Holiday sex

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I was on holiday with some friends and the beginning of our holiday just happened to coincide with the annual school leavers’ celebration that was held in the area. It was the first night we got there and the second last night of the celebrations, so we were all hoping to pick up some 18 year olds.

We had drinks in our hotel room, then went out to the beach party; a massive party that was organized for the school leavers. It wasn’t long before we were all talking to girls. I found a girl who had just turned 18 and finished school and she was pretty drunk, as was I. She was about 5”5, had blonde hair, nice boobs, probably around a C or D cup, and a massive, round arse, as I was to find out later on. We talked for a while and it wasn’t long before I decided it was time to make my move. As we were sitting down, I rested my hand on her leg and straight away without thinking, I moved in for the kiss.

She immediately went for it as well, obviously keen on the idea also. We hooked up for a while and I started to rub the inside of her thigh. She spread her legs wider the more I rubbed, so I took this as a sign to go for her pussy. Reaching my fingers inside the leg of her small denim shorts, I expected to feel another layer of cotton to go through but only felt skin. She wasn’t wearing any panties. Immediately upon contact, I felt how squishy and warm her pussy was; obviously she was horny and already wet. I slid my index finger between her pussy lips, and found they were already coated in her juice. As our tongues twisted in each other’s mouths, I kept slipping my finger up and down her soaking wet pussy slit then slowly started to massage her clit.

This caused her to break the kiss and moan quietly in my ear. I took this as an opportunity to kiss her neck and this drove her wild, grabbing my hand with hers and forcing it towards her hole. I slipped my index finger inside and found something opposite to what I was expecting. Her pussy was extremely tight and it felt like part of her hymen was still intact. She moaned in pleasure as I started to rub her clit with my spare thumb and she tried to force my finger deeper inside her tight, little hole. My suspicions were confirmed when I felt part of her hymen break. I was a little worried there might be blood but looking down, there was not.

She grabbed for my dick with one of her hands but struggled with it, too wrapped up in her own pleasure to stop. Instead, she just rubbed me over the pants. Nothing that excited me all that much, but she was young, hot and horny so I still managed to get hard. I started to rub her g-spot with my finger, as I continued to flick her clit with my thumb, and this caused her to moan even louder. Because we were in a public place, she buried her head into my shoulder as she struggled to hold her excitement in, obviously not having had much experience in the world of sex. It wasn’t long before her orgasm started to near and she took her head out of my shoulder to moan in my ear, “I think I’m going to cum”.

I kept rubbing her g-spot while massaging her clit and her moans soon became louder and more spasmodic into my shoulder as her orgasm erupted. Her pussy pulsed and her whole body stiffened as pussy juice started to leak out of her onto my fingers. “Oh my god, that felt so good!”, she said to me as I withdrew my fingers from her pussy and rubbed her swollen clit softly. “That was the first time someone’s made me cum before”, she told me, grabbing my hand and putting my finger in her mouth, sucking her juices off. “Have you had sex before?”, I asked her. “I’ve tried a couple of times but it wasn’t really that good..

I think the guys I did it with were shit at it as well”, she responded. “Do you want to come back to my hotel room?”, I asked her. “I had a girlfriend for over a year so I know what I’m doing”, I said with a cheeky grin. “Ok, how far away is it?”, she replied. “Only a couple of hundred meters”, I told her, grabbing her hand and pulling her up. We walked back to my hotel room, just 45 minutes since I had left it with my mates. When we got there, I got the room key from the hiding spot and went to the master bedroom which we had agreed was for anyone who brought a girl back. Shutting the door behind us, I grabbed her from behind, leaning over her shoulder and started hooking up with her.

As I did, I groped her boobs with one hand while rubbing her pussy with the other. She had obviously been thinking about sex the whole walk back because her pussy was even wetter than it was before. I rubbed her slit up and down, rubbing her clit and she had to break the kiss to moan. This time, she didn’t hold back, moaning loudly as I groped her tits and fingered her tight, wet pussy. I kissed her neck as I continued this, my cock getting hard and poking into her arse. After a minute, I stopped, grabbing her hand and leading her to the bedroom. Because she was a couple of years younger than me, and I was also more experienced, I decided to see what I could get her to do for me.

