Home coming has never been so good.

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100% fiction!

My name is Steven. I have been living in my own crappy apartment for the past eight years. Ever since I turned eighteen. Now it's my little sister's birthday and I am flying over from Canada to L.A. to go and see her on her very special day.

I went from job to job for the better of the last six years, I finally caught my break two years ago when I applied for a job as a computer repair man, I've always been good at working on computers and now I finally found my calling and I'm making more than enough money to support myself, I'm even thinking of moving out and getting my own house in the near future.

I moved to Canada to live with my girlfriend at the time, we had plans to get married but it didn't pan out, I found out that the bitch was cheating on me and so I confronted her with it and we decided to separate, she moved out with her new man and I stayed behind.

The day before I took a long nap and took care of everything before leaving, I was happy to see my mom and sis again.
I haven't seen them in five years, and it was about time for a homecoming.

I got in the plane at around nine PM and got home at around one in the morning.
Needless to say, I was exhausted and dead tired.

So when I arrived at the airport in this little town of Ohio my Mother was already waiting for me, when I finally got passed airport security and all that bull crap, I got to hug my mom, something I haven't done in five years, and it felt great.
She helped me with my things and got out and in to the car.

Seeing my hometown again filled my heart with old memories and I felt like a kid again, I felt great, tired, but great.

When I arrived home, my sister was visiting a friend and was coming back the next day, so I settled down in my old room, and, to my surprise, it was left exactly the way I left it when I moved out all those years ago.
And so, I hugged my mom again and crashed out, and let me tell you, I slept like a baby that night.

The next morning I got woken up by Casey, my sister, at eight in the freaking morning, yeah, she's always been the excited one of the two for sure.

"Hey Stevie, wake up!"

God, I thought by now she would've been a little bit less anyoing, but hey, I still love her.

"Hey kiddo!"

I said, with my eyes still half closed.

"Hey mister, I ain't a kid anymore, I'm eighteen now, I'm a woman."

"Sure you are."
I said playfully.

She punched me on the shoulder and yes, she did grew up, because damn that did hurt.

I sat straight and I noticed her looking at my bare chest, and then I remembered that, weirdly enough, she used to have a big crush on me, well, that's what all my friends and hers sued to say, I always thought she just looked up to me, since I'm her big bro, but some signs don't lie, like her, looking at me the way she is right now, it always made me very uncomfortable.

So I finally got up and wanted to put my shirt on but couldn't find it anywhere.

"Umm Where's my shirt Cas?"

I asked, puzzled.

"I took it and now it's in the washer."
She answered with a smile.

"Oh, OK, thanks."

"Could you please hand me my travel bag?"
I pointed at it.

She got up, as she was sitting on my bed and got my bag and put it gently on the bed, like she thought it was filled with live grenades.
I opened it and got me another shirt and put it on, threw the bag on the floor and and wrapped my arm around my little sister.

"Come on, you're ready to have a good day today birthday girl?"
I said with a big grin on my face.

"Well yeah! Do you have something in mind?"

"Well, umm, yeah, actually I do."
I answered, almost forgetting about what I brought for her.

The rest of the day went very well, I haven't had that much fun in quite a while.
We went to eat at my sister's favorite restaurant and just talked and laughed.

I told my sister that I liked her new look, she dyed her hair red, and I mean actual red, I always thought it was very sexy on young woman.
And I had to admit to myself then, she was a very attractive young woman, long red hair, tight little skinny body, nice round breasts, a bit bigger then a handful, which was suprising, because I remember when I left, she barely had breasts bigger than a door knob.
And at five foot six, she was perfect...

And when that thought was complete, thinking about it while looking at her looking back at me with a big smile on her face,
I felt shame, but I dismissed it pretty fast, telling myself that I was just proud of her becoming a woman.

We finally got back home and the second we stepped in, the phone started ringing.
My mom answered.

She answered, out of breath, she had to run to the phone, she didn't even had time to get her shoes off.

"But I asked for this day to..."
She broke in silence, me and my sis were listening in close.

"Yeah I know mister Macdo... I'll be right there."
She sighed.

"Yeah, OK, bye."

Our mom turned around and looked at us with water in her eyes.
I didn't understand at first but when I saw Casey's eyes look at the floor with tears in her eyes herself...

