How my friend Jess made me a lesbian

(Part 1 from 1)

My friend Jess called me to her house. We were watching a movie. There was a seductive, sexy scene, when the guy has sex with the girl. Jess touched my hand and starred at me.

She said," i've been waiting for this day all my life, i love you Zelda." I was going to say that i'm not comfortable but she suddenly kissed my lips. I got excited. She kissed my neck and reached my boobs. I suddenly pushed her. She tore my shirt and my boobs were revealed. She spat on my boobs. I suddenly felt pleasure.

I rubbed my boobs round & round. She got naked and made me naked too. She sucked my boobs hardly and slapped them tightly. She fingered my wet pussy and licked it hard. I was cumming and my juice was all over the couch. She tastes it with pleasure. I'm thin & shorter than her, so she picked me and threw me on the bed.

She inserted a dildo into my pussy and i started making noises like,"aaah","umm yeah". She ass fucked me and fingered my ass. She pulled my hair and rubbed my boobs.

Then i got horny and licked her pussy. I put dildo into her unshaven red pussy. I made her more horny. She put a vibrator in my pussy and rubbed my pussy. We did this all over. I never had such a pleasure even with my boyfriend. I love Jess.

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