Hunting Club Revisited

(Part 1 from 1)

This is a continuation of my wife, Judy, and her experimentation into becoming a shared wife. Quite awhile ago I wrote a story called "Hunting Club" and if you can find it here it will give you her first and second experience into being shared.

Just a short description of the above story. She agreed to be shared with another man after repeated requests from me over a few years. We selected a neighbor, Bill, who I knew from high school and my wife knew him for 18 years. He was a member of a hunting club in the middle of @ 160 acres of woods and only 6 miles from our neighborhood. The only fields were around the hunting club and only used to plant corn and an apple orchard. These were there to attract the game e.g. deer, wild turkeys, etc. We were nervous on our first meeting which was held at the club but Judy ended up being a shared wife after that evening. I won't go into the details of this and our second meeting with Bill but she only agreed to these meetings because she wanted to please me. Read the original story. This occurred 5-6 years ago. Now an update.

First some changes since this time. I am 59 and have been taking blood pressure and diabetic pills for the last 4 years. Just in case you are interested I am fine medically as long as I stay on the medication but it does have a side effect, erectile dysfunction. My wife is 48 now but 3 years ago was 45, simple math. She kept insisting that it was okay and our marriage got stronger but after 2 years her needs also got stronger. I always told her that it was okay to meet Bill or another man for sex as long as I knew about it and it was only for sex. She did not agree to this until last spring. I would mention my offer almost monthly over these years and the last time she agreed but under her conditions. Bill would be involved again along with the hunting cabin but because of her built up needs she wanted more than Bill. We would plan an overnight visit to the club.

She also said she wanted another 2-4 men besides me as protection and as an observer and Bill. I asked if she was sure she wanted this and she grinned and agreed. Another requirement was none of the other men were to be local. This wasn't expected to be a problem because most of the members of the club lived 1-2 hours away in a large city. It was up to Bill to make the arrangements with our approval. None of the men would be know to us but although age and body build would not be important they must be clean, as best we could determine.

Bill started to make the arrangements. Remember this was last spring and during this time and early summer the cabin is not used at all so we would have our privacy. After the details were worked out, it was planned for a Saturday afternoon into Sunday morning. Bill said he had arranged for 4 men to meet us there and it would be 2 weeks away, the first weekend of June 2008. It would be a long 2 weeks.

A brief description of Judy. Although she was 47 at the time she was still very pretty with auburn hair and very blue eyes. Her body was still great and she looked years younger than she was. She is 5'7" 145 lbs and 38C 30 35. She is very outgoing which you will see later on.

Let me tell you it was a long 2 weeks but very exciting for me. Judy on the other hand thought it went fast because she was very nervous. Wednesday before the meeting she told me that maybe she should not go through with it. The number of guys invited was starting to bother her, possible 4 men she had never met besides me and Bill. I thought she would back out and it was her choice. I told her it was her decision and her's alone and although 4 had agreed to come we wont know for sure how many will come that day. I would back her with whatever it was. She just wanted reassurance that I was okay with this and this was enough.

The agreed upon time was 4 PM Saturday and we, Bill, myself and Judy went to the cabin at 2PM. I was easier for Judy to be there already when they arrived and we also made sure the cabin was ready. We did some minor cleaning, didn't need much. Although I say it is a hunting cabin it is not bad. It has a kitchen, large bathroom with a shower, a meeting room with 2 long tables @ 8 ft in length and @ 3 ft of the floor. It also has another room which they have 2 couches, TV and a wood heating unit. The bedroom, as in typical hunting cabins is not large but does have 4 bunk beds which sleeps 8.

To help Judy with getting her at ease, we had some liquor but we did not give her a lot, maybe 3 drinks. She likes Rum and Coke and one think about my wife, the more she drinks the hornier she gets. She has always been this way since I met her. We also didn't know how we would start once the men arrived. Judy didn't like the idea of undressing in front of possibly 6 men, go figure since we knew what was planned. She thought it would be easier for her if she was already naked but wearing a robe so that was the plan. Another thing about my wife, see has had a hysterectomy many years ago so pregnancy was not an issue and she hates condoms so none were to be used. I told her that once the robe comes off she must remain naked until noon on Sunday. We would have enough cooks and food till the next day so she was not responsible for any cooking, serving, etc. Her only job was to service whoever arrives. She agreed.

