Husband wife game with Kitty

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hai my name is vittu. i'm frm bnglore. today i'm going to narrate my story how I lost my virginity. kitty my aunt's daughter. she is 18 know &has round boobs ,tight fit ass. and iam attracted by her armpits boss it's hairy&smell's a lot iam sure by seeing and smelling any guy can cum his ful load. when I was small I liked her nipples. I was eager to suck her boobs. but I was small at that time. I was sleeping with her & her sis,bro when we were small. one night I got courage and pressed her boobs. it was hard with slip&bra on top of it. I pressed it my penis was fully erect. and I opend her armdress slightly boss its hairy she was small not had idea of waxing it. it smell's lot by seeing&smelling I got cum.

I had not much idea about her pussy. every night I used to do this. one nite I passed my hands through the bra &touched her it was soft rubber like at that time she woke and slept. As years passed she had gone to studies for other cities she came to her home because of food problem. I use to go to her home her parents were out of station. At first we were in joint familly we hav been divided.

One night it was a golden nite I wil msging her at nite she told that her parents were going abroad she tld me to come to her house. I replied by teling this "i was laughing that"she asked why and replied "about our childwood husband wife game"she also laughed and said gud nite. Next day I gone to her house. she & our old chachi was sitting she welcomed me by great sexy smile. &gave tiffin she was wearing a tight t-shirt&frock. her boobs looked round and big. I could not see her ass&arms as they were covered. then we were chating about film&childwoods days. again reveld husbbnd wife game. she became shy&tld shal we try it. I was amazed by this.

hours gone by she called "re" means wife's cal's her husband like this and gone she gave lunch as she was serving curd fel ön her boobs she became shy&she was going to clean it at that time I pulled her hand and my mouth went towards her boobs I was squeezed her boobs by mouth she became angry &half an hour later she hugged me titely I kissed my lips hardly . I lifted her &went to bedroom I removed her bra and squeezed her boobs and I smelled her armpits 1o min she opend my cloths and my undies . I fucked her til 6 pm

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