She was called in at work, even if her boss, if I understood correctly, promised her not to on her daughter's birthday.

"Baby, I'm sorry, but you know I have to."

"I know mom, go, I'll be alright, Stevie is here to keep me company."

They both hugged tight and then my mom took me to the kitchen.

"Hey, the cake is in the fridge and her gift well..."

"Don't worry about the gift mom, you need to give it to her yourself, I think she can wait another day for it, now go, or you'll be late."
I kissed her on the cheek and she left for the door, she turned around and gave my sis one last apologetic look and went outside, thirty seconds later we heard the car leaving the driveway.

I went ti hug my sister tight, I felt bad for her but hey, shit happens I guess.

"Will you keep me company?"
She asked me, with puppy dog eyes that broke my heart.

"Of course I will Cas."

We went and sat on the couch and cuddled for a while, watching T.V. then I remembered what I brought her for her birthday and got up from the couch.

"Where are you going?"
She asked with concern.

"Oh well I think this is the perfect opportunity to give you your birthday gift."

So I left for the kitchen and took out of the fridge a 24 pack of beer that I put there that morning without my mom seeing anything.
I got back to the living room and gave one to my sister, she looked at me with amazement and curiosity.

I looked at her and exclaimed...
"It ain't your first time right?"

She looked at me with a shy look and said, while looking at her feet...
"No, but, I only drank one."

With a surprised look on my face I answered...
"Just one? I mean, just THE one?"

Still looking at her feet she shyly answered...

"Oh well, now you can drink as many as you want now that you're eighteen."

I handed her a bottle and took one myself, sat down next to her and opened my bottle and waited for her to open hers, I smiled at her and she smiled back.
After finally opening her bottle we clinked each other's bottles and started to drink.

"So, do you like it?"

"Yeah I do."
She answered with a big grin on her face.
I was happy that I was making my sister smile after a bad end of a day.


"So what?"

I elbowed her in her side playfully.

She giggled and asked again...

She laughed

"So, do you have a boyfriend?"

She almost screamed.

"OK, OK, just askin'"

"What about you? Did you find yourself another girl?"
She asked with sparkles in her eyes.
Maybe it was just the alcohol.

"Nope, I'm a bachelor now, so to speak... Hell, I haven't gotten laid in... Fuck... three years."
I have always been like this with my sister, always completely honest and straight.

"You must be horny as shit then!"

I looked at her with surprise and we started laughing.

"What? What's wrong?"

"I just never heard you speak like that before... It's all new to me Casey."

After a good laugh we started drinking again and she cuddled with me.
She ended up drinking four beers and I ended up drinking five of them myself.

She was getting pretty drunk and I was getting myself when the phone rang.

I picked it up and it was my mom telling me she wouldn't be getting home until at least five in the morning.

After I hung up I took the beers and brought them back in my room.

When I came back Cas asked me why I brought them back and I told her she had enough, she laughed and said that I was right and went to sit down next to her again.

She cuddled again, more sloppily this time and put her head on my shoulder.
We stayed there for about ten minutes until she finally broke silence.

"You know, I don't get why you're single."

"What do you mean?"
I asked.

"Well, you're smart, and, and, and funny, and, well... Pretty fucking hot!"

When I heard that my heart skipped a beat, or, to be exact, stopped for a second.
I kinda knew that's what she thought about me, but I never thought I'd hear her say it out loud.

"Well thank you, and you're a very beautiful young woman yourself."
I said, and I meant it too.

That's when her right hand found its way on my right thigh...
Exploring, moving up and down.

"I mean, really hot."
She said. Like she didn't hear what I said, or maybe she did.

Maybe it was because of the alcohol, even though I know from experience it usually is a bad thing to be drunk if you're in the mood to have sex but... I got an immediate hard-on.
And trust me, she noticed.

"You know I'm still a virgin, right?"
She said that while moving her hand on my buldge.

"Umm what are you doing?"
I looked at her with a raised brow.

She looked up at me, being about four inches away from my face and whispered...
"I know it's fucked up but I always had feelings for you, and, well..."

She squeezed my cock through my jeans, enough to hurt it just enough so it wouldn't cross from pleasure to pain.
Then she spoke again.
"Well... I've always wanted to fuck you!"

