Hot hot sleep over

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It’s around 9:30 at night and me and you are lying on your bed watching a horror movie. The lights are off and your wearing boxers and a tee and I’m wearing a tee and some light sweat pants. Your eyes are glued on the television as you see the monster come up from behind and you cover your eyes scared of what will happen next. I continue to eat popcorn and smile as I watch the movie. Then pick up my glass and take a sip of 7 Up.

“Wow, this movie is soooooo good!” I say to you without taking my eyes away from the television. “Want some more popcorn?”

I pass the bowl over to you and offer you some. I look over at you next to me and I see you covering your eyes.

“It’s not that scary, hahaha. But um….” I look over at the clock. “Hmmm…” I slide up off the bed and walk over to the tv turning it off. I flick the wall switch filling the room with light and walk back over to the bed and sit down while your still laying down.”

“You didn’t have to turn it off,” you say to me. “We can still watch it.”

“Uh huh, right…and then I have to convince your parents not to blame me for the heart attack you’ll get at the end! Hahaha… Besides, it’s late and we should do something else. It was getting a little boring anyway…”

I smile and you sit up on your knees on the bed and we are thinking of what to do. We start talking and joking around about stuff at school and people we know and before we know it it’s like 11:25 pm. All of a sudden your bedroom door opens up and your mom peeks through.

“It’s bedtime you two,” she says. “Your father has set up the guest room for you to stay in Holland.”

“But mom, can’t he just sleep in here with me? After all, it is a sleepover….guys don’t sleep in a different room we bunk out in one room…. Duh!”

I chuckle silently and look back from you to your mom.

“Yeah, but your rooms messy and there’s no room for him on the floor. Besides, in the guestroom he’ll have a bed. Come on Holland, get up, it’s late. You both will have plenty of time to play tomorrow.”

“But MOM!... There’s plenty of room. Just bring him a sleeping bag and he can sleep right here next to my bed.” (-O-)!

I look at you and then to your mom and say, “It really doesn’t bother me miss, but I can please sleep in here? This is my first sleepover and it’s been a lot of fun and I don’t mind being here here anyway…”

“See, so can he?” you ask your mom and she responds with, “Oh fine, I’ll bring the sleeping bag and blankets in here.”

“Yes!” we both say together and then laugh. (^_^)

“Well I’m glad I get to stay in here tonight,” I tell you as I stand up. “I really didn’t wnt to sleep in that room alone, hahaha.” (o_o)” …”Well, I’m going to go and brush my teeth.”

I go into my backpack and pull out a small ziplock bag with my toothbrush and stuff and leave your room. I go into the bathroom down the hall and close the door. I start brushing my teeth and then the door just opens and I’m like “?!?” You wlak in and stand next to me and start brushing your teeth.

“What if I was using the bathroom or something…” I say as I take y brush out of my mouth.

“Oh whatever, we do that a lot,” you say and then continue brushing.

“Umm k…” and I continue too. I finish up and say to you as you finish up too how much I really had fun tonight and that it was the best sleepover ever! I rustle your hair with my hand and smile saying, “Come on, hahaha.”

We go back to your room and your mom left my sleeping stuff on the floor next to your bed. We turn off the lights and the only light in the room is a bluish glow cast from the moon outside. You lie openly on your bed and I lie on the floor with the covers off since it’s hot. I have my arms behind my head and just lie down starting up at the ceiling as we talk to each other.

“So how come you don’t have a boyfriend again?” you ask me.

I lie there continuing to look into the darkness and respond, “I don’t know. I just haven’t found the right guy yet. Not a lot of people at school I like, only a couple, but they are just friends…”

“Same here.”

“Yeah,” I say. “I don’t know, I wouldn’t mind having a boyfriend I guess. Just has to be someone I really like and get along with. Connect and stuff.”


“You know your floors cold, lol. I can see right under your bed.”

“You can sleep up here if you want. I don’t care. There’s more than enough room.”

