Honey Love's Vegas Weekend 2

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We pulled into a parking structure, and Kate tugged a pair of short shorts on over her tiny bikini and a sheer white tshirt, while I pulled on the top I had been wearing before our stop with the cops. I slipped my feet into the tall sandals and grinned at Kate over my sunglasses, “Ready baby?”
Kate nodded and smiled back at me, “Hell yeah! We’re in VEGAS!”

It took us all of ten minutes to check into our hotel room, and get our room upgraded by flirting shamelessly with the cute little front desk kid. We giggled as we entered our room, I announced that I was going to change, but I didn’t want to shower, I love the smell of recent sex, and I still smelled like Officers Mike and Carter. I yanked the dress off and pulled off the top I had wasted time putting back on in the car, and stood there naked while Katie watched. Katie grinned at me, and slowly removed all her clothes too, before she tackled me to the king size bed and started kissing me. I groaned as she tugged on my nipple piercings, and rubbed my tits. She pulled on my lip with her teeth, and ground her shaved slit against my thigh, while she pressed hers against my cunt. She grinned against my ear and tugged on my earlobe, while I moaned a little. Kate kissed her way down my body and licked my leaking pussy once with the flat of her tongue.

Kate used her teeth to pull on my clit ring and slurped her way back to my cum filled pussy and ass. She sucked and licked me until I came all over her face, eating all the cum out of me. She maneuvered and pressed her pussy down on my face. I licked her in a frenzy, hoping she would make me cum again. She was still worked up from our stop earlier, and still tasted like cock and girl cum. I licked her until she came all over my face, her cum gushing into my mouth, on my chin and down my throat. Hot damn, but I love it when Kate creams. Almost as much as I like it when she attacks me in a sexual frenzy. The girl is hot. She rolled off of me, and sighed, “Damn Honey.”

I grinned to myself and shoved a couple fingers into her pussy, just teasing her a little before we got dressed. Kate moaned and let me play, until I caught my breath and rolled away. I dug through my luggage, and tossed clothes every where, looking for a dress to wear while we clubbed. I finally found it, I pulled out the dress, and grinned at Kate, who hadn’t moved from her position on the bed, although she was now watching me. She smiled back and closed her eyes. “Did you bring our toys Honey?”
“You bet I did baby.”
She chuckled, “Good.”

I slipped into the dress and went to the mirror, admiring myself. It was a short dress, stopping about three inches below my slit. Backless and tight it wasn’t a dress to wear panties with. You could easily see my piercings through the fabric although it looked innocent enough from the front, just tight and short, it kind of looked like a short version of that Aubrey Hepburn dress. Kind of. The back was a different story, it haltered in the back, and ended at the top of my ass, leaving my back totally bare. It was gorgeous, and I can admit it’s one of my favorite dresses. It’s short enough that when I bend over, my pussy is easily visible, and even better easily accessible. I smiled at Kate again, who was watching me from the bed, over my shoulder. I bent over and wiggled my ass at her, “See anything you like baby?”
She laughed and nodded, rolling off the bed, “You bet that pretty pussy I do.”

Kate went to her own bag and dug around a bit, pulling out a gorgeous gold dress. She held it up against her naked body and I watched her tug it up, over her hips and then her tits. She tossed her dark hair, and turned her back so I could zip up her strapless dress. She looked back at me and smiled, “How do I look sweetie?”
I whistled and winked at her.

We were ready 30 minutes later, hair and makeup done, and a few shots of rum in our bellies. I was out to have a wild weekend with my best friend and sometimes lover Kate, and anyone else I could find. The elevator music was horrendous, but then it always isn’t it? The elevator stopped a few floors below ours, and four people got on, three guys and a girl. The guys were all pretty good looking, obviously college kids, and the girl, well damn, the girl. She had short black hair and big brown eyes, and she was tall, like 6 feet tall, with the perfect body of a lingerie model. Kate elbowed me and eyed the girl, who was wearing a pair of jeans and a purple halter top. I nodded, and reached out to grope the girl’s ass.
Her ass was nice and firm, which only made it better that she first pressed her ass back, then turned to look at me in shock. I smiled at her and winked, “Nice ass.”
“Excuse me?”
Kate answered for me, just as the three guys turned around, “She said you had a nice ass,” Kate looked at her ass, and then at the three guys’ asses. “But personally I like his better,” she pointed at the guy in the black pants. I admired his ass, and nodded.
“Yep. His is nice too Baby.”
Kate smiled at him, and turned to show off her ass in her snug gold dress, “What do you think of mine?”

The guys automatically looked, and so did the girl, who blushed and nodded. One of the guys spanked her, and I reached over to the stop button on the elevator. I turned and bent over, “And mine?”
I could feel the air on my exposed wet pussy. “Do you like my ass too?”
One of the guys groaned, “Oh yeah, I like.”
The sounds of zippers, and pants hitting the floor had me looking over my shoulder while Kate went to work on the girl, stripping her down. I had cock in my pussy faster than I could say pussy, which is always what I want. I groaned as I got pounded, from behind. I was pulled around to face the crotch of one of the other guys, who shoved his dick down my throat. I screamed around cock while I was pounded from behind. I looked over at Kate who had a cock in her pussy and a cunt in her mouth, she was busy sucking on that girls landing strip, while I moaned and enjoyed the fucking I was getting. I pulled my mouth off of the guy I was currently sucking off, and smiled over at my girlfriend, “Enjoying her pussy baby?”

Kate ignored me, which made me shove the guy off of me and crawl over to that girls twat. Kate and I shared, licking and fingering her pussy, while the guys went back to pounding us, I was again getting fucked in both my ass and my cunt, just the way I like it, while I was eating a tasty pussy and groping my girlfriend, who was getting fucked by a third cock. I groaned when I came, gushing all over the cock that was buried inside me. Kate screamed, and the girl. The girl went stiff, shuddering when she came all over our faces. The guys continued to pound away, while Kate moaned into the pussy. The guys came one after another, one on the girls face, and the other two inside both me and Kate.

I smiled and pulled my skirt down, as the elevator doors opened. We left four well satisfied new friends in the elevator. I couldn’t wait to dance, and feel that cum leaking out of my freshly fucked cunt, while I waited to dance my way into another guy’s pants.
Kate held my hand and led me down the strip, "I LOVE VEGAS!" she whispered.
I LOVE KATE. Fuck that girl, she makes my cunt drip.

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