The second she said that, despise being drunk, she got on both knees on the couch to my right, unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and pulled them down along with my underwear and shoved my cock in her mouth... All of that in less than ten seconds.

I moaned right away and it felt like my body had a mind of its own, I wanted to stop her, but I couldn't move, but SHE was moving, fast, bobbing her head up and down sucking on my cock hungrily.
She knew it was probably her last chance to even try, and so she took that chance and sucked my cock like I've never been sucked before.

And oh my God she was good.

Might've been her first time, but she was even better than my ex.

"Oh my God, this is so wrong on so many levels."
I exclaimed, but again, I couldn't help myself but let her suck my cock.

"Who fucking cares, it's not like anybody will know."
She answered, taking a break to talk to me, and then going right back at it.

She sucked me hard and fast, sometimes stopping to suck my balls while jacking me off.

"God you're so fucking good!
Where did you learn to do this?"

She stopped for a moment and lunged at me and kissed me, introducing her tongue in my mouth while still jacking me off.
At that point she made me too horny to care, and I also realized that, earlier that day, It wasn't pride I felt for her, I was really checking her out.

After she stopped kissing me she leaned back and said...
"Well you did leave some of your porn when you left, you know?"

I giggled a bit, because I completely forgot about that, and replied...
"Oh, that's where they were."

She return the laugh and leaned in, slower this time, and passionately kissed me.

"I love you Stevie."
She said, whispering to me and shivering at the same time.

"I love you to Cas."
I don't know why I repeated it at the time, maybe it was just on the spur of the moment, maybe I thought it was the right thing to do at the time, or maybe, just maybe, I meant it too.

She got back on her knees and took off her shirt, and then her bra...

Wow, I thought to myself, when I saw her topless, I almost lost my mind, of all the women I met and saw, she must've been the sexiest I ever seen.
Perfect body all around; Her milky white, smooth skin, her breasts, just a bit bigger then a handful but sill looks pretty big on her tight tiny body, hourglass shaped body... Damn, I couldn't believe she was my sister, nor cared, to be honest.

After the shock of realizing how hot my sister was and what was happening, I went to her and kissed her again, my mouth against hers, my hands running free on her body, wanting her more and more with each passing seconds.
I moved my mouth from hers to her neck, breathing heavily into her ear, kissing and sucking on her neck as my left hand found her crotch.

"mmm, I've been wanting you for years Steven."

I could only moan as my mouth moved up the her left ear.
I started sucking on her ear as my left hand started to rub her crotch faster and faster until my hand get wet... She came in her jeans.

When I felt her warm goo on my hand I laid her down on her back on the couch, and then I went on to explore her body.
I touched her and kissed her everywhere, making her body jump each time I did so, I could tel she was nervous but at the same time relieved, relieved that she finally got what she always desired... Me.

"God you're so fucking sexy and your skin is so soft Casey, I could touch you all night."

"God please do Stevie, take me as your woman, as your whore."

Hearing that almost made me cum.
I went for her breasts and shoved her left one in my mouth and sucked as hard as I could.

She let out a scream that could've woken up our neighbors, so much so that, at first, I thought I'd hurt her.

I went on to suck on both breasts and then, while taking her pants, I realized she didn't wear panties that day, I gently put my tongue between her breasts and slid it all the way down to her clit, slowly.

I took a sniff of her young, untouched, fresh pussy and again almost came by the smell, I went on to lick on her clit slowly as I teased her pussy with the tip of my finger.

"Oh God, oh my God that feels so good..."
She said, whispering. Almost impossible to hear.

I kept on licking her clit, faster and faster when I finally introduced my fingers in her, two of them, and started to masturbate her fast, less than ten seconds later she was cumming all over my hand, gushed is more like it.

"I... I... I never came so much before."
She said, out of breath.

"God please, take me, take me now."

She sat up and grabbed me by the back of the head and made me lay on her and said.
"I want you to fuck me now, do you understand? Fuck the shit out of me."

I didn't say anything, I just went and kissed her instead, my tongue rolling like crazy in her mouth as I grabbed my cock and inserted it in her pussy and just fucked her that way.

I fucked her like this, looking at her in her eyes as I could feel her broken breathing on my face, looking at her close her eyes from pleasure and pain.