Well the time had arrived and we heard a car approaching. It takes about 5 minutes to see the car since the road is a very rough dirt road. We knew they were coming in 1 car since they were generally from the same area. All 3 of us were looking out the window and we saw 3 people in the car. We found out later that 1 had backed out the last minute. They pulled in front of the cabin and it was the first time Judy and I saw them. Bill told us that 1 of the men was 27, other was 39 and the last was 51. None of them were related, no father son combo. They all were married and all were of normal size and build and the oldest was a little heavy having a potbelly. They came into the cabin slowly and all eyes stopped when they saw Judy. Almost in unison they commented how beautiful she looked with a lot of wows and catcalls. Judy was taken back by this but did grin quite a bit.

We all walked back to the room with the sofas and all the men sat down. Judy was standing in front of all of them and took of her robe. They were surprised that she had nothing on underneath and more wows were heard. Remember in part 1 I said that Judy was outgoing well she was standing there naked and she said she felt a little awkward because she was the only one without clothes. It didn't take long before all of them were naked and she got her first good look at them. Jeff the youngest had a good body and was average size. Ron, in his 30s, was also solid but was really hairy and was about normal but maybe a little thicker. Clarence did have a potbelly and he was the largest maybe 9". Judy looked at Bill, smiled and said just as I remember. At this time I was the only one dressed and sitting in the chair in the corner of the room. She knelt down on the floor and told them to form a circle around her which of course they did in record time. She started sucking on one until he was hard and then moved onto the next one until she had sucked them all. She kept her hands busy making sure they did not go limp while she worked on the others. Their breathing was getting loud and Judy was smiling and humming which drove them crazy with the vibration while they were in her mouth. A few times they tried to reach out to grab her tits but she always slapped them away saying there will be time for that.

After about 15 minutes of this they couldn't take it any longer. They looked at each other and 2 of them grabbed her arms and the other 2 grabbed her ankles and carried her to one of the long tables in the meeting room. At this time I went over to the table also. They placed her on her back with her legs draped over the side. 2 of them that were holding her ankles spread her legs to give easy access to her slit and each of them in turn did some licking and sucking on her clit. My wife has never shaved so she had a bush to be viewed. Judy was really moaning at this time and was dripping. While this was going on one of them was sucking her nipples and kissing her tits. I failed to say that Judy's nipples are large and they were really extended at this time. Since this is a hunting club they grabbed a deck of cards and drew cards. The highest pulled card would be first to take her and so forth. Well Ron drew a queen which was the highest and he smiled and walked between her legs. He rubbed his cock up and down her slit getting it wet since Judy was very wet at this time and slowly started to insert it into her pussy. Now remember it has been a few years since Judy was f....d and almost immediately she started cumming. After a few minutes of inserting it inch by inch coming back out and inserting it again a little deeper each time he was finally buried all the way. Judy was moaning all the time.

While this was going on the other 3 men were taking their places, one on each tit and the 3rd was being sucked by Judy. She was in heaven.

Ron was very deliberate and slowly pounded her. I did not mention that Judy, unlike some women, does not like wearing any cum. It has to explode in her pussy and/or mouth wherever the cock is at the time. They all knew this so when Ron was getting ready I noticed his ass tense and he grunted as he unloaded deep in her. Judy screamed when this occurred and startled everyone but only for a second. Ron pulled out of her and was quickly replaced by Jeff. Now he approached Judy's slit and rammed it right into his balls. He went like a piston and never slowed. He moaned quite a bit and it was having a pleasant effect on my wife. I started to see beads of sweet on her forehead and her tits were really bouncing making it difficult for the guys holding and kissing her breasts. Jeff didn't last as long as Ron which surprised me since he was younger.

