Holly's Had

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Derek had been working the bar at the hotel for three hours when he noticed the white woman, who was a hotel guest. She was about five foot four and petite with shoulder length brunette hair. She was gorgeous, with large natural breasts that filled the sleeveless navy blue blouse she was wearing. Tonight she was wearing khaki pants that showed off her small but full round ass. Derek could see the side of her cleavage and part of her black bra through the armhole of her blouse when she turned to face man whom Derek assumed was her husband. Derek had never had a white woman before, and he desperately wanted to make this woman his first.

They quickly came over and ordered a couple of drinks. Derek sensed an opportunity and mixed their drinks on the heavy side.

They quickly took their drinks and sat down to listen to the jazz band that was playing. From eavesdropping on their conversation Derek found out that the woman's name was Holly and the man, who was indeed her husband, was named Mike. As the night played on they ordered a few more rounds, each of which contained Derek's special mixture.

When it became obvious that the extra alcohol was taking effect, Derek walked to the table and asked if he could help the couple back to their room. They had a good laugh at that, but eagerly accepted when they realized that they probably could not do it on their own, so he helped them both up and helped balance them as they walked to the elevator. Having that khaki covered round ass and those full mounds of tit-flesh next to him was driving Derek nuts.

Once he got them to their 5th floor room he helped them both lay down and waited for them to fall asleep. After 20 minutes they were both out so he slowly eased Holly onto his shoulder and carried her out the door and down to the stairwell, leaving her husband in a drunken sleep in their room. After a short five-minute walk he reached the 8th floor room that he had reserved just for this purpose.

He placed her on his bed, and after thinking for a minute, he shook her violently to see if she would wake up. She didn't even flinch. He wasn't sure how long it would take the alcohol to start wearing off so he wasted no time in taking advantage of the situation. He laid Holly on her back and went over and turned on the video camera that he had set-up for such an event. He then walked over and started to massage her large tits through her blouse.

Her nipples quickly responded to the attention they were receiving. He then reached down between her legs and started lightly caressing her married pussy through her khaki pants. As he did so, Holly slightly parted her legs and made an easy moan. He wasted no time in undoing her belt and unbuttoning her pants. He then used his right hand to reach in, where he found her bush filled with coarse dark hair. When he reached her slit he slipped one of his long thick fingers in and slowly started inserting it in and out, dragging it across her clit as he was pulling the finger out. Holly's pussy immediately started to get wet, and her lips parted with a slight sigh.

Derek started to think that he was right in his assumption that Holly was a horny drunk. She was responding very favorably to the attention her breasts and pussy were receiving. So favorably in fact, that Derek couldn't resist planting a kiss on her luscious lips. His lips easily covered hers and as his big tongue entered her mouth he found her tongue seeking his. As they kissed, Holly's eyes remained close. She was still in a drunken stupor, but she was obviously enjoying it.

Derek now had two long fingers in Holly's pussy, and she was beginning to rock her hips to meet his thrusts. With his left hand Derek started unbuttoning Holly's navy blue sleeveless blouse. When he had it completely unbuttoned he spread the blouse open and glazed lustfully at the black bra that Holly was wearing, and the two large breasts that were partially covered by it. Lying as she was, her white breasts were trying to spill out at the top and sides of her bra.

Derek reached up to give them their freedom as he unsnapped the clasp between her breasts. As he unsnapped the bra, her large natural tits, large for a petite girl her size, spilled out on her chest. They were beautiful with large nipples, which were very much at attention, and Derek couldn't help removing his larger black right hand from her pussy so he could massage both of her breasts.

He spread the pussy juice from his right hand all over her right breasts as he rotated his large hands over her breasts, rotating them in a circular pattern, bringing the large breasts together and away from each other. He would rotate them together and tease one nipple and then the other. This appeared to be very enjoyable for Holly.

After a few minutes of his breasts loving, Derek stood up and removed his clothes, releasing his large, thick black cock from the restrictions that it had been desperately trying to tear out of. He then removed Holly's tan shoes and massaged his thick member with her small feet. He grabbed each pants leg and pulled her tan khakis off. He took a moment to admire the sight in front of him. The small petite brunette that he had been desiring since she first checked into the hotel two days before was laying in front of him with her blouse and bra splayed open and only her panties protecting her tight white pussy from the assault it was about to receive.

Derek walked over and grabbed Holly's legs by the ankles and raised her legs up, all the while admiring the curve of her tan hips and well-defined thighs. She was surely a prize. He then grabbed her black panties and slipped them over her hips and down and off her legs. He was now ready to begin the assault.

Derek spread her legs out to the side and eased his large torso and heavily muscled butt between them. His thick bare cock looked even thicker and larger next to the petite lady he was about to fuck. Derek adjusted his weight distribution and eased himself to where he was hovering over Holly. He then placed his naked black cock at the entrance to Holly's prized pussy and eased forward.

