Husband's job changes everything : Part 2

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It was now 6 weeks after Kim's first session with Maarshi. She knew at the time it would be a life changing event for her and so it turned out to be. After the first session of Magarshi style white wife taming, the scene was set for him to dominate her. And dominate he did. After the first time Magarshi told Kim he would be seeing her daily for a few weeks. Kim didn't feel she could argue this point after what had happened and even if she did it would have been pointless. This was a man that was used to getting what he wanted from woman and he had only just started with Kim.

She suspected that he now wanted much more from her and she was right. The next day Magarshi phoned and told Kim to dress sexy and be ready for collection at 6pm. She was told to wear a very short dress with heels. She did as she was told and as clockwork the car arrived at 6 to collect her. She now knew what was in store for her but on her arrival there was none of the gentlemanly greeting that she got from Magarshi the first time. She was given a strong drink and within minutes Magarshi was fondling her breasts and pushing his hand up her dress fingering for her pussy.

It was no time before she was told to strip and lay on the bed with her legs wide. The married woman in her still found this type of dominant ordering a little threating but she did what she was told and no sooner had she complied with what Magarshi had said, he was undressing and climbing between her long lilly white legs. Kim looked down at his thick angry coal black cock which as the first time was without a condom and ready to claim it's prize.

Magarshi didn't ask for her mouth this time, he was only interested in one thing. Her married pussy which was still tender from the pounding it had taken the day before. He lowered himself over her and guided his cock towards her entrance. Kim once again felt the thickness of his cock starting to force her apart. She looked up at him and knew he had a new mission now.

First he wanted to bed her and give her his black cock. That mission had been completed. Now it was time to move things on to the next level. Breeding her. Kim prayed she was wrong but deep down she suspected this was his aim. With that he thrust forward, Kim screamed out as before. That feeling of pain/pleasure that she felt before. He was more forceful with her this time. It was a different game now.

Kim's legs spread wide stretched out either side of his powerful black body. Magarshi fucked her hard from the first stroke. Her arms clung around his back, she panted for breath, she knew this was different to the first time. There was even more intent to this. Long stabbing strokes, his hands under her ass pulling her hips upward to meet his downward thrusts. Within minutes Kim was about to orgasm and as she reached that point Magarshi plunged one last time into her balls deep and held his huge member deep while he pumped his thick potent cum into Kim's pussy.

He held his position for a few minutes to ensure all his load had been spent. Kim lay there feeling the wetness between her legs. This was to be the way things would be from now on. She knew it without being told. Magarshi climbed off Kim and got dressed telling her she could go and she would be collected the same time tomorrow.

For the next 3 days this was the pattern. She was collected at 6. Taken to Magarshi's house, He fucked her and she was taken home again. Barely any foreplay, just a good fucking which ended with Magarshi shotting his cum into Kim's pussy.

Saturday night she was told she would be collected at 5. An hour earlier than before. She was told as normal to wear a short dress with heels but this time no underwear. Kim did as ordered and bang on 5 the car arrived to collect her. She was taken to Magarshi's house in the normal way. Once there she was asked to enter but this time Magarshi was not waiting for her. She guessed he was out so sat and waited.

10 minutes passed before the door opened and in walked Magarshi. He looked at Kim and just said "Come with me". She guessed she would be taken to the bedroom for the normal fucking but this time she was taken back to the car. Magarshi climbed in the back next to her. A few minutes of small talk before Kim asked where they were going. Magarshi looked at her and answered "We are closing the deal this evening".

What did that mean ? She didn't ask anymore questions but say wandering what he meant by that comment. Not long after the car pulled up at what looked to be a very poor part of town. Buildings that looked to be all but falling down. This was not the type of place that Magarshi normally went surely ? This powerful well off man who lived in such a big house and had so much money. Why would he want to bring Kim here ?

Magarshi got out of the car and told Kim to follow. He took her arm and lead her into one of the buildings. Her heels clicking as they walked. No other sound could be heard. The walked up 2 stairways to the third floor and along a corridor until they reached the door at the end. Magarshi knocked on the door twice. It didn't look as if anyone even lived there it was so run down. Then, The door opened and a black woman looked at Magarshi and just said "Come in". As he walked in leading Kim by the hand the woman looked Kim up and down. Kim must have looked like a queen to this black woman who had the look of a woman who had had a very hard life. She was mid 30's but looked older.

As Kim walked in a quick look around the room stopped her in here tracks. It was a fairly large room, very old and dirty with no furnisher at all. The room was empty. Except for one thing, A large dirty old mattress on the floor. On the far side of the room was another door from which voices could be heard coming from the other side.