I tried to push further but I could only fit half of it in, but I was so excited that it was more than enough for now.
It felt so good to be in my sister, I never felt so excited in my life.

I started pounding her harder and harder and I just had time to get out and I came all over her body and face, I never had such a big ejaculation before.

I just stood there baffled that I came so fast, it never happened in my life.
My sister looked at me with both satisfaction and disappointment.

"I'm sorry, it never happened to me before Cas."

She smiled at me and rubbed her finger in my cum on her body and tasted it, she let out a moan and started to lick all of my cum on her... It made my cock even harder then when I was fucking her, I never met a woman that actually like the taste of cum before and it turned me on so fucking much.

She saw that my cock was still hard so she sat up and pushed me so I would be sitting properly on the couch again.
She went on her knees in front of me on the floor, I could tell that the short fuck I gave her took a lot our of her already as she had complication to get on her knees.

She grab my cock and started to jack it off as fast as she could, licking the pre-cum off of it like a lolipop, she spat on her hand and caressed herself between her breasts and smaked my cock on her tits, three times on each.

She slid my seven inches cock between her tits and squeezed them together, I put the palms of my hands firmly on the couch and moved my ass up and down and started fucking her breasts, God it felt good, it felt as good as her fucking pussy, so nice and firm and soft, going up and down like this, locking my eyes in hers made me want to fuck her again.

So after about a full minute of fucking her tits, I grabbed her from under her arm and I got close, I kissed her again passionately and raised her enough so she would be standing up above me while I was sitting on the couch, I looked up and saw my little sister's pussy, a little blood was on the rim but I didn't care.
I started fingering her as fast as I could while I was playing with her breasts and she came hard all the way down to my cock.

I grabbed the side of her body and made her come down to my cock where, again, only half of it fit in.

"mmmm fuck Steven, you feel so good inside me."
She said as she started to ride me slowly.

But I didn't want it slow, I wanted to fuck the shit out of her and that's what I did.

I positioned myself and started to pound her as hard as I could, she let out a scream then that was even louder then before and I felt her cum on my cock once again.
After a few seconds of pounding her hard, my cock finally went all the way inside, and of my God she was deep, wet, and tight as hell.

"Oh God baby, you have the best pussy I've ever fucked!"
I said, trying not to cum again.

"And your cock is so good... And so big!"

I kept fucking her in that fashion, sucking on her tits from time to time, and sometimes moving to her mouth, getting close to her and passionately fucking her, almost like we were making love.

"I want you to fuck me as hard as you can."
She said, almost complaining.

"Then you need to get off."

She got off and went back on her knees in front of me, and sucked off all the juices slowly, moaning as she did, then she let some saliva fall from her mouth and rubbed it around my cock, making it even wetter then it already was.
She started to rub me very slowly, painfully slowly, so much so that it was hard for me not to cum.

She looked up at me, eyes half closed and whispered.
"I love you."

"I love you too."
I don't know why again I said it back but I did, and goddamn it felt great.

"Are you ready for one last ride Casey?"
I asked, hornier then ever.

"Mmm fuck yeah!"

She got up and I did too, she was waiting for me to lead the way but I just kissed her first, turned her around and started to kiss her neck and play with her clit from behind her.
At one point I felt some of her juices flow down her leg. so I turned her around very fast, bended her over and shoved my cock inside her to the balls.

I started pounding her as fast as I could, not feeling drunk anymore at this point, and started spanking her, I mean, she was being a naughty, naughty girl.

I grabbed her tight then and pounded her so hard that my balls were hurting like a son of a bitch, but I didn't care, I was having the best fuck of my life.

Needless to say she came one last time on me as I pulled her hair and spanked her as I was fucking her.

"Oh my God I can't take it anymore, cum for me!"

And so I did, I came a second time in her tight pussy, then she went on her knees and I let go of the rest of my sperm directly in her mouth.
She kept playing with her pussy for a while and then let go...

"Oh God that was better than I ever imagined."
She said, completely out of breath.

"I know, it was the best I ever had... I never came twice in one go."

She smiled and spanked her own face with my still hard cock.

"Well... Maybe next time we'll go for three."

I smiled and kissed her again, went for a shower with her, which was hard considering I was still horny but she could barely stand up.

We went to bed, together, and the next day our mom saw us sleeping naked in the same bed.

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