Hubby likes seconds or thirds

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I knew from the first time I met Melanie that I was hooked on her, and even though she at told me that it was just an infatuation and I must be fucken’ crazy, I was persistent and told her many times that it was indeed true love. She’d never had a guy love her, for her, I understood that. Love was as weird for her as it was for me. But once I told her that I enjoyed watching her fuck other men; as long as I could watch and join in, she agreed to be my girlfriend. … Heck I thought, who knew you could find true love at a gangbang.

So three years ago a few of my buddies picked me up and told me another friend of ours, Nick had met this chick Melanie (My future wife) and she was asking if he had any friends’ cause she’d love to suck and fuck them all, if he could round em up.

We all pitched in and got a hotel room and grabbed a video recorder from Tommy’s house and called Nick to bring the Slut down to the hotel room. In all there were five of us that night and we fucked her in every hole she had, some guys fucked her two and three times, she fuckn ’loved it and told us anytime we wanted to she’d fuck us or any other guys we could round up.

Well after we had done the deed she asked to be taken home and I jumped at the chance and told her that night that I would like to date her. She said I was crazy, that she only screwed groups of guys. She didn’t want to be tried down to just one guy. I pulled over and we talked till dawn that night. I told her that it was completely fine with me; I’ll find you all the guys you can handle, just as long as I get to join in. She said she’d think about it and gave me her number. I called her the next weekend and told her I had four guys for her to fuck, if she wanted to meet us at the same hotel. She was impressed as they were different guys, not my friends. After that she agreed to the set up and for the next year whenever she’d call me, I’d line up a few guys to gangbang her while I recorded the action and joined in after a couple of guys had filled her pussy with jizz. She couldn’t get enough jizz or cock during these parties and often would wear out every guy there. Melanie loves to fuck, and I love watching her getting fucked.

Melanie is not like most of the women or wives in these stories don’t get me wrong now, she has a beautiful face and dresses very nicely. But she isn’t a slim curvy girl. She’s what you’d call Rubenesque. At 26 and just 5’ 3”, weighs 145lbs. But has a hard firm body and small tits with nice hard inch long nipples, like cue stick tips… only pink. She’s a plumb little Red haired fuck demon with bright hazel eyes. Her pussy is fucking fantastic pussy too, it’s perfectly shaped between her thighs with tiny cunt lips ;I love watching and recording a fat cock shoved deep in her pussy, as it moves in and out her wet cunt hole, watching it wrapped tight around a cock, Oh man it makes me so fucking hard. Her little clit gets all puffy and sticks out like a tiny cock, whenever I finger fuck and I suck it getting her prepared for the guys I set up to fuck her. She gets all wet and drips her pussy juice into my mouth.

I especially like to be second or third to fuck her, after a few guys have spent their jizz in her cunt and it starts to leak out, I’ll shove my prick in and drop my jizz in right behind them. The warm filling it has on my prick as I hump her. She always whispers in my ear how she loves it too. Best of all is after they all leave I get to eat her pussy clean of their jizz as she blows me and fingers my asshole. Well after a year of gangbanging, she moved in with me and after six months of living together, I proposed to her. We’ve been married for over a year now and we still set up gangbangs once a month. We even had one on our honeymoon But that’s another story .I’ll tell you about it in the next story later… Thanks for reading our story.

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