How I lost my virginity

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Right, this is the story of how I went from being the virgin to the gay slut. I was a virgin up until I was eighteen, I'm bi-sexual and have been dieing to experiment with boys. Anyway, I was told about a party going on off-campus and a lot of my university were going. It was the first week and I was happy just to be invited, but I decided since everyone would be really drunk and no one would recognize me afterwards to go in a sexy little outfit. I had crossdressed before when I went to comicon with my friends. They were all from Eragon and I was being Arya, which I was pleased with. I have very thin shoulders and nice curvy hips, plus I wax regularly to keep myself hairless.

Anyway, I put on my make-up, deciding to go as a little goth girl, with heavy black eyeliner and a short bob-style black wig which was held in place by paper-clips. I took some plastic breasts I'd bought online and taped them to my chest, so they were secure. I then put on my black lacy bra and black slutty panties, I added a light touch of pink to my black lips leaving light shiny lines on them. I pulled on some naughty black stockings and slid into a fluffy black skirt before putting on my small black top which was really tight on my fake breasts, making them seem even bigger. Putting on some big, high heeled, black boots I collected my money a few condoms and headed down to the party.

I arrived at the party and got a drink, before heading out to the dance floor. It wasn't long before I had a boy, then two, then three, around me all trying to cop a feel, and I let them. One pinched my ass while the other two waited their turn, eventually when all three decided that they wanted some we went upstairs. I started by sucking them off in turn, jerking the other two off as I focused on one cock. Within fifteen minutes one of them came on my neck and shirt, so he was out. Then the real fun arrived.

One went behind me and I said in a very woman like voice.
"Do my ass please."

He grunted and pulled my panties just low enough to get my ass, as I knelt, made to prostrate on the bed, my mouth being filled by a six inch dick. The one behind me pushed slowly into my ass, I nearly screamed as he filled me with five thick inches. As he fucked me dry for about five more minutes until his lovely cock exploded inside my ass. Next the six inch moved up to my now slippery cum soaked ass, Pushing himself in quickly and pounding me harder than the 5 inch. I made a sound that told them I was cumming and I was, because I jizzed my panties that second. Seconds later, set of by my noises the 6 inch came all over my skirt.

I see them on campus sometimes, but never do they recognize me, at least not as a boy. But say the name Lucy and their heads will turn.

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