Husband gets his wish

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My wife and I have been married for nine years and we needed a little spark. Myself Iíve always been a little kinky but the wife is way too conservative in bed. She is 34 5í5íí with a smoking body with an ass you just want to fuck. When my job went overseas I had to leave for six months so I had a plan. I contacted an old female friend thatís very kinky and ask her to help me out with my wife. She asked what I wanted my wife to try I have always loved interracial porn so I said interracial and get her gangbanged. That would be easy she said so she came over the next day and her and my wife hit it off.

When I was leaving I gave my friend a video camera to make the video with she ask me if I really wanted this and I said for sure. She said you asked for it so Iím going to give it to you.

Her and my wife started to hang out more and more at two months my wife told her she was staying horny. My friend asked her if she was thinking of cheating at first she said no but the more she drank the looser she got. My friend took advantage of her in this state she told her she was hot and kissed her. My wife kissed her back and they made out for most of the night. The next day they made out and my friend ate her pussy really good making her cum over and over.

That night they were drinking and making out when my friends black boy friend came in on them. He got naked and my wife didnít know what to do. As my friend sucked his cock she asked her if she wanted to suck his cock at first she said no but she was horny. Then she started to suck his cock with her and he came in her mouth and she swallowed it. She didnít fuck him that night but now she was thinking about it.

Monday my friend asked if she wanted to fuck her boy friend she said she couldnít with him being her boy friend and all. My friend told her his friend from out of town was staying with him and asked if she would fuck him. My wife said she would have to think about it a few days. Thursday my wife called her and said yes. So Friday night my wife went over to my friendís house as they were drinking wine. The doorbell rang and a black man came in he was about 5í10íí and skinny as a post as they were drinking more he ask my wife if she would like to dance. She got up and started to dance with him my friend started the video he started to grind his hips into her. He started to kiss her and rubbing her ass and breast she was getting horny as hell.

He put her down on her knees and pulled out his cock for her to suck it was around 8íí but thick she started sucking him at first she could only take about half down her throat. He grabbed the back of her head and forced more in she gagged he just forced more down her throat until she was deep throating him. As she was gagging on his cock you could tell he was about to cum and did he ever. She was trying to swallow it all but it was coming out running down her chin.

He then picked her up and carried her to the bed room his cock never went soft. He put her on the bed and started to eat her pussy she was cuming in no time. Then he went to put his big cock in her at first he eased about half in and started to fuck her slow. As she begged for him to fuck her he pulled a hood out and put it on her. It had a hole where her mouth was I didnít know why at first then I saw why as he was fucking her 5 more guys came in all were naked .Now he started to fuck her as hard as he could she was making all kinds of noise.
He was giving her pussy a fucking like it never had at first she ask him to slow down then she started cuming again. Now she was telling him to fuck her hard and he was then he came in her. My friend asked her if she liked that she said she loved it then she asked my wife if she wanted more. My wife said please one of the other men started to play with her pussy and another one put his cock in her mouth my friend said it was ok. At this point I donít think my wife cared how many there were. The man that was playing with her pussy was getting ready to fuck her now.

He just rammed all 9 inches in her balls deep in one push then just started to fuck her as hard as could. The man getting his cock sucked wanted to eat her ass so the man fucking her pussy just rolled over. The man on bottom started kissing my wife putting her ass up in the air. The other man started eating her ass and she started cuming again. He grabbed some lube to lube her ass with his finger in her virgin ass and she came again. Then he put two fingers in and started to twist them she was cuming again he opened her up to put all the lube in her ass.
He got up behind her and started to put his cock in her ass at first she said it was to big he just told her to shut up and take it. He put around two inches in and let her get use to its thickness then about four inches and did the same thing. Just then he rammed the last five inched in and started fucking her pulling all the way out then ramming it back in to his balls.

My wife was cuming every time he hit bottom and the man that was fucking her pussy was about to cum he was fucking her fast now. As he came in her pussy he got out from under her. The man fucking her ass started pulling out and put two fingers from each hand up her ass to pull it open wide then would fuck it harder and harder her ass was gapped open wide. He was fucking her as hard as he could now then he came in her ass and pulled out showing her gapped ass.

My friend finely showed the last 3 cocks that were to fuck her they were huge. Later she told me one was 12 inches one was 13.5 inches but the last one was 15.5 inches and about as big around as a liter water bottle the other two were like coke cans. They took her hood off to show her what was about to fuck her. She said they canít fit my friend said they fucked her all the time to just relax. The man with the 12 inch cock started to fuck her pussy with long slow pumps and she had 13 inches trying to go down her throat.

The men said she should ride his cock that way she could go as fast as she wanted to. She climbed on top of him and slid down his cock slow at first. Then she got faster he was telling everyone how tight she was the man that had been getting his cock sucked said not for long. He walked around behind her grabbed her hips and forced his cock in her pussy to she made a little noise then dropped her head on his chest. They started fucking her hard and she came again one said she loves it hard in her loose pussy. The man on top filled her pussy with cum. The man with the huge cock walked up behind her and took aim at her gapped ass.

When he entered her I think she passed out for a few seconds then she said it was too big he said it may be now but it wonít be in a minute. He only had about 4 inches in her then he put about 4 more in here and started to fuck her. Slow at first with about 8 or 9 inched then he went in hard and got about 12 inches in. Then he went for it all balls deep in her ass she screamed but he continued to fuck her with short strokes.

The man in her pussy filled her with more cum then climbed out from under her this made the man fucking her ass have his why with her. He started fucking her hard then he would pull out and her ass was gapped so wide I didnít think it could go back. Then he would go deep again and again she just grunted when he hit bottom. He fucked her ass for about 10 minutes then shot his load up her ass.

They picked her up and washed her in a tub of hot soapy water my wife asked the big dick man if he would fuck her pussy. She almost begged him to fuck her. They dried her off put her in bed and he climb on he put his cock head in and asked her was she ready. She looked up at him and said please fuck me with that he buried about 14 inches in her. The noise she made wasnít human as he pounded her pussy hard. He couldnít get it all in she said to get it all in the other guys were watching and pulled her legs wide he was fucking her hard and the last of his cock went in. He fucked her hard for about 15 minutes until he came in her.

My friend started to eat her pussy making her cum again then started fisting her. She put my wife on all fours to fist her from behind my wife came again. She was up to her elbow now she started to put her other hand up her ass. In and out with both hands the first guys that fucked her were back they told my friend it was there turn to ruin her pussy. They double fucked her ass and pussy hard one guy said she was to lose she needed something bigger. They started doubled fisting her I heard my friend tell them to open her up wide for her husband to see.

Her pussy and ass were so gapped I think you could have put a wine bottle up both holes and never touched her sides. She then looked at the video camera and said if this is what I wanted this was what I was going to get all the time a big gapped pussy. I couldnít be happier now knowing my wife and friend are fucking every black man that wants to fuck them.

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