Honeymoon in Paris.

(Part 1 from 1)

I find myself sitting alone in a café waiting for my wife to reappear.

Although we had been together for a year, and had already established the sort of relationship it was to be, we had now taken the plunge and got married. During the ceremony, when we promised to foresake all others, etc., I had given her a big wink which she returned. That was not for us! And now we were on our honeymoon in Paris.

It had taken us no time to find out that there were other things to do than visit museums, although we did that too.

We had just been to a theatre which specialised in live sex shows.
As we entered, a tall, good looking young man showed us to seats in the front row, just a few feet from the stage.
When th show started, the same young man appeared as the only male with two attractive young women. During a little playlet, he fucked one twice and the other one once and got blow jobs from both of them. He was hung like the proverbial horse, Enormous! Five erections in one performance and he gave six shows a day!

My wife got so carried away that she had opened her trousers and openly masturbated and the stud tried to get her to come up on the stage. I encouraged her, but she wouldn't. I would have loved to watch her being fucked before an audience!

At th end of the show, as we were leaving, the young man waylayed us and asked if he could buy us a coffee. Naturally, we accepted and in a little café close by where we were the only customers.
We sat at a table and he and my wife flirted. Sitting opposite us, he leaned accross the table and, opening her blouse, as she wore no bra he could easily play with her nipples. Then, he moved around to sit next to her, he pulled the waiste band of his trousers down enough to expose the end of his erect penis and invited her to touch it and play with it, which, of course, she did.

He spoke no english and we had very little French, and so, when he said something to her, she did not understand him and turned to me and asked what he wanted. It was clear to me and I said "He wants to fuck you".
"Why me?", she asked. "And where?"
"In the toilet", I replied and asked him "Es ce que possible?"
"Oui, oui."
He indicated that she should go first and he would follow. So here I am, sitting alone while the stud from a sex show is fucking my new wife!
She has just come back, very flushed. I ask her how it was and she says that he had problems to get it in as he was so big, but when it was in, he came very quickly and so much that she had problems to wipe it up.
Now he has returned, thanks her very gallantly, and leaves, paying on the way out.

She keeps asking "Why me, when he has those young attractive women every day?"
I tell her that that must be boring every day and that he will be thinking of her now when fucking the others up othe stage in the next two shows he has to do today. You will be his inspiration!
"How nice", she says.

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