“Well, you do have an insanely large bed, lol,” I say as I get up and lie down on a side of your bed and we both just look up. “Haha, don’t get any ideas….”

“What!” you exclaim. “Whatever…”

We both laugh and continue talking about stuff until its even later.

“So what would you do with another guy Matt if you had the chance?”

“I don’t know. Anything, I guess. As long as it’s not like…weird or really nasty, lol.”

I laugh and it’s silent for a few moments. Then I turn to you and sit up.

“Matt, there’s something I need to tell you…” I confess to you. “I…”

“Yeah?” you respond. “What is it?”

“I’ve had like the biggest crush on you ever since we met! Yeah, I know..Wierd huh…”

“Not really,” you answer back. “I’m cool with that. Besides, I’ve sorta liked you too, hehe.”

I smile at you and you look back at me. I lie back down and start talking again, “I think about you sometimes when I wake up, throughout the day, lol. I even jack off thinking of you sometimes. Weird…”

“Me too…” you say back to me. “I think about you a lot. (^_-)

“But it’s always in our heads… Not real or anything.” I turn my head to look at you lying next to me. “I like you a lot Matt…More than I’ve ever liked anyone else before.”

I lie down on my stomach and lean up with my arms. “I’m so crazy for you Matt…” I put my hand on your head and rub my fingers through your hair. I get closer to you and we just both look into each others eyes. The moon casts looming shadows on the walls and soon I’m close enough to where we can both see each others eyes so clear- even in the darkness. My eyes sparkle a slight purple in the moonlight and I close my eyes and softly plant a kiss gently on your soft lips. I stay there for a moment then reach up and open my eyes. I see you open yours too and it’s just silent.

We look at each other and then you say, “Wow, that was awesome…now I’m getting all horny,hahaha.”

“Yeah, well I’ve been horny for a while now, lol.” I respond laughing. “Just kidding…But…Matt…”

I pause and then fall back on the bed looking up at the ceiling.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have… Let’s just go to sleep, big day tomorrow,” I say and close my eyes.

You get up and come next to me. You put one leg over me and come on top of me as I open my eyes and stare you right in the face. Without saying anything you drop down and kiss me on the lips, then rise up a little. I put my hands on your waist and hold you, then push my head up slightly and make contact with you again. This time we hold for much longer and we take in each others soft and tinder lips. Feeling them on us, smooth and gentle. We keep our eyes closed and I can feel my dick getting stiff a little as your body relaxes on top of mine and our lips meet over and over again. As we kiss slowly, taking each one in more than the last I continue to hold your waist and slide my hands back and forth down your body. You feel so good and you’re so light.

I push you up a little and you break off from me, open your eyes, and just look. We gaze into each others eyes and don’t say a word. You just stare into my eyes and feel as my right hand slides down your back and continues on your ass and stops for a moment and then goes back up. “Matt…” I say and you say my name.

“Your so beautiful; I don’t want this night to end,” I say softly to you and then lye you down on the bed and cross over you. I stare into your eyes and put one hand on your face. I feel your soft skin and close my eyes and do down on you. I kiss your lips, your cheek, everywhere. I move up to your forehead and go back down kissing your lips over and over again. Everytime I do I pull on youtr lip slightly with mine raising it and kissing you again. Our lips, moist, soft and warm. I put my hand on your chin and begin kissing you faster this time. You feel my warm breath over you, you know what I want and I know what you’ve been dying for. We each have wanted this for the longest time and you open your mouth and I slide in and we start making out. Our tongues gently sliding across each other as our eyes are closed. We say like that for what seems like forever, neither one of us wanting to stop. Just the feeling of having you in me thrills me beyond imagination. As we kiss and I lower myself onto you, resting my body on top of yours, you put my hands on my body and we continue o make out in the moonlit room. You feel my hard dick resting between our bodies and I feel yours as well.