As I walked in the room, I switched the light on and sat down on a chair, telling her to strip for me as I went to sit down. She seemed a little hesitant for a second but moved over to stand in front of me, pulling her shirt off over her head, revealing a black lace bra. She looked at me sexily, reaching behind her and unclipping her bra, setting her beautiful tits free. They were beautifully shaped and symmetrical, as were her nice, pink nipples which had obviously never had a lot of attention. I leaned over to grab them, pulling her to lean over so I could suck on her nipples. They were already semi-erect, but after sucking each one they were soon fully.

As I sucked her beautiful pink nipples, she moaned in pleasure, reaching back to slide down her shorts. I stopped her quickly, grabbing her hands and stopped sucking on her nipples to tell her to bend over the bed then take them off. She did as she was told, slowly revealing her big, bouncy arse and her dripping wet pussy which looked absolutely delicious from behind. “Spread your arse for me”, I told her, so I could get a better look at her pussy and arsehole. She did as she was told again and as she did, I could see strands of her wetness clinging on either side of her pussy lips. Seeing that, I couldn’t help myself and was on my knees quickly behind her, my face in her arse.

I ate her soaking, wet pussy, lapping up her juices as she moaned in pleasure, her head buried in the bed. “Ohhhh, fuck, yes, oh”, she moaned. I squeezed her big, beautiful arse as I ate her delicious, young pussy and felt my cock straining through my pants. Her arsehole looked untouched and clean, so I moved my tongue up to lick it and fingered her pussy from behind as I did. She seemed a little shocked for a split-second, but quickly started enjoying it and moaning even louder. I tickled her g-spot as I licked her tiny, little arsehole and it wasn’t long again before she told me she was going to cum. “Oh”, she moaned, her head still buried in the bed as I went back to eating her beautiful pussy.

She started to cum again, the second time so far, and tried to grab my head to pull it further into her pussy. Her pussy pulsed as her orgasm subsided, and she collapsed onto the bed. “Oh my god, I’ve never had anything like that before”, she breathed, exhausted. “We’re not done yet”, I told her, pulling my shirt and shorts off to set my rock hard cock free. It sprung from the waist band, making a smacking sound as it hit my abdomen. “Wow, that’s bigger than the other guys I’ve had”, she said, grabbing it with her hand. I only had an average-sized cock, but clearly the guys she had fucked were amateurs in every sense of the word.

“Do you know how to suck cock”, I asked her as she slowly jacked it. “I’ve only done it a couple of times”, she told me looking up at me innocently. “Well you’re going to learn”, I told her, pushing her to her knees on the ground in front of me. Opening her mouth, she put the head of my dick in and began to suck. “Ohh, that’s good”, I told her, “use more spit”. She produced more saliva and her soft lips massaged the tip of my cock as they slid up and down. The site of a young, hot girl sucking my cock was great. Although my cock felt awesome from her sucking it, I knew it could get better.

“Take more in”, I told her placing my hands on the back of her head. She started to bob her head up and down on my cock til about half way down the shaft, but this still wasn’t far enough. I pushed her head down further on my cock on each down stroke as she slowly took in more of it with each turn. It wasn’t long until she was sucking my whole dick. “Oh fuck, that feels awesome”, I told her. “You’re a pro”. I felt her smile a little as I told her that, clearly happy that she was getting good at it. I let her suck my cock like this for another minute, watching her soft, pink lips wrapped around my cock as it slid all the way in and out of her mouth.

“Now suck my balls”, I told her. Again, she seemed a little hesitant but pulled her mouth away from my dick and towards them. “Just suck them like they’re lollipops”, I told her as she looked like she wasn’t sure of what she had to do. She seemed pleased to get given this advice and did exactly as I told her, sucking them like lollipops as she jacked my cock with her hand. The room was filled with sucking and slurping sounds as she took each testicle in her mouth, one at a time. After a minute or so of this, I decided it was time I got a piece of her tight, wet pussy.

“Bend over”, I told her getting her to bend over the bed as she had before to reveal her beautiful, swollen pussy again. I slid my dick up and down her pussy and rubbed her clit with it, drawing immediate moans from her again. I positioned the head at her tiny opening, pushing in softly as she moaned. I got the tip in to her tight hole before I felt resistance from her partly intact hymen and its wetness and warmth felt amazing. “Have you got a condom on”, she asked me. Feeling a little disappointed, but hopeful, I said “no, but I’ll pull out, don’t worry”. I didn’t really expect her to go with it, but she was obviously very horny and replied with “Ok”.

