Hobo Jungle Late Teen Uses and Abuses

(Part 1 from 4)

*** Part 1.
Townie Teen's Perverse Sexual Education Begins

He was in his hormone poisoned late-teens back in the 60s. Lived all his life in a comatose little prairie town. Not much going on. Townie's senior year and he didn't have many required classes left. Most of his autumn mornings or afternoons were free. Study time was on a flexible schedule and he could attend one or the other. He didn't mind classes. He could look at the girls and think of the odd/sex things, for which he as yet had no name, sex stuff that would make them moan and cry don't stop. Taboo activities to make them auto-do or do to them and which he would ejoy and which each fantasy victim would thank him for by groaning into multiple cummings, drool running down their collective half-opened and well-fucked mouths. But at the same time, his balls and cock were becoming ever more demanding and he was having odd - even forbidden - sexed-up fantasies involving his forced servicing of several old perv-men, usually rail-riders or local shadow-people, all at once. Never really thought anything would cum of it. He had a regular highschool girlfriend who liked to fuck in risky places and twice let him finger her under their shared blankets watching Star Trek with her family. She came quietly under his digits, and everyone could smell her sex. Her mother smiled at him, her nipples visibly stiffening.

He used to sneak out the hour before midnight, with Johnny Carson's voice echoing laughter and his grandfather nodding thoughtfully in the last p.m. hour or, usually, wait until the flag and his grandfather had both gone to sleep, in the very smallest hours of the morning and fog around town, cock and balls hanging out of his short cut-off and raggedy jeans/pajamas. T-shirt and sneakers made up his remaining nighttime foray uniform, plus a black and bulky hoody. Knew where every window was that would likely offer safe viewing of a girl and/or woman as she stripped down for the night. He even watched older couples undress together and saw frequently the neighbor "lady" with her mouth full of cock. She'd suck and chew her husband's gristle until he splewed, swallow discretely, display her grossly fat & huge teats, wiggle into something shredded and revealing, get in bed, shut off the light and say "good night, dear". The streetlight through their window left her hanging udder a static jack-off inspiration for our boy, let's call him Townie, as he will be, soon enough.

Occasionally he got a "watch" of someone sexing themselves. He found it odd that he was especially heated by the site of an old bachelor who seemed to wait for him to waft into his usually kneeling spot, screened by bush & shrub. Then the old man would treat the teen to a display of male self-manipulation and self-administered cock and ball (CBT) training which the teen/man found HARD to believe, but wanted... He wanted to help - by mouth fucking the bald-headed, teeth out old fuck. That old tease had really been a turn on lately, especially with the cock pump running for hours at a time!! And the elctrodes on his old low-hanging balls and oddly large nipples. The old cockpit liked to tease himself and anyone watching by messing with the amount and frequency of current to his "sextact" (contact) points, always extra sexually sensitive areas. A constant hard-on that could gush unexpectedly, as long as he was hooked up.

Oh well. Must have left several gallons of young cum on various lawns. He believed - and it was likely true - that some of these cunts and those cocks knew he was watching and doing himself and it turned them on, too.

This early, early morning his route took him along the tracks beside the tramp camp, which usually held only sleepers waiting for the next train. Tonight things looked different from near his hiding spot. He could see everything they were doing and felt safe enough to pound his ready-hanging meat and squeeze/slap his mostly shaved scrotum while watching the perverse activity unfolding in front of their flickering fire. He'd never seen queers do anything and these guys were looking like they came out of a sticky San Francisco gay bdsm bar.

There is a creek that drains through a smallish pond, formed by damning up Cockburn Stream for the purpose of water storage during the days the railroad was still a big deal in this out-of-the-way rural community. Steam locomotives. The creek makes a bend around the Hobo Hideaway on three sides. Really can't see down in there well. He made his way closer - their moans, groans, muffled screams and assorted sex noises covered his aural tracks well and soon he was within 10 yards of the scene, screened by the night and a few strategic shrubs.

It was then that he saw the reputed town trollop, naked and nasty and helping two of the boys. Cheryl was her name and tabboo sexing her game. Back to her later.

The nearest studly fuck was standing in the creek in a fish trap that had been constructed and maintained for years. Caught the big ones. Pike with lots of teeth and good to eat and rough fish; i.e., suckers and carp. Suckers are called that for a reason. A bottom-feeding sucking, probing mouth. Carp are much the same only larger. The closest man was entertaining a real monster. That carp was big and it had all that dude's cock in its mouth. Thrashing around partially in the water, it was like he was getting an auto-suck from that fish. He was alternately moaning and groaning then pulling another drag from an odd smelling smoke. Smelled skunky and the effects of the hashish/opium made his cock helmet super sensitive to the manipulations of the cold fish mouth. This would be a hot load of Carpacide he'd spew - when the time came.

Greasy dudes two and three were entertaining each other and Cheryl three or four yards off the edge of the creek bank. Fuck fiend #1's carpy antics were keeping them entertained and aroused. There were nice, fully-leafed elms and two cottonwoods there that hid them and the light from the Coleman on the nearby stump and the several candles in metal reflector/holders hung on old nails stuck in the trees. Remains of a campfire were a glowing bed of red/white hot coals.

As to this three-some, let me give you a static picture to set up the action. Dude three, henceforth known as cum bucket or cb, is on his hands and knees with his face buried in Cheryl's, henceforth C., shaven and gaping twat. His cock and his balls are bound up in a combination of split collars and ball stretching rings. 5# of shot sewn in a leather pouch with a cock and ball collar attachment hang from his pulsing junk. His 8 fat inches are collared, throbbing and curved up towards his bare belly. His nipples are clamped and the clamps are weighted with three pound fishing sinkers suspended on momofilament line.