We make out and break away now and then to kiss each other on the next and face and then go back together again. We go harder and faster and you give a silent moan letting me know how much you love it. I kiss your cheeks and then come up and sit on top of your dick. You watch as I take my shirt off and I help you with yours. It’s not long until the only thing we have on are boxers and my sweatpants.

I go back down to you, it feel so good to be on you, your body next to mine and we make out again as if it’s the best thing in the world. We roll around and you get on top of my, sitting on my stomach and kissing me. I rub you all over your back, chest, everywhere as you deep throat me. We much into each others mouths and French back and forth doing it harder as if it were a cock our tongues were on. I starts getting warmer than it was before, perhaps it was the heat of the moment, or the fact that our skin- now together with no shirts between us were creating heat like never before. We both felt it and it made us feel so much better about what we were doing.

We roll around again a couple more times, each time we do we feel the others dick brush past. Every now and then our knee would touch the others balls, but we went on like it was nothing. I began feeling so complete being with you that night and couldn’t think of a better time in my life that I’ve been so excited, happy…so many emotions at once. With you no top of me I slide my hands down and as I do slowly slide my hand onto your boxers. We never break away, our lips gently yearning for the other… I feel your dick in my hand as I roll over your boxers and touch your balls..they are so big and meaty. I begin to get harder. You put a hand on the pillow next to my head and hold it tight and lift your head up. You keep your eyes closed and I see your lips curl. You feel my hand sliding into your boxers and meeting your cock dead on. I kiss your neck and your chest as you feel the intense sensation of my fingers sliding across the tip of your throbbing dick. I slide down and grab your balls, massaging them in my palm as you come back down and kiss my chin, cheek and lips. I slide my hand up under your balls and going up the crease of your ass and hold it tight in my hand before going back to you balls and lightly skimming my hands down the side of your cock s it hands above my body with you on top of me.

I roll you over and get on top of you. You open your eyes and I see your body moving up and down on the bed as if I were fucking you from below. I begin kissing your chest and move down until I’m at your waist and keep going. As I do your boxers slowly come off. I kiss your small pubic hairs and continue doing down. As the boxers leave your hard dick it slaps me in the face and I feel it on my face. It hits me again as it throbs wanting to be satisfied. It’s head so big and so white and silky. The opening at the top stares me right ni the face and I just hover above your cock knowing exactly what can shoot out of it. Your cock jumps now and then as I lick the sides with my tongue and when it reaches the head it jumps wildly as if shocked my something. Every time it jumps and falls back down I lick it again and it throbs again harder. The head of your cock is still dry, but I know more than anything it wants to unleash so much right now through its opening.

I take your boxers all the way off and then rise up taking off my sweat pants. You see my massive cock fall out and just dangle in mid air. You stare at it as I come closer to you and lie back down on top of you, only this time we are fully naked. As I lye across you our cock meet and lie flat next to each other between our stomaches and we make out moving our bodies slightly up and down. It starts to get warmer in the room and we can feel the moisture on our bodies. As we make out and move our dicks get to know each other and slide across one another. Our sacs lying right on top of each other, both large and packed with fresh loads just waiting to be delivered by our hungry dicks. We kiss each other everywhere and fast and we start to feel sticky moisture below us. I lie down with you on top of me, my dick rock hard and pointing upward in my feet’s direction as your naked body sits on top of its area. There are thin drops of a clear moisture on our stomachs…pre cum. As our cocks rolled against each other and got excited, it start dripping out on its own on us both of our cocks had a small bead of it on the head where it was being released. You go down and I feel my dick sliding across your body and neck. You stop when you get to my balls and lick them with your tongue…I look up with my eyes closed and lips curled knowing full well how good anything feels in your mouth and you start sucking on my balls. I feel them swimming in your mouth and your tongue messaging them. You mouth is full and you taste my balls as you suck them. You pull up a little with my balls still in your mouth and they go with you as you suck on my hot sac. Meanwhile my dock stares you right in the face and you feel it in your hair as you continue sucking my cum factory. You feel it hit you a couple times as it throbs against your head.

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