My wife now had 2 loads in her pussy. Jeff pulled out and Bill walked over to her and said he has dreaming about this for awhile. It had been @ 2 years since he last plowed into her. He was very deliberate in his actions and all the time he had a smile on his face. Judy was saying to pound her harder but he ignored her wishes and continued with his slow hip movement. It took him about 20 minutes before he unloaded in her. The cum was dripping down onto the table now, her pussy could not hold it all.

Her breasts were starting to get red marks from all the sucking and kissing they were getting. I am glad that her slit was well lubricated because the biggest cock see had ever taken was coming up with Clarence. He walked over between her legs and started to insert his 9" into her. By this time she was not tight but she still took a few deep breaths while he went all the way in. He was a gentle lover and kept a pace that increased and decreased keeping Judy in heightened sense of excitement. I lost count how many times she cam while these 4 men used her. I think she was using them. Clarence finally emptied his load into my wife's love canal.

While this was all happening, although I have ED I had pulled my cock out and wife was stroking me until I cam on the carpet.

I was closing in on 6PM, 2 hours since we started. Clarence said he brought some steaks and he would go out to the barbecue pit and grill up a meal. Judy would go to the shower and clean herself up. We had planned to continue after we had some food. I told Judy that once the shower was done she should join us outside for supper but reminded her that she would be nude.

Clarence got the steaks on the grill and Jeff and I started a fire in the campfire area. Once the fire was built we threw in some potatoes wrapped in aluminum foil. There was a picnic table near the grill and wooden benches around the fire. Judy wasn't out yet so I went into the cabin to make sure she was okay. She was drying herself after the shower and smiled once she saw it was me. I asked her if she was okay and having a good time and she assured me she was. Relieved, I left her to finish and went back outside.

About ten minutes later Judy came walking out with a towel wrapped around her. We were all a little disappointed until she said the towel was to sit on. She went over to the picnic table and placed the towel on the seat. She didn't have anything on underneath and sat on the seat. Now it was early June and a slight chill was coming. Judy's nipples were hard and full due to coolness and excitement of seeing 5 men staring at her breast. All the men were wearing t-shirts and shorts and told Judy if she was getting cold to let us know.

The meal was very good and the conversation dealt mostly with general topics and did not center on my wife's nakedness or her past performance but all eyes were on her tits while we ate. We couldn't see her pussy due to her position at the table. That would come later.

It was starting to get chilly by the time we finished eating and much darker. We left the picnic table and walked to the campfire now fully ablaze. There were 2 wooden benches that 2 people could sit in and 2 wooden chairs so we all had a seat. It was much warmer around the fire and Judy sat on the bench with Clarence. It didn't take Clarence long before he started massaging her breast and tweaking her nipples. My wife started to move her ass on the bench and for the first time this evening her and Clarence started to kiss. His hands moved down her belly and she spread her legs to allow him better access. He was now fingering her and before long she was getting wet. Of course we were all looking at this show.

After about 10 minutes of this, Clarence stood up and dropped his shorts and asked Judy to sit on his lap. He said "Since I was the last the enjoyment to penetrate you last time and you were full of cum, I want to be the first this time". "That sounds reasonable to me" was Judy's reply and she stood up and turned to face him. "You look like you need some help to get ready" so she knelt down in front of him, grabbed his cock and started licking and sucking him till he was hard and fully erect to his 9 inches. She got on him with her back towards him and slowly inserted his penis in her pussy. She lowered herself slowly going up and down until he was fully embedded in her. All this time her eyes were wide and her mouth was open. She said she wanted to sit there for a few minutes to adjust to his size and Clarence said "take all the time you need". She was rotating her hips and after a time started to go up and down slowly.

Well I guess this scene was too much for us and it wasn't long before Ron walked over to her and took his shorts off. He offered Judy his cock and she sucked it into her mouth while he grabbed her head. Before long he was face f---ing her and going at a good clip. Clarence was alternating between her tits and holding her hips and was helping her to move up and down. Ron told her "I'm ready to cum" and Judy grabbed his hips to hold him there. He unloaded in her mouth and she swallowed all of it. I was very proud of her when Ron said "thanks, my wife never swallowed my cum". Clarence was still pounding her when Bill was next in line. All of us were standing there in T-shirts and no shorts. Bill's cock was grabbed by Judy and she rubbed it and said very seductively "thanks for arranging this for me and I owe you a lot" "I hope to collect from you" was his reply. She opened her mouth and took him in and performed the same for Bill as she did for Ron with the same results. Now that was 2 mouthfuls she swallowed. "This was a great dessert for a great meal" she whispered but all heard it. This was too much for Clarence because he stated he was ready to cum and with a few grunts he filled her up. Now no rest for the weary.

