How I dared to sex with my wifeís friend

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Hi, this happened a while back. My wife has a really close friend (letís call her Shauna) they met thruí work and have been good friends for about 8 years by now. I have never thought about Shauna sexually until now.

Let me tell you a bit about her, she is 30 years old and about 5'8".she has black hair, blue eyes and tanned, Iíd say she is about 140 lbs with a slightly large ass and her breast are big and bouncy.

Me, well I'm 5'11" 70kgs, average build and have a 8" cock kept neatly trimmed.

Ok, back to the story.

Well Shauna invites herself over for a few beers and to stay the night, as her and my wife hadn't seen each other in a while. I started bringing in the beers keeping them well supplied while having a few ourselves, later on that evening I brought out the shots; we lined up 4 each in a row and sank them all.

It was getting late and we were all feeling tipsy so we all decided it was time for bed. I went into my room with my wife and watched as she collapsed onto the bed to my disappointment, as I was looking forward to some wild drunk sex. I decided to go to the bathroom; this is where everything happened....!!!

As I was returning I noticed that Shaunaís door was open a little and she had left the side light on, so I said Iíd take a peek. I could see she was asleep. I walked ever so slow into the bedroom (I am just wearing a pair of boxer shorts as I was bed bound) as I got close to her I whispered her name "Shauna Shauna."

No reply. She was lying face down, so maybe it was alcohol fuelling my madness but I decided to lean over and slowly peel back the duvet cover, first to reveal a black lacy bra then I kept peeling back the cover to reveal a tiny bright pink lacy g-string with her left leg spread high, her g-string had really disappeared right up her ass. I stared at those big round cheeks and then leaned in to get a look at the back of her pussy which was covered in this tiny piece of pink thread.

"Shauna Shauna." Again I whispered, she was like a magnet to me I couldn't help myself I could smell her sweetness in front of me I knew I had to get some, so I reached out my hand and gently stroked her ass, I again whispered, again she just lay there asleep and motionless, I gently slid over her panties as I put my fingers in I could feel that she was completely bald I nearly came there and then but I relaxed myself and slid one finger in, my heart was pounding but Iíve gone too far now to turn back, but this can get me into a lot of trouble.

I slid my finger in with ease, she was slightly wet, I then tried two fingers, in and out in and out twisting them and plunging them slowly and gently, I pulled them out and stuck them into my mouth, wow Iíve had my fair share of pussy but this tasted so fresh and sweet. So I slid my hand down again and gently worked her for about 5 minutes then I got an idea.

To really see if she was asleep and how deep a sleep she was in I pulled my fingers out and slowly rubbed them around her slightly opened mouth. I then slid a finger which was covered in her own juices into her mouth and touched her tongue, this girl never flinched she was in such an alcohol fuelled sleep this was great.

So I said to myself "right if Iím going to get caught here, I might as well make the most of it" (must have been insane) so I pulled my boxers off - I have never been as hard in my life. I crept up on all fours and carefully position the head of my cock at the back of her lips, "Here it goes," I thought. I gently started to slid my rigid cock inside her, the walls of her pussy felt so warm and plump, I kept sliding it in until my abdomen was a fraction away from touching her ass cheeks then I slid back out a bit. I repeated this, burying deep into her pussy all the while transfixed on her face, this girl was motionless. I slowly pumped her for about 5 min until I started to feel the build up, but I just kept going, in and out in and out in and SPLURT I shot about 6 or 7 threads of cum inside her filling her up.

I pulled out slowly and she was oozing one hell of a cream pie. I gently slid her g-string over. I stood up and squeezed the last drop of cum out of me onto my finger and slid it into her mouth!! What was I thinking?? I pulled her duvet up nice and slow and walked slowly out of the bedroom, knowing that I had left her sleeping in one hell of a wet patch with my man-juice still seeping out of her and the taste of my cum in her mouth. I walked down the hall and slid into bed beside my wife.

the next morning I awoke to the smell of coffee I got up and went downstairs to see the 2 girls sitting at the breakfast bar, I walked passed and asked them both how they slept and my wife said ok. Shauna looked at me with a confused look probably wondering why she woke up soaking wet but remembering me actually going to bed first, and she replied "Good I guess!" as she gave me a double glance. "I slept like a log but had a few wild dreamsĒ I said.

"Me too" she said, but I just kept walking into the lounge with a smirk on my face and thinking about her.

I have many more adventures if you guys are interested just comment for me and we shall see.............
Thank you,
jay jain!

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