How I fucked my aunt

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100% fiction!

Hi, in General that is the background of my story=). I have a dear aunt, her name is Alla. She is of medium height, with a wasp figure and the chest of the second size. Oh yeah, her ass is a bit too big, paternal aunt Alla looked very sexy. A few years ago, when I was at her house, we happened to notice how she's changing. Of course I could not leave and began to peek on her. She didn't see me, though stood to face me.

When I entered, she was already without bikini: mm, perfect body with very beautiful Breasts and papillae brown-pink hue. Then I witnessed how she would take off her panties her pussy was unshaven. I long time did not, not to accidentally tip our hand. After this incident, I started to want her and in his fantasies imagined how you fuck her.

There was another occasion when I went over to her house early in the morning, she met me in a translucent negligee. I immediately turned his gaze to her protruding nipples. Apparently they're always in her face. While we were in the kitchen talking, I was staring at her Breasts. She couldn't help but notice so she relaxed to cover her Tits with a hand. Then I went into the hall, and she went to the bathroom. I looked her in the trail and saw that a blue g-string. It makes me so excited... Because then even the strings were not as popular as it is now.

As soon as she came out of the toilet, I immediately rushed there. All thoughts were only about her. In the bathroom there I found her dirty panties, so I jerked off like crazy, sniffing panties. So much and many I never finished. After that I came to her house at every opportunity and locked in the toilet, wanking on her panties. Once she went to the store and while I was able to enjoy the full wardrobe, which was underwear. I jerked her up to the ward. Cum several times. Special attention I paid to the thongs, blue, I saw her then in the morning. Once she even caught me jerking off when I closed the door to the bathroom. I stood like a fool with his pants down and was holding all of its 18 centimeters. About this case it is my parents didn't say anything, but just apologized and we forgot the story.
And now tell the story.

We have in the house turned off for two weeks the hot water to prevention. There was nothing to do and I went to wash to my aunt. Besides, at 18 years old I first shaved shaved his pubes and eggs. In General, I washed, wiped. When he wanted to wear underwear, I realized I left them in the room in the bag. I went naked. And so it was that on the way I met my aunt.

The amazing thing is that she even did not turn away, but rather began to look at me. She looked right at my shaved cock. I was so surprised that I stood up instantly. She's like a zombie came up to me, took it in hand. Then slowly sat on my knees and took the cock in his mouth. She passionately and deeply sucked. I first made a Blowjob, and it was just class. But suddenly she stood up and, weeping, ran to the kitchen. I dressed, followed her. Asked what had happened. She said that this whole situation is wrong and that it should not happen. She apologized several times.

But I didn't hear her...I removed her bra. She did not seem to notice this, something was said that nothing of the kind be repeated, so that there will be more to do. But her nipples had already hardened, and after a few moments, my cock was again in her mouth. I fucked her mouth, holding the head and seriously thought that it will be my first woman. Then picked it up, started to kiss her, to knead her Breasts, ass. By that time, leaving only her black panties, everything else I already removed and threw on the floor.

I turned her ass to him and with bated breath, excitement reached into her panties. She was ready, completely wet. I at your own risk pulled down her panties, but it's not the hairy pussy was fully shaven and with a thin strip of hair going from the navel to the clitoris.

Like in the porno movies I put her cancer and began to lick vagina, tongue caressing her Clit. I don't know if I did it, but it seems she liked, she even moaned a little. Then she again knelt down and started to lick my head. After that I started to nail her, but as experience I completely no, it is possible to get either the first or the second time did not work. She had to help me. The sensations were unreal. On the second or third push I went balls deep in her and came across something. Further the member has already passed.

She flinched, she was in pain. Aunt asked me a little come on. I didn't listen and grabbed her Breasts and began to fuck her hard. She came in a few minutes, and I followed her. Aunt was beating on the kitchen table in orgasm, and my standing as the iron and wanted her. I wanted it in the ass... We moved into the room to her.

There in the small room I put her on her knees, her head operas in the chair and spread her thighs. I started to process the new hole. Considering that I failed the first time to insert in the vagina, you can imagine how difficult it was to put. Aunt didn't understand why I lick her anal ring.

On the table was some sort of cream. Well, I smeared a little on his dick and began to spread it to anal sex, then two fingers caressed her. A bit to distract her, I began to touch her Breasts, kiss her, leading fuck cock. Then pulled from the priests fingers and tried to enter it sharply a member. Very messy, but the head is still got in a little bit. Aunt Alla immediately cried out, but her ass is already not a virgin was. I graduated a very long time. After that, I went to the bathroom, got dressed and began to gather home. She held me. I wasn't looking at her, said nothing. The situation was stupid. I left, but managed to grab her wet panties.

After the incident of a few weeks. I have not seen her, of course, but jerking off in her panties every day. In General, I fucked my aunt then all the holes and ran away like a coward. Now I do not know where to go: with apologies or with condoms.

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