Jeff yelled "I want you the same way Clarence just had it. Come over here". Judy jumped up once Clarence released her hips and walked the few paces to where Jeff was sitting. "I'm here now" was her reply. She took his cock in her hand and started to insert him into her. He grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down to his hilt before she expected it and was fully impaled with the first downward movement. This caused Judy to scream softly and say "take it easy there is plenty of time". He said he was sorry but he grabbed her hips and started his piston like action pounding her pussy. It wasn't long before she started to moan and say "fk me, fk me good". She was not giving anyone a blowjob at this time so all her concentration was on his cock in her pussy. It was @ 15 minutes before he also unloaded in her. She sat on his cock resting and eventually it dislodged from her.

While all this was going on I was masturbating and deposited my cum on the ground. Clarence came over to me and said "I must say your wife is great and you are very lucky to have her". Ron yelled "I wish my wife was a sex machine like your wife is". Jeff who both times he took my wife was very forceful and pounded her explained, "I have had more sex in the last few hours than I had last month. My wife doesn't like it and just wants to get it over with when she agrees to have sex". They all thanked Bill for arranging this for me and Judy and including them in this evening'. Bill said "I told you about her and now you know I told you the truth". They all agreed. Judy looked surprised and said "You guys are talking like it is over and we still have a night and morning to go. I hope you don't disappoint me". We all smiled.

It was now getting cooler so we went into the cabin.

Judy had brought some things to clean-up herself up, douche and mouthwash, great combination, so she didn't have to take showers all the time and she went into the bathroom. The guys went into the room with the sofas, started a fire on the heater and turned the TV on. We also opened the brew and prepared a few rum and cokes for Judy. She came out of the bathroom and they all wanted her to sit next to them. Needless to say, Judy was still the center of attention for the rest of the evening. They all took turns again while she had her tits sucked, her pussy eaten and finger fked. She was having a great time. Once we came back into the cabin, by my count she was fked another 5 times and gave 3 blowjobs. Jeff had the repeat on her making up for lost time with the lack of sex with his wife.

We decided on the sleeping arrangements for the night. All the men would go to the bedroom with the bunk beds and Judy would stay on the sofa by the fire. She would sleep there and make herself available anytime one of us would come out. Hopefully she would get some sleep. We went into the bedroom and I turned around and said "I love you very much and am very proud of you. Are you okay?" She replied "I am loving all of this and thank you for making this happen. I was nervous at first but now I am having a great time".

The men went to bed and quite frankly I feel asleep very fast since most of the evening I was a spectator and was hitting the beer more than I usually do. I was not drunk, just a buzz and it was a long day due to my excitement of what I witnessed. I did get up sometime in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and when I passed the den area I did hear movement and some moaning. I did not investigate what was going on and went back to bed.

I was one of the first to get up in the morning, probably because I was the only one who got a good night's sleep. I was told by Judy later in the day what happened that night. She did preface her retelling the night by saying she only had one at a time with her. Doesn't know if it just happened that way or was planned by the men. Doesn't really matter I guess. I think it was planned so they might fulfill some sexual fantasy without the others seeing it.

It seems that after we went to bed she ended up falling asleep for about 1-2 hours and woke up with Jeff sucking her nipples. He then mounted her and had his way with her. It was about hour later after Jeff left that Ron came into the room and only wanted a blowjob which she was very willing to deliver. Some time later Bill came into the room and spent some time with her. Remember Bill was the person she had sex with a few years before and was a neighbor of ours. He asked how she felt and was she happy. She thinks that maybe he was a little jealous of the attention she was getting from the others. Anyway, while they were talking his hands were roaming over her from her breasts to her pussy. She gave him a blowjob to get him fully erect and then he deposited his seed in her slit. Later on Jeff came back but this time he wanted to penetrate her ass but she never had this done and wasn't about to start now. He took her again but this time doggie style.