Magarshi looked at Kim and just said "Tonight we make sure the job is done". Kim looked back at him with fear in her eyes. This was something she not only was not expecting, but wasn't really ready for. What was waiting for her on the other side of that door ?. Magarshi lead her into the centre of the room to the bottom of the mattress. She stood there. Her legs were trembling. Wearing nothing but a very short dress and high heal shoes. Nothing to cover the shame of what Magarshi was about to put her through.

Magarshi walked away from the mattress and called to whoever was in the next room. Kim stood transfixed on the door, Her mind racing, How had she got to this point ?

Magarshi looked at her with a glare on his face. A menacing stare that scared her. The black woman that had let then in walked past Kim and forward towards the door, opened it and said "She's hear". She turned back to look at Kim with an almost sympathetic look on her face. As if she had seen this before.

The noise level raised from within the room and with that the first man walked in followed by a second, a third and then a forth. Kim just froze staring at the door unable to move. A fifth then a sixth and then a seventh. Magarshi smiled as he looked at Kim. She never moved. Finally an eighth guy walked in. They slowly walked arong Kim until she was surrounded. The men were all very African black, large builds and all looked to be mid thirties. Kim's dress now felt even shorter to her as she stood there trembling.

Then a voice broke the silence. One of the men that was stood behind Kim looked at Magarshi and asked "Is she fertile". Kim's eyes widened as the words seemed to confirm her worse suspicions. Magarshi answered "Real fertile and she's married". This was greeted with laughter from the group. It seemed the cue for things to start as one of the guys walked up behind Kim and touched her ass. Kim froze at the touch. The other guys closed in and within seconds hands were groping all over her body. The men were not going to waste any time.

While Kim tried to get her head around what was happening, the men were stripping off there clothes. Kim was still wearing her dress but she knew it would be little defence against these men. In no time all eight man were naked. Kim looked around at there naked bodies and the blackness of there skin and powerful bodies were no distraction at all from the eight rigid cocks that now stood to attention.

They were all large but a couple were huge. Thick foot long members with purple angry heads and more to Kim's distress, Large heavy balls ready to unload in the married beauties pussy. Then a voice ended the foreplay. If indeed there had been any. Chilling and very final. Time stood still for a few seconds as the guy behind Kim placed hand on her stomach and his mouth to her ear and said "Your married womb is ours bitch".

With that Kim's dress was pulled down over her body leaving her naked at the foot of the mattress. Hands instantly covered her body and then Kim felt her self being pulled down onto the mattress. Hands pressing her down and turning her onto her back. Her legs pulled apart. She stared up at the mass of black skin surrounding her. She held her hands out and instantly a large cock was placed in each hand. Another of them hung his cock over her face.

This was clearly a signal for her to open wide. She did and without missing a beat the cock was pushed into her mouth. But this was all to cloud Kim's head to what they really wanted. As soon as both hands and her mouth were busy handling cocks, She felt one of the men climbing on top of her and with no delay pressure against her pussy. Her lips were being parted by what was clearly the first rampant black cock.

The men started trash talking at Kim as she tried to deal with her mouth and both hands being full and then a hard thrust between her legs. Her pussy stretched as the man pushed his monster deep into Kim's defenseless hole.

And so it was under way. The group proceeded to one after the other inseminate Kim's vagina until the early hours of the morning. Each man taking at least 2 turns between her legs. Magarshi watched proceedings with a smile on his face knowing that after this type of session with this many men there was little or no chance the young white wife could fail to be impregnated. Her fertile unprotected womb had been bombarded with massive amounts of potent African seed. It would surely only be a matter of months before Kim's young flat tummy would start to swell.

After the men had finished, They left Kim laying on the mattress. Her legs still wide open. Her pussy sore and stretched. The mattress soaked underneath her. Her body was a sticky mess of sweat and cum. Magarshi grabbed her dress and pulled her off the mattress. Kim could barely stand. She pulled her dress back. As she slowly walked towards the door the black woman who had let them in opened the door and Magarshi led her back to the waiting car. Once inside the car Magarshi told Kim to insure she told her husband all about the night events. Kim looked at him knowing this was not something she was happy to do but his control over Kim was now complete.

Over the next 3 weeks Kim was taken back to the building 3 more times. Magarshi wanted to make curtain his new trophy was well and truly bred. It was of course only weeks before Kim missed her period. She was indeed pregnant. The young wife was going to be giving birth to black child. Magarshi seemed unconcerned that the father of the child was unknown. There was a good chance it was him but this didn't seem to matter. Breeding the white female was his goal. And it had been done within weeks of there first meeting.

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