Her first Adventure

(Part 1 from 1)

L and R have been dating for a few years. We are very much in love, our sex life was amazing but we decided to try something new.

L is an older sexy milf in every sense of the word. She has 36 DD big tits that are perfectly round and she has small hard nipples. She has an ass you can bounce quarter off of, she has the most amazing looking pussy and she can cum over and over in one session. She loves a hard cock in her mouth (Her favorite) and swallows every drop.

Everything started out innocent enough. We put up an ad for someone to just take pics of us having sex. It was a first for us both and we were very excited about it. When we showed up at the guys house, the session went great, he was in a towel, obviously hard but took the pics of us in every position, ending with me cumming in her and pictures were taken of her pussy dripping with my cream.

We talked about how fun in was to be watched and then I sprung on her that it would be fun to ask someone to join us. She argued but agreed if there was no kissing. We placed another ad to invite a few guys to our motel room to fuck L. We found two studs and a black girl, who only wanted to watch. We set up the room and everyone showed up as planned. The girl was pretty and sat in the corner drinking wine. She was nice and very polite. The first guy (Johnny) was quite the stud and we learned he had about 9" for L to play with. The other guy was Hawaiian and had about 8" cock and his name was Rod.

The way it started was that I had L put on a very sexy pair of laced panties, a shelf bra and I tied her to the bed. She was blindfolded and I left her in the room to go downstairs to get everyone. When we returned, it was obvious L was shaking, scared, excited and nervous. The girl took her place in the corner and the boys began taking their clothes off. L was very nervous as Johnny's cock touched her shaking lips. He has an amazing cock and L seemed to devour it from first touch. Rod slid into L's open pussy, licking her and found her to be completely wet. Shortly after, I removed L's blindfold and she saw for the first time who it was that was licking her and fucking her mouth. She began to relax as the boys licked her and sucked her amazing titties.

It was now time for someone to fuck her. I un-tied L as I knew she was not going to change her mind or resist. She was having an adventure like she never had before. I remember Johnny stepped up and put his condom on his huge cock. First the tip, then more and then he buried it inside her tight pussy. I watched as his cock slid in and out of her. L's eyes closed, her head leaned back and she was pushing her pussy towards Johnny every time he pushed into her. It didn't take any time at all for L to cum the first time.

 She came with a long, loud moan, raising her chest and beautiful tits high into the air as she did. L doesn't take much time to recover and a few seconds later her back arched and she began to cum again. She looks so erotic when she cums and I love hearing and seeing her enjoying another guys cock! A few strokes later Johnny begins to moan and pulls from L and removes his condom. Johnny shoot his hot load all over my babies tits. L rubs it into her skin as she loved cum on her big boobs and body.

Rod wastes no time and flips L over and enters her wet pussy from behind. I will spare the details but yes, he came on her titties too and L enjoyed rubbing it all over her body.

It was my turn and I found there was something about having another guys cock in my girl that made fucking her even more exciting. It didn't take me long fucking her amazing ass doggie style for me to fill her full of cum. L always loved to cum with me and she spared no energy have another organism. I can feel her pussy contracting around my cock every time she comes too.

The black girl was still in the corner and I could imaging how wet she must have been. We all talked, sitting around naked for a while and we all fucked L again and went our separate ways. I was a night to remember.

Now, having said that, since then I've sent L out hunting for a strangers who she took home with her and I listened on the phone as they fucked her. L also picked up a guy at a store and fucked her in a friend's apartment and then we eventually had two large 6-7 guy gangbangs. We later found someone we liked cuming in her so I could have a cream pie pussy to fuck after he was done.

More to cum....

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