Her Best Friend

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It all started a few years ago when I moved to Virginia. My parents went through the routine of meeting new friends and I had to do the same. I am about 5'8" tall and i weigh 180 Pounds. I dont usually have problems making friends its just I really didnt care this time. 

One of my mom's friends gave me the urge to realease some tension whenever she came by. Her name was Louise. To me, she was the ideal sex toy. About 5'7" tall about 200 pounds and 36DD tits. Her best feature by far was her ass. It was amazing by anyones standard. Her ass was enormous and I had a few wet dreams about sticking my dick in her. 

I finally had a chance one day when she came over to see my mom. They sat and had a usual cup of coffee while chatting away. My mom told her she had to run to the store and pick up dinner. She told her she'd be back in half an hour so just watch tv until then. 

After a couple minutes I snuck downstairs and got myself something to eat. We started talking about school and life in general. She told me that her marriage wasnt doing so good since her husband left almost weekly on business.

My room had been repainted recently and my mom told her it was "to die for". She walked upstairs and I remembered I was downloading some pornos but I couldnt get by her. When she walked in she covered her mouth in shock. The porno was paused and she was caught off guard. 

I apologized quickly and begged her not to tell my mom. She said, "well your gonna have to convince me to not say anything."

I couldnt believe it, "what did you have in mind", I said.

"Well you could start by showing me that dick of yours." 

I quickly pulled out my hardon to reveal my full 7 1/2 inches. 


She quickly shed her shirt and pants and stripped off her bra and panties. All she was wearing were high heels!

My tounge immediately found her clit and made cirular motions around it. She bucked against my tounge and soon looked up to find my face covered in her female juices. 

Then I shoved my dick in her mouth as she gave me the best blowjob I had ever gotten. I almost blew my load right there as she licked me from base to head but I pulled her lips from my dick.

She turned around and I stuck my now lubed dick in her puckered asshole. Slowly inch by inch I moved in and out until I was all the way in. I reached around tweaking her hard nipples as she fingered her cunt. I slammed my balls against her cheeks as she moaned in pleasure. She started to cum again and I was in absolute heaven. My dick was up for this challenge and pounded away at her asshole. We were fucking like animals in heat and then we heard it.

The garage door was starting to open and I hadnt even cum yet. 

I turned Louise around and stuck my dick into her pussy and entered her 8 times before I unloaded strings of cum into her cunt. She quickly got dressed without even cleaning up as my still erect dick was now turned on by the creampie in her panties. 

She was dressed in a flash and began to suck me off before she heard the door to the house open. I busted in the back of her throat and she swallowed it all attempting to hide the evidence.

I could only smile as she left my room and I knew I had made a very good friend.

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