I Deflowered My Friend’s Wife 2

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Hi! I am Rahul from Surat. I am 27, good looking and 5’10” tall. My closest friend Rajesh married a small town girl, Riya six months back. Something about Riya; she is 23 of age, fair skinned, 5’5” tall, cute round face, 38-24-36 figure, hazel eyes and jet black hair flowing to her waist. I being the closest friend of Rajesh, I naturally became a close friend of her. She shared many things with me, as did Rajesh. Rajesh is a regular drinker and often comes home drunk. Their relation had reached a stage where they were living like 2 strangers staying under a single roof. She shared her most intimate secrets with me, even the ones a girl would share either with her mother or her husband. It was at this stage when I learned that she was still untouched by Rajesh. I tried to make Rajesh see some sense, he would agree to my views, but it was the same story every day.

In the end, I saw only one way out of this. I planned a honeymoon trip for them. I booked a poolside cottage at a beach resort, where I am a member, for them. I informed them of the booking and the dates. They prepared for the trip, Riya called me up and could not conceal her excitement and thanked me a dozen times before the line got disconnected. She was aware that I was trying to cement their relationship, but what she was not aware was that I had booked another cottage overlooking their room. This was to enable me to keep a close eye on Rajesh.

The next day, they started for their honeymoon and I followed them at a discreet distance. I saw them check-in and after their luggage was transferred to their room, I checked in. I walked in my room and called Riya. She said, ‘Hi, Rahul! How are you? Thanks for this, the rooms lavishly furnished and comfortable. But just what did you have in mind?’ I said, ‘Good to know you have checked in. Just giving you two a wedding gift, dear! Otherwise that baboon would not have took you for a honeymoon till eternity. Nice to hear that you like it. Hope you two enjoy!’ she said, ‘I think we will!’ and we disconnected. I had an odd feeling that Rajesh was going to skip out on her, so I hung around in the vicinity of the window of my room. Rajesh proved me right, as soon I saw him coming out of the room and went into the general direction of the bar.

As soon as he had done so, the expected happened, Riya called me. I picked my phone to hear her sobs on the phone. She said, sobbing, ‘Rajesh just skipped out! He said he would like to have a drink or two!’ I said, comfortingly, ‘I had so expected dear! But don’t you worry, just get fresh and visit the spa. They have good facilities there. You will feel good. Then you can visit the parlor to get yourself all dolled up, so that tonight Rajesh can’t resist you on bed.’ She calmed down a bit at that, I could feel her smile over the phone, she said, ‘Ok! As you say!’ she disconnected the phone. I saw her go out of her room. So I relaxed a bit and started freshening myself up.

I soon walked over to the poolside and sat on a lounger. I was sipping an orange juice and was reading a magazine, when I felt a shadow over me. I looked up to see Riya. She said, surprised, ‘just what are you doing here, Rahul?’ I confessed, ‘well, Riya, I thought I would keep an eye on you two. To be more specific, I thought I would keep Rajesh under scrutiny. Let’s not talk here, come in my room!’ she walked along me. I could see, the parlor had done an excellent job on her. She was wearing a white figure hugging tube top and fitting denim shorts. Her skin was freshly waxed, and her deadly weapons of sexual assault burnished. She looked lovely! I regretted her being married to such an idiot. I opened the door to my room and let her walk in first. I closed my eyes in appreciation of her sweet fragrance, as she walked by me. I stepped in my room after her and closed the door. She made herself comfortable; she sat on the bed and hugged a cushion tightly. She looked up at me and said, ‘well! Let me have it.’ I told her what I had in my mind. She nodded as I related it to her. Finally, I said, ‘I see, you have made yourself irresistible. I don’t think Rajesh will want to let you out of the bed tonight.’ She said, looking at me innocently, ‘and you, of course, don’t want me on your bed?’ I was dumbfounded at her unexpected query.

She repeated impatiently, ‘well! Don’t you?’ I said, ‘I guess I do!’ she exclaimed, ‘I thought so! When you called me up and said you knew we had checked in, I suspected you were around here. Still I went to the spa and the parlor as you had suggested. But on my way back, I had a gut feeling that I would find you by the pool and ahich I did!’ I felt foolish, I said, ‘I guess I botched up my job as a private eye.’ She laughed; I had expected her to be in a fit of rage at finding me there spying on them. With a squeal, she flung the cushion aside and got up. I was soon smothered in a tight hug from her. I said, ‘this is a pretty handsome way of thanking somebody!’ she looked up and said, ‘I haven’t thanked you yet!’ I said, ‘what’s due then?’