The purple head of his thick black cock started to spread Holly's married pussy lips wide, and he could feel the friction between her lips and his cock. There was no greater feeling in the world. He could only get about a quarter of his cock in before the thickness was too great and the friction became a little too painful. Holly's tan legs were hooked into L shapes around the large black hips that were powering the invader assaulting her. Her eyes remained closed but her face kept wincing in pain as he tried to work more of his huge cock into her.

As Derek grew more impatient and started to try and work his dick in more forcefully, Holly's hands came up to Derek's six pack of abs and she tried to push him back out of her. At her touch Derek eased up and withdrew from the three quarters penetration that he had reached and just started working half of his cock in and out of her. This proved to be much more pleasing to the drunken Holly and she quickly began to really enjoy the moment. Instead of painful expressions, her face began to show signs of intense pleasure.

Derek eased himself over Holly so that he could support himself better and began to rapidly work half of his thick cock in and out of Holly's pussy. Holly threw her arms back over and next to her head and her large tits rotated in circular patterns at the pace of the assault. Her mouth hung open in an "O" and her lips quivered with an approaching orgasm. Derek had now regained the three quarters mark and his large black cock glistened with Holly's pussy juice. He pounded into her pussy again and again, finally pushing Holly over the edge into her first orgasm. He could feel Holly's body trembling beneath him as waves and waves of ecstasy washed over her. Holly rocked her head from side to side, her brunette hair flying in all directions; covering and sticking to parts of her lightly sweat covered face.

The waves of the orgasm continued to hit Holly for several more penetrations. When they resided Derek leaned forward and planted his large thick lips on top of the small lips of the white woman he was fucking. Holly returned the kiss feverishly. She went crazy as their lips quickly spread and their tongues hooked and explored each other's mouths. Their heads swivelled from side to side locked in their dance as Derek's cum covered cock continued to pound away at her white pussy.

As his own climax approached Derek broke the embrace and leaned forward so that his body was now totally resting on Holly. This caused Holly's body to press deeply into the mattress. Derek hooked his right arm around Holly's head, which was located right under Derek's chest, and used it to pull himself deeper into his first white pussy. From the camera's view you could only see Holly's legs spread wide out to the sides with a large well-muscled black butt and well-muscled thighs pounded into her in between. His massive black cock glistened with her pussy juice. Derek had now reached full penetration and their torsos were slapping together with each thrusts, creating a nice combination rhythm of their torsos colliding, the mattress squeaking, and the headboard banged against the wall.

As Holly started to approach her second orgasm she eased her hands up along Derek's sides. As it became closer and closer with each thrust, she started lightly caressing the part of his back that she could reach, her white hands creating a stark contrast between them and the dark black, sweat covered back that they were caressing. As the orgasm became closer and closer her hands slid down to the black butt that was pounding away at her. She caressed and pulled at it, obviously enjoying the rock hard muscular butt that she had found.

Derek was now pounding at her at an unbelievable pace, driving her deep into the mattress with each thrust, causing the headboard to collide with the wall so hard that some small chips of paint were falling down from the ceiling. Holly tore at his rock hard butt as her climax approached, riding her black stallion for all he was worth. Just as she reached her second orgasm Derek slapped into her so hard that her body was moved a few inches up the bed. His muscular black body tensed as he started shooting streaming loads of thick, white cum into her quivering defenceless white pussy. He then withdrew until just the tip of his cock was in her and slapped into her again, emptying his black cock completely inside of her.

After he was finished Derek collapsed on top of Holly, nearly smothering her in the process. They rested in that same position for several minutes, collecting themselves after what had happened. Holly was obviously still feeling the effects of the alcoholic combination Derek had put together to get her drunk, but the fucking she had received had partially brought her out of her drunken stupor. Some small part of her had to wonder just how she had got into the position she was now in. She was lying under a large black man, with his cock planted deep inside her well stretched pussy, and large gobs of his thick white semen had been planted deep inside her womb. She obviously wasn't complaining though as she had just experienced two of the greatest orgasms of her life.

After a few more minutes Derek rolled over and pulled the white woman with him. Her eyes were again closed and her head was resting against his chest, her large breasts mashed and squashed against his rib cage. She felt his hardening cock growing again inside her pussy and the feeling of it growing began to create more pleasure inside of her. She began to sway back and forth on top of it, raising herself up so that her hands rested on his muscled chest, her breasts hanging tantalizing from her torso and swaying in circular patterns as her rhythm increased.