Early morning Clarence visited her and screwed her again and he was slow and deliberate. Judy says that she has never felt as full as when he was embedded in her and she was thoroughly enjoying it. When he finished cumming in her he went to the bathroom, took a shower and then started to make breakfast. This is what he was doing when I got out of bed and my wife was in the shower. He was making eggs, bacon, ham, hash browns and a local favorite scrapple. The coffee was already made. When Judy came out of the bathroom I went in to take a shower also. It seems by the time I left the bathroom there was a line since everyone else had gotten up and were waiting to get in there also.

Breakfast was finished by the time the last got out of the shower and we all sat down to enjoy it, Judy still being naked. We had a good meal and it looked to be a beautiful day so Judy asked if she could put on a pair of shoes. We were surprised by this question because first of all it was her decision to stop anytime she wanted and why a pair of shoes. My wife answered "I love taking walks through the woods and the fields just outside and I want to protect my feet". "That sounds like a great idea and hope you don't mind if we join you. That will be a nice experience for all of us. I always wanted to walk around the wood here. Although we know the area quite well we never did it in the company of a beautiful naked lady" responded Bill. He always knows what to say. Judy said she hoped she wouldn't be walking around alone.

We cleaned up after breakfast, not Judy per our earlier agreement, and went out the door. There was still some nip in the air which did enhance her nipples but she said she was comfortable. We spent about 1 hours outside and besides Judy the scenery was breath- taking. Of course during the walk we were grabbing her ass and bouncing tits.

To complete the rest of the morning, my wife was fked by everyone again, one doggies, one sitting on their lap and the other two missionary style on the couch. She also gave another blowjob.

It was getting close to the agreed upon time to end Judy's time with the boys so she took another shower and this time when she got out she fully dressed. "I was getting use to no clothes" she exclaimed as she came out of the bathroom. "You are still beautiful and a sexy lady even with clothes" Clarence chirped. Remember other than the robe she originally wore when they first arrived, Jeff, Ron, and Clarence never saw her in clothes.

They told her that this weekend will never be forgotten by them and hope they can have a repeat. I never heard so much thanking and sorry to see it end before. Judy said "I am glad it is ending because I am tired and am sore but I have enjoyed this time more than I expected". Bill, Judy, and I were the first to leave the hunting club while the others decided to stay and straighten up the place.

When we got home Judy took a long bubble path, got in her nightgown and slept the rest of the day and night. Before she fell asleep I talked with her, while she was lying in the tub that I loved her more than ever before and hoped she was comfortable with this weekend. Her response was "I did enjoy it, got over my initial nervousness and was glad I was okay with it." "Now you truly have a shared wife". I kissed her and said thank you.

Now although I did not express my actions this weekend I believe I never cam as many times as I had done this weekend either self manipulation or with Judy's hand or mouth.

Now while she was sleeping that afternoon and being the thankful husband, perverted as I am I tallied my wife's activity the last 20 hours. She was screwed 19 times, almost once an hour and gave 5 blowjobs till they cam in her mouth. This doesn't count the number of blowjobs she gave but stopped before completion. She had cum many times, too numerous to count. I guess age does matter because the youngest, Jeff, had her 7 times but Clarence the oldest was second with 5 times.

Well this is the story of my wife becoming shared women and feeling more at ease with her sexuality. There have been a few other times since then but nothing even close to this weekend. Maybe in the future I will detail them. Although I have written this after about 8 months has passed I do remember this time as if it happened last week. Husbands believe me if this ever happened to your wife you would remember most of the detail also.

In case you are wondering, we have talked to Bill many times since, being a neighbor, he has told us that to his knowledge word has never spread with the hunting buddies about this time with Judy. We didn't want it to spread and my guess is because the men were all married they don't want it to spread either. They do wink to each other whenever they see each other at the cabin and always ask about her.

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