I just had to say that when her arms wrapped around my neck and I found my lips upon her hot and wet lips and her tongue passionately exploring my mouth. I was unable to grasp the situation, when she released me. It was abrupt.

I said, ‘you vixen, you certainly know how to thank a man!’ she laughed and was about to leave. I secretly wanted her on my bed more than ever. I held her wrist and she looked back at me inquiringly. I pulled her back and grabbed her by her waist. I kissed her again. it was a long and passionate job. I felt my hand feeling along her front and her side. She didn’t fight me off, but she held me even closer to her. I pulled out her top. Her upper body came into full view. I liked her hot body, her shapely midriff, a flat tummy, a deep navel and most of all a perfect pair of breasts held in place by a bra. The top of her breasts were just popping out in a sexy cleavage. I touched her there. She took a quick deep breath. Next I unbuttoned her shorts and slid it down her smooth legs. She was standing in front of me in only her under things. The sight of her made me go crazy and I stripped off immediately. She said, her eyes twinkling with mischief, ‘I knew that you wanted me when you closed your eyes to smell me!’ I said, ‘you saw that?’ she said, ‘I could sense that, but I think it was axiomatic. I know I am hot, and I don’t want to be ignored. You give the attention a husband should give me. So I think you deserve the attention of a wife.’ Her right hand reached to my erect cock and her left hand rested on my bare chest. Her touch felt good. Her tinted fingernails were moving in patterns on my chest. Her right fist comfortably enclosing my erect cock pulled the foreskin on my cock.

She immediately knelt to suck my cock. She stroked and sucked my cock simultaneously. I was so excited I came in her mouth. She gulped down my cream and licked my cock dry. I pushed her against the wall and pushed her panties down. When the panties were near her knees, I pulled them down with my leg, rubbing it gently along her smooth leg. She looked to her left and blushed. I kissed her cheek and her visible neck, and then I plummeted down to her groin and kissed her. The hair on her pussy were trimmed, it looked inviting. I French kissed her pussy and she moaned in pleasure. She grabbed my head as I tongue fucked her virgin pussy. She quivered like jelly when my hot breath touched the skin on the folds of her thighs.

I kissed on her navel, biting the area gently in the process. Her moan was one of pure unspent lust. I then kissed her midriff, her breasts pressing lightly against my forehead. I was about to kiss her breasts when she pulled me in for a kiss on the lips. When she was finished, I kissed her on her cheek and nibbled on her left ear. I forgot to tell you that we were so close that our genitals were rubbing close to each other. I pushed my hand further on her back. I unclasped her bra, in accompaniment of the playful struggle to break free from her. I pulled down the straps of the bra from her shoulder along her smooth arms with my lips. She was continuously trembling like a leaf with my lips and breath touching her soft smooth skin.

Then I devoted my attention to her beautiful breasts. I kissed and nuzzled near them; I even bit them on the nipples and around the nipples. She tried to grab my head away, I pinned her hands by her wrist near her waist and sucked on her breasts. Then I kissed on her neck and released her hands, she grabbed me from under my armpits and bit me on my left shoulder and then wrapped her legs around my lower back. I was nearly inside her, but I held on. I carried her like that and put her on the bed. Either I didn’t realize the weight of our bodies or she craftily slid her feet to my knees that I toppled over her, plunging my cock into her in the process. The thin obstruction in her pussy broke in under the pressure exerted by my cock. There came a subdued moan of pain, while our lips were locked in a passionate kiss. Now that I was in, I didn’t want to let go of her till we were satisfied. I started stroking the insides of her tight pussy with my hard cock. She dug in her nails deep in my back and scratched me. The gently stinging pain turned me on even more. And I increased my pace inside her. The Oohhhs & Aaahhhs were coming frequently from her in addition to the arching of her back. I dug deeper and her contracting muscles indicated the onset of an orgasm. Without warning she had a violent and screaming orgasm. I could not control the vehemence of her contractions on my cock and I too spewed a huge load of cum inside her hot vagina.