While servicing c., cb is serving moanfully, tearfully, dude numero uno - henceforth and truthfully, "socio" or just "path" or "p.". You get it and it was the p. who brought the edge of that knife danger/thrill with him. p. had his honest 9.5" crammed "cum"pletely into cb's gaping rectum. p, you see, had a fair share of African and american indian blood and it showed in the size of his cock and super-fat balls. Momentarily his balls rested against cb's stretched scrot, as p. also was a bit of a masochist and had his balls weighted with blunt-spiked stretch rings. When he began slowly thrusting again, their sacs swayed in close unison; then p. sped up and started fucking with piston-like power thrusting, pulling his bulbous cock head fully out of cb's painfully stretched sphincter and plunging it back in to the hilt repeatedly and with animal growls of grunting lust/pleasure. The faster p. probed cb's colon, the more their weighted balls got out of sync. This meant cb was being continually mauled - primarily his nuts but sometimes his cock,too - by p.'s spiked ball stretching rings. He was carrying a load of 5. This more furious fucking also meant that cb's nipple weights were beginning to sway most exquisitly/painfully.

Cheryl, meanwhile, is scootched around and now has her head positioned so that she may lick and suck and chew and twist and slap p.'s collar-strained seed-sac as he brews up a steaming load of perv cream. Occasionally p. pulls his cock out of cb and plows c.'s unwilling throat with his ass-covered virginity cure-all. He makes her lick it clean and tongue his piss slit before slamming back into cb's burning shit chute. At the same time, cb is working over c.'s ruined cunny and asshole. He's already spent an hour sucking leftover cum from her nasty fem-slot and in the process made her clit very protrubent. That got it a clothespin. It matches the ones on her red, bound and bulging boobs - the nipples stand up so and just beg for "decoration". cb has been working an old, mostly smooth tool handle of ovoid shape and with a fair girth and length. Probably broken by rail men and tossed aside. It was back on the job, slowly being pushed and pulled and twisted in c.'s abused asshole. A buzzer appears from somewhere - probably p. had it. Attached to the clothes pin on c.'s clit and let her rip, along with cb's fist buried in her vag past the wrist.

All the while, each edged closer to orgasm. But p. wasn't going to let the fun end so soon. While fucking him, p. had reached beneath cb and with his calloused hands, began violently sexing cb's cock and balls. Edging him. p. could see/feel that both his toys were on the border of bursting. None of that. Not yet. No one except carp dude could really see clearly what p. did. The rambler in hiding could see p. quietly pull down a candle which had accumlated a large amount of scorchingly hot liquid wax in the deep base of the holder. He then yanked his cock out of cb with a popping, vacuum-release sound, rolled cb and c., still entangled onto their sides and poured the firey wax on c.'s cunt hole, her stretched asshole, her clamped and fat tits. She scre-moaned, came for an eternity, then passed out. Just as soon as she had been waxed, p. snatched the scotum pouch from cb's balls and gave both them and cock a wax bath, with the remainder going on p's own pulsing shaft. cb began spewing hot seed with the first splash of wax, timed by p so that his subjects would come together, right now, under him. As their uunnnhhhhhuuunnngggghhhhaaarrrhhh-ooowwwwwwww grunts and moans peaked, p popped his meat dagger from cb's wrecktum - he'd plunged back in when he let fall the first hot wax - and blew a huge load of man goo, the first blast on cb's ravaged hole and the rest shot into c.'s waiting, gasping gullet. p. rested his cock in c.'s tight mouth. She was unknowingly rolling his dick around with her tongue. Insatiable.

The carp guy came out with the still lively fish swallowing choad, or trying to. Carp will eat anything they can suck down. Carp guy (cg) came up to the three, eyed p, then popped the fish from his dong, cumming at the same time on c. and cb. It was a large and fishy load. The carp was pissed. He wanted something to eat. After a few minutes in the water to rejuvenate, carp was returned to the two subjects, see if he wanted to try the menu with them. A couple minutes on cb's cock had it awake and stiffening, again. Carps last few minutes of life were spent as buried as possible in c.'s sewer-hole cunt, thrashing violently. His tail fins and muscular last few inches, which were hanging out, beat and brushed against her swollen labia and wax-burned clit. Carp scales scratched her. She came again, violently and loudly. The heroic fish popped out, likely well-cooked by c.'s hot oven. This made c come again, gasping quietly.

All this time, Townie had been quietly stroking his 18-year-old 6.5" X 2.75" cock with his right hand and squeezing his engorged low hangers with his left. The slight breeze had gone down as events progressed. It had been rattling the cottonwood leaves enough to mask any tiny noise he might have made earlier. Besides, he had dark hair and a dark hoodie on and was in shadows. It was his luck that the sky, which had been overcast, began clearing and revealed a bright, full moon just as he rolled his head back and came with a prolonged, sack-draining mighty burst of hot man cream, gout after gout all the way to his lips and chin, in fact.

He must have groaned in release unremembering. When he opened his eyes, there were two cocks and a knife pointing at him. p and cg were grinning. They had a new subject and six more certain hours of darkness, darkness. They'd planned in advance for this opportunity, which was inevitable somewhere along their travels. Townie knew something sexed & sado was likely his fate. Let's get it on, he inwardly smirked. And even mostly sub cb and crazy c get to work on him, apparently. That warm and fat feeling was returning to his proudly displayed phallus.

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