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Paul had called a few minutes ago asking if Mark had a tool he needed. Something to fix a valve. Mark had been in St. Louis for a couple weeks but I never had a problem letting his brother come over - they were always sharing tools big and small and if Mark wasn't there Paul knew where to look for things. The doorbell rang and I let Paul in. He disappeared downstairs and emerged with an L shaped piece of metal.

I was feeling lonely so I asked him if he wanted a beer. I got us each one out of the fridge. We sat there chatting about all sorts of things. Sharon was in England, and I guess we realized we were both pretty lonely.

We got up for another beer and I bent down to pull two of them off the bottom shelf. As I stood up and turned toward him, our eyes locked. It seemed like an eternity that we stood there, awkwardly realizing something was happening. What was coming over us?

Suddenly, I stood on my toes and kissed him - quickly, just a peck. I backed off, scared, embarrassed. I couldn't look at him at first. Then I looked up to see the shock on his face. I threw myself into his arms and this our kiss was deep and passionate. Soon our tongues were playing and I began to moan.

He held my body tight against his and I could feel his reaction building. I had that feeling in my belly and could tell my panties were getting wet. His hand came over my breast and I could feel the electricity in my whole body. Then he reached around under my tee shirt and undid my bra. His cool hands pushed up under my breasts and moved the bra up.

My nipples got hard as he gently brushed his palms over them. I reached down to rub the bulge in his jeans. I felt his hand reach onto my bare leg and slide up under my cotton miniskirt. As I unzipped him I felt his hand on my wet panties. His cock felt so good through the cotton of his jockeys.

"Oh Paul, Paul. We shouldn't be doing this."

"I know, Bonnie, I know."

By then his fingers were playing between my pussy lips and his cock was out of his pants with my fingers wrapped around it. It is a good size, like Mark's, I was thinking. I was pressed against the kitchen counter and he knew all the right places to excite me.

"Oh Paul, Paul."

He was moaning from my two hands rubbing him up and down.

Between my moans I managed to say, "Oh Paul, I never cheated before."

"Maybe we should stop," he said and for a moment we paused, even though we didn't move our hands.

"It's so nice. I'm so lonely."

I shuddered as two fingers slid up into my vagina.

"Oh Oh. Do you. Would it.."

"Would it be OK if we, you know, would it be OK if we didn't go all the way?" I hadn't said, "Go all the way," since I was 14 and I did go all the way.

"It would be wonderful," he said. "I never cheated before either."

"Lets go somewhere comfortable."

Before we left the kitchen, Paul pulled up my tee shirt it and my bra fell to the floor.

I helped him out of his "handy-man" shirt and his tee shirt too.

A few steps later he pressed me against the wall and kissed my neck and down my arm and over to my nipple.

I struggled to slide his jeans down and he had to help. His jockeys came off in the same motion. He knelt down and pushed my skirt up to see my soaked panties with my dark bushy hair showing through. He wrapped his mouth over my mound and used his lips and tongue to excite me through the cloth. As he was doing this he eased the panties down and I wriggled them to the floor. I bent myself to give him access and his tongue was driving me crazy between my lips.

After a few moments of this wonderful feeling I reached down and took his arm and led him to the sofa. I pushed him down on his back and held his cock straight up.

First I just kissed his leg, then I started licking there, and moving up I found his shaft. I kissed and licked it on the sides and worked down to lick his nice big balls. I was starting to use my hand to excite him and then, I started playing with his helmet. I love doing this, running my tongue around, sticking the point of my tongue in his little slit. He was of course breathing heavily and moaning all the while. Finally, I wrapped my lips around his helmet and slid slowly down over his shaft while my hand rubbed the hard part of the cock that you can feel between a man's legs.

I'm not a deep throat sort of girl, but I take it in pretty far and it was only a few minutes more of bobbing and pressing my lips on him before i felt him convulse and the pleasant taste of a man filled my mouth. I kept it up and every second or two more of his cum exploded out. I swallowed most of it but let a little run down my chin to show him how happy i was for him. Eventually he wasn't hard any more and it was my turn.

He pushed the coffee table away and sat me on the edge of the sofa with my legs apart. I still had the little skirt on. It started with him kissing me on the lips and neck and sucking on my nipples. His hand was between my legs again, rubbing vigorously on my mound. If you are ever with me, know that action alone is enough to make me cum, and cum I did.

Then his fingers pressed into my lips and my clit could barely take it when he found it. Soon his fingers were deep inside me fucking away as he started to kiss my mound. I had a screaming loud orgasm as he licked my clit and finger fucked me. Then he forced his face into my pussy and his tongue plunged into my vagina. God oh God another orgasm.

Finally, I was spent and urged him to sit next to me. We hadn't broken our promise to each other.

"Oh Paul. Thank you for understanding," I said, panting.

"You really know how to give a blow job, Bonnie girl," he said irreverently.

We sat there kissing and cuddling for a good 15 minutes. Cuddling got more advanced as he started to play with my breasts. He was getting aroused again and i couldn't resist playing there myself.

Before we knew it I was laying lengthwise on the sofa on my back and he was on top of me kissing me,with his hard cock against my belly. He worked his way down again, sucking on my nipples, putting his tongue in my belly button and once again licking between my lips. It didn't take long for me to orgasm again.

When that had subsided I said kiss me Paul kiss me kiss me. He crawled back up kissing my breasts all over first and then our two mouths were locked.

His hard cock was laying flat against my mound and god i wanted it. I turned my face to the side breaking our kiss and heard myself saying, "Fuck me, fuck me. Oh Paul, Fuck me."

I opened my legs wide and held his tip over my doorway. He pushed himself in deeper and deeper and the wonderful feeling of his cock filling my vagina came over me. He was in me for a long time - round two is always that way - and I came more than once as he pumped and pumped. He knew my other secret - if the man presses his cock against my cervix, it makes my whole body shudder with pleasure. He was at times gentle and at other times out of control. Finally that convulsion again and I felt the mix of juices in my vagina change.

He kept thrusting as the rest of his spasms were spent. But already I had realized what a bad thing I had done. Cheated on wonderful Mark. And with his brother. I was already crying when Paul finished.

Paul of course saw this and said, "I'm so so sorry. Maybe I should go."

I knew it would be horrible to be alone with my tears. I said, "No no stay. I don't want to be alone now."

We sat there hugging again. And eventually wandered down the hall to the bedroom. We made tender passionate love for two more hours.

That was the start of my affair with Mark's brother.

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