She unfolded her legs under me, I was still inside her, but her arms were wrapped around my neck. We locked lips in a loving kiss many times. That, with her nails making patterns on my back, and her naked soft body crushing under me and her smooth breasts pressing against my chest gave me another erection inside her. Without wasting a moment, I started fucking her again. She responded by lustfully kissing me and sucking on my lips. Our bodies were rubbing real close and clapping rhythmically. Soon I felt her ready to climax, I felt I was going to cave in too and said, ‘I am going to cum!’ she said, ‘I want it inside me. Don’t pull out now. I want to enjoy it to the very last moment.’ We came together.

I slid off her and she rested her head on my right arm using it as a pillow. I put my other hand across her chest, her soft breasts acting as cushions. She said after a long kiss, ‘thanks for all you have done for me!’ I said, ‘the pleasure’s entirely mine, dear!’ she said, ‘no! I know you did this just for me and I have no words to thank you.’ I said, ‘don’t worry! You don’t have words to thank me, but you have a jolly good way expressing gratitude.’ We laughed and she got up to pee.

I beckoned her back on the bed when she was back from the washroom. Her sexy hot body walking towards me was enticing and I was ready to take her again. She obliged and snuggled close to me. I said, ‘Suit yourself! I have done all this for you! Now I want my thanks from you.’ She kissed me and said, ‘I am all yours now! How would you like your thanks?’ I used her body entirely for my pleasure this time. I played with her breasts, I fingered her pussy and I guided her hand to my cock. She stroked my cock and I squeezed her breasts all the time our lips locked in a sexy kiss.

We sixty-nined and then I said, ‘I want to tit-fuck you!’ she nodded and lay on her back. I knelt across her tummy and rested my cock between her breasts. She wrapped her breasts around my cock, they were warm and soft. I fucked her breasts and came on them. She picked the cream on her fingers and licked it, I stroked my cock for yet another erection and I pulled her shapely legs apart and rested them on my shoulders. I pushed my enormous cock into her tight ass. I ram fucked her ass and inserted a finger into her pussy. Her breasts jiggled as I fucked her ass, I squeezed her breasts hard and she moaned loudly in pain, I inserted another finger in her pussy to finger fuck her pussy harder. I held her by her waist with my other hand. I was using her in such a way that her screams seldom decreased in tempo.

I made her cum on my fingers and by the same token I filled her ass with my cum. I pulled out my cock and fingers from her. I sat beside her, she propped herself on her elbow and started licking my cock dry, as picked her cum and licked it off my fingers.
I looked at the clock, it showed 4.30 in the evening. I said, ‘you must go now! It’s too late! Rajesh must be back by now!’ she looked at me longingly and said, ‘he won’t be back so soon! Why can’t we have another go, before I go back? I can always tell him that you are here and I spent my afternoon with you as her had left me to get bored. I am sure he won’t suspect anything.’ Her urging got better of me and I bent for a kiss.

She stroked my cock to another erection. Again I lay on top of her and I fucked her. She moved her body according the motions of my cock. We kissed like mad, our bodies rocking in a frenzy of erotic passion and lust. We bit each other; her hands pulled off and rumpled the edge of the bed sheet, another time she gripped hard on the pillow. I smelled her sweet fragrance as if trying to drink it off her lovely body. I incessantly pushed my cock deeper than possible inside her hot and tight pussy. This time her screams came muted in enjoyment and complete pleasure. She was taking in the entire feeling of being wanted and feeling of loved on the bed. Her long unfulfilled sexual desires were getting realized after a long period.

Even I liked the feeling of making love to her, uninhibited and free from all worldly barriers. We dressed and she sucked me off again as I got erect watching her getting dressed. We walked arm-in-arm to her room. Rajesh opened the door and his jaws dropped at seeing me. He said, ‘what the fuck are you doing here?’ Riya barged in and retorted, ‘he was fucking me as you are unable to do so. He is so nice to gift us a holiday. He also went to the length of dropping in to meet us and you behave like a spoiled school child.’

We all laughed at her sudden angry outburst. I said at length, ‘I must say Rajesh that you have a battle axe for a wife. I hope she is as sharp on bed as she is with her tongue!!’ we laughed again, Riya blushing red up to the top of her chest. She archly frowned at me and winked mischievously. I got it that she shouted on purpose of thwarting any suspicions Rajesh might have harbored about me enjoying Riya on bed.

Well, believe me friends! I really enjoyed her on bed! I hope I get to enjoy her more on my bed some day! Pray for me, please!! ;-)

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