge."

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