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I was married when I reached 21 yrs old to a very beautiful girl, she was one year younger than me, our sex life was so rich, we were happy couple, I was feeling so happy when my friends talks about my wife beauty.

Both of us were open mind persons, like to meet new friends, welling to try every thing in sex. After few weeks of my marriage I found out that my wife is a sex lover, she wants to have sex every day, any where, in the pool, outdoors and in doors.

At the beginning this was accepted by me, I enjoyed it, but after one year it became a burden on me, specially when I come back from work, tired and in need for rest.

Because I love my wife, I always do my best to keep her happy, one evening and while we were having dinner, she said to me "darling I know how much you love me, you know how much I love to have sex, I do appreciate your situation as a man, your need to have rest, but it not my fault that I was born like this, we must find a way to solve this problem".

I was silent for seconds thinking of what she said, I asked her if she has any specific idea in her mind to over come this problem, she smiled and replied "we are both mature and open mind persons, I do not think that you mind if I sleep with another man, it is for sex only, this will make me more satisfied and it will relief you from my continues demands for sex".

It was not easy for me to accept such idea, but when I thought of it deeper, I was convinced that as long as it makes her satisfied, and keeps our marriage going on I should consider it as a solution to the problem.

I started to think, which one of my friends will be able to satisfy my wife in bed, all of a sudden my brother name came to my mind, why not, he is my brother, we will keep our secret within the family, he is young and healthy, when I talked to my wife about my choice she was happy.

My wife asked me not to talk to my brother about our plans, she prefers to let things go normal, so invited my brother one evening to have dinner with us, when he arrived I took him to the living room, my wife came to the room carrying a tray with her hands, she was wearing a short skirt showing all her thighs, her blouse was half buttoned.

My brother was able to see all her breast when she bent to give him his drinks, when she sat, his eyes were focused on her bare thighs, when he noticed that I was watching him, he tried to change his eyes direction, I smiled and said to him "i hope that you like what you were looking at".

He replied "i must admit that your wife has a very sexy body, top to bottom. I am sure that you are lucky to marry such sexy girl, I could not resist the desire to keep on looking at her thighs".

My wife thanked my brother for his complement, she stood up and came closer towards my brother chair, she said to him "since you like my body that much, why do not you feel free and touch my body, you are not a stranger, you are my brother in law".

My brother looked at me to see my reaction, I smiled and did not make any comment, I saw my wife taking off her clothes piece by piece, she was standing totally naked facing my brother, I could see my brother cock getting hard, my wife unzipped his pant and pulled out his cock, I never that my brother cock is that big, it was so huge and thick, I was sure that my wife will enjoy this big cock.

I pulled out my cock while I was watching my brother standing behind my wife kissing her back moving down to her butt, he buried his face between her ass cheeks, then he started to rub his cock between her thighs.

My wife was looking for anal sex, so she lowered her head down and opened her ass cheeks with her hands so that my brother can shove his big cock into her sweet asshole, I enjoyed the scene of my brother cock pumping into my wife asshole, she was screaming from enjoyment, asking my brother to go deeper and fill her hole with his super size cock.

My brother fucked my wife for more than an hour, in her mouth, in her pussy and in her asshole, when they finished they went to have shower, I followed them, I saw my wife sucking the big cock she was able to have it all in her mouth, she swallowed all his cum when he unloaded in her mouth.

They came back to the living room, my brother put on his clothes, my wife gave him a long kiss and thanked him for the hot evening she had with him, on his way out he said to me "thanks brother, I really enjoyed my time with your sexy wife, take care of her".

My brother visits was daily, and in each visit he stays more than two hours, he stopped his visits when he got married, but my wife did not leave him alone, she was calling him to come to have sex with her, but he was refusing because of his wife, he does not want his wife to know about his relation with my wife.

One evening my wife wanted to visit my brother at his house, I agreed to go with her on one condition, not to mention any thing about sex during the visit.

When we arrived, my brother and his wife were waiting for us, after the kisses and the good welcome we sat and started to chat, my brother wife was wearing a long dress open from two sides, covering half of her beautiful breasts.

My wife asked the girl about her new life with her husband, the girl replied "we live a normal life, I love my man and he loves me, I am happy and satisfied "my wife said "you mean you are sexually satisfied or socially satisfied?"

From the way my wife was talking, I knew what she was after, my brother said to my wife "my wife is shy, she cannot talk about our sex life "his wife did not agree on her husband comment, she said "why I should be shy, I am sexually satisfied, I have sex every night, sometimes twice a day".

My wife continued her endless questions she asked "which type of sex you prefer better, normal sex or anal sex?" the girl replied "i like all types of sex, I love the feeling of the cock inside my asshole, I am what you can an anal sex lover".

I was looking at my brother face while his wife was talking, he was smiling, his wife added "i also love cock sucking, my husband has a super size cock, I like to swallow each drop of his cum".

My wife said "i think that you are not serious about loving cock sucking, you are just talking about it, you must prove to us that you really love sucking cocks, as for me I am expert in cock sucking and I am ready to suck two cocks at one time, can you do it, I doubt it".

The girl looked at her husband and said "tell your s I l how I was able to suck your cock and your friend cock together" my brother asked his wife not to talk about their private secrets, but his wife continued to talk "i am ready to prove to you that I can suck two cocks better than you".

She came closer to her husband and unzipped his pant to free his cock, then she did the same with my cock, she took both cocks and started to shove them into her mouth, for my surprise, the girl was able to prove what she just said, our cock were filling her mouth, she gave us a great blowjob, then she pulled out our cocks after swallowing our cum to the last drop.

I heard her saying to my wife "i think that now it is your turn to prove to me and show us how good you are in cock sucking "my wife accepted the challenge and took the two cocks in her mouth and started to suck them, she was really expert, she continued to suck for minutes, before we were ready to unload, she pulled out our cocks and sat on my brother cock with her back to him, she wanted to be fucked by both of us in her two holes.

She was moving her body back and front to allow the two cocks to go into her holes with minor efforts, we enjoyed her holes for about an hour then we both unloaded our cum together.

My brother asked his wife to set on my cock, he wanted her to be fucked in the same way we fucked my wife, her asshole was not tight, my cock was shoved very fast, then my brother inserted his cock into her asshole also, she was able to handle the two cocks fucking her asshole together.

After we finished our wives fucking, I decided to take my wife and go back to our place.

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