I couldn’t believe my luck and slowly started to push a little harder to try and get past her hymen, making sure she lost her virginity properly this time. She whimpered a little in pain as I tore what was left, then slowly drew my cock all the way back out of her pussy to see if there was any blood. Inspecting my cock for a second, I found it was covered, but with her juices rather than blood. I slid the tip up and down her slit for another few seconds then pushed back into her pussy again. It was so tight, warm and slippery that I had to take a few deep breaths as I pushed all the way in.

Slowly drawing my cock in and out of her pussy a few times, I began to build my pace ever so slowly as I watched my cock keep disappearing into her tiny, pink hole. She moaned with each stroke as I fucked her steadily and after a couple of minutes of this she told me to go faster. I did so without second thought and was soon pounding her tight, pink pussy hard. The sound of sex filled the room as my pelvis slapped against her arse, my balls against her clit and she breathed and moaned loudly. “Oohhhh ohhh ohh”, she moaned as I fucked her virgin cunt, watching my hard cock disappear into it, then reappear on each stroke. Her fat arse wobbled as my pelvis slapped against it, and I started to squeeze and spank it as I fucked her. This only resulted in more moaning. Soon enough, her pussy started to pulse and her third orgasm of the night arrived. “Ohhhh my god”, she moaned as her pussy spasmed, sending a small wave of her juice washing over my cock.

Her orgasm slowly subsided, as her moaning slowed and she collapsed on the bed again. I couldn’t believe how easy it seemed I had made her cum so far. “Not done yet”, I said, lying on the bed. “Sit on my face and suck my cock”, I told her. She slowly made her way to her feet, the stepped up on the bed, turning around to sit her big round arse on my face, I hungrily lapped at it, sliding my finger over her arsehole which was wet from her juices. She was soon moaning again as she sucked my cock and she had to stop. “Ride my face”, I told her, so she started to bounce her big arse up and down as I ate her pussy. “Oh my god”, she moaned as she bounced up and down and squeezed her nipples. I pushed her arse off my face and told her to ride my cock. She went to turn around and face me, but I quickly told her to keep facing the other way. “I want to watch your arse bounce up and down”, I told her, which made her smile.

She slowly lowered her arse and pussy towards my cock, guiding it in to her tight, wet hole. Sitting down on it slowly, she moaned, feeling it slide all the way in and until there was none left. She sat up and down on it slowly a few times, but I couldn’t see it properly so I told her to bend over and do it. She did as she was told and I watched my cock disappear into her pussy as she started to bounce her arse up and down on it. Her pussy felt amazing and it made it even better being able to watch it disappear inside her with each stroke, as her beautiful arse bounced up and down.

I squeezed her arse cheeks, smacking them as she rode my dick and moaned in pleasure. Soon another orgasm began to pulse through her body again as she sat up and started to cum on my cock. A small amount of her juice dripped out of her pussy and down my cock, onto my balls as she orgasmed yet again. “Sit on the edge of the bed”, I instructed her as she pulled my cock off of her. I knew I was getting close to orgasm but felt like I could make her cum one more time before I did. As she sat on the edge of the bed, I climbed in between her legs and pushed her back down onto the bed.

Sliding my cock back inside her beautiful pussy, I could tell it wouldn’t take long to get her to cum again. I quickly started fucking her hard as she put her legs onto my shoulders and continued to moan uncontrollably. I saw her small, swollen clit poking out the top of her slit, so I licked my thumb to lubricate it and started rubbing it as I fucked her hard. My balls slapped again her arse as I watched her nice tits bounce up and down on each stroke. She kept moaning as I leaned over her to suck on her soft, pink nipples again and her whole body started to shake. “I’m cumming!” she moaned as she pulsed, my cock still pumping in and out of her.

As her orgasm continued on for another whole minute, I felt my own start to approach. Hers finished just as my balls started to tighten and I pulled out quickly, shooting hot cum onto her stomach. “Oh”, I breathed as I came from one of the better fucks of my life. I continued to jack my dick as I milked the last bit from it onto her chest and collapsed on the bed next to her. She laid next to me and we both fell asleep exhausted. About an hour later I woke up on the bed, still naked, but alone. Looking around the room for a towel so I could have a shower, I found a note with her name, Issy, and phone number on it. I smiled, happy with my work, looking forward to the whole next week which I knew would be just as good.

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