The sight of her large white breasts rocking and swaying in front of him was too tantalizing a sight for Derek. He quickly covered each of them with his large hands and leaned forward to plant a soft kiss on each nipple. Her nipples responded by hardening. He then pushed the natural tits together so that he could rotate his tongue back and forth along both nipples. Holly's head hung down, her brunette hair covering her face, as she worked herself up and down on his large black cock. She brought her ass high up in the air each time, displaying the thick pole that connected her pussy to Derek's torso, before crashing down onto Derek's torso.

As they continued to fuck, Derek's large black hands worked themselves all over the body of the petite white woman who was on top of him. He would grab her breasts, letting their light weight rest in his hands as he rotated them around. He would reach up under the dark navy blouse that Holly still had on and caress her back or grab her shoulders to pull her harder down onto him, or he would place his large black hands over Holly's ass cheeks and massage her small, but full white ass.

He was thinking how great the recording of this was going to look. His large black hands massaging her small white ass while her pussy was spread wide around his cock. The recording showing the contrast of his pole going in and out of this white pussy was going to be amazing.

Holly threw her head back as her third orgasm began to approach, further jutting her large hanging breasts out in front of her for Derek to play with. She began to rock up and down on his pole like crazy, finally collapsing on his chest and using her knees to rock her forward and backward on his cock as her orgasm continued. Feeling the pangs of possibly another orgasm himself Derek began to pound upwards into Holly, extending her third orgasm and pushing her into an incredible fourth. Derek grabbed Holly by the tightly by the hips and began to pull her down onto him as he pushed up into her, causing a grunt from Holly's wide open mouth each time their torsos slapped into each other.

Derek forcefully powered into her, held her there, and then withdrew and powered into her again, and again, and again until finally with one last thrust he filled her fertile married vagina with his thick white cum for the second time. Holly collapsed onto the top of Derek as rivers of his cum spilled out of her pussy and down into their intermingled pubic hair.

After sleeping for half an hour or so with the petite Holly on top of him, his cock still embedded deep in her pussy, Derek pulled himself out and rolled her over onto the bed.

He then got up, dressed, and bundled Holly's pants and panties together. He cleaned her up a little, so that she wouldn't leak too much, snapped her bra back together, buttoned her blouse, and then put her panties and pants back on. He then grabbed her shoes and carried her back down to her 5th floor room. He had given Mike a lot more alcohol so he knew that he would be well out until morning. So when he got into the room he undressed Holly and placed her in the bed next to Mike.

He then removed Mike's pants and underwear, and then walked over to the side of the bed on which Holly was resting. Just the sight of that wonderful white body had gotten him hard again and he couldn't resist the opportunity to have her one more time. The thought of pumping another load of his potent cum into her pussy while her husband lay next to him made it even more exciting.

He quickly rolled her completely naked body over and placed a couple of pillows up under her stomach, so that her shapely white ass was sticking up in the air. He then bent down behind her and easily pushed his way in, parting her lips wide as he did so. He didn't want to risk waking either of them up enough for them to remember this so he was quick in his purpose. He rested his hands on either side of Holly's hips and began pounding her pussy from behind relentlessly. Holly's body shivered with each loud slap of their bodies colliding.

As his thick black cock disappeared into her cum filled pussy again and again, Derek slid his arms under her so he could fondle those delicious breasts. He quickly rode her to another orgasm before finally blasting a third load of his cum deep down into Holly's well fucked hole. He pulled out of her and left her lying like that and returned to his job back down at the bar.

That night when Derek returned to his house he reviewed the tape and printed out some pictures that clearly showed Holly enjoying herself on his large black cock. If needed, he planned to use them to try and score with Holly again.

The next day Derek noticed Mike apparently leaving for a conference and realized Holly was alone in her room. Through a knock on the door, and a lot of sweet talk, Derek convinced Holly to let him in the room so that he could take a look at a problem her husband had apparently reported with the bathroom. As he talked and moved past Holly he couldn't help but notice that her nipples were rock hard, clearly displaying themselves through her bra and the white blouse she was wearing.

When Derek entered the bathroom he partially closed the door and removed all his clothes. He then surprised Holly by walking out nude. He was pretty positive that she consciously didn't remember what had happened last night, but he was also pretty sure that part of her had some idea and wanted it to happen again, judging by the response of her nipples. Although she was very, very reluctant, Derek eventually found himself in kneeling down behind that wonderful white ass of hers. His large black hands gripped her white hips as he thrust his big black dick into her. Holly screamed in delight as he began pounding her tight pussy with his black cock.

Mike's conference lasted another three days, during which time Derek and Holly spent just about every second that Mike was away fucking. On the third day of their affair they fucked eleven times, and mutually enjoyed each of them with Derek planting endless loads of his seed deep in Holly's married opening. It turns out that Derek didn't need those pictures after all. But several months later Holly would be needing baby clothes as Derek had successfully bred the petite white Holly.

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