Hattiesburg to the High Seas : Part 1

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From Hattiesburg to the High Seas : Day 1

Karry was really excited. She was going back into her old life as a party girl, back where she belonged. Not that she had ever totally left that life, but after a recent promotion at the bank where she was now a senior officer, she was out to celebrate.

And celebrate she would in a place where the Mississippi locals would not see the Bank Officer in action. She was headed out of New Orleans on a Cruise with her friend, Janet, Karry felt sorry for Janet because she did not possess her talent to entice a man. She promised she would show her the ropes on the first night, and then she would be on her own because Karry would be very busy with her “new man”.

Karry is a 5”2”, light brown hair, with green eyes, C cup breasts, a hooknose and a little extra weight on her hips and legs which is understandable for a 64-year-old woman. But what she lacked in looks, she more than made up for with her aggressive sexual behavior. Janet was another story, standing almost 6 feet tall with a masculine build and features. Janet, unlike Karry, had very little experience with men.

Karry had been in contact with several men that were going to be on the cruise through face book and other social networking sites as well as the cruise singles chat line. She had arranged for four of these men to meet her, Janet and two ladies she had met on the cruise singles chat line at Commander’s Palace before boarding the ship at 2pm. Karry was a veteran cougar and knew how the game was played.

On the way to New Orleans, Karry educated Janet on how to handle the lunch meeting. She told her not to make any promises because there might be “better meat” available onboard the ship.

When they arrived at the restaurant, the two ladies, Terry and Sally and only three guys (George, Don and Richard) were waiting out front as per Karen’s directions. Karen immediately recognized them from their chat room pictures. Since they were short one man, Karen told Janet to just watch the other three ladies with more experience operate and she would learn some valuable lessons to use on the ship.

Introductions were made and they all went into the restaurant and ordered drinks. Don turned out to be the cream of the crop of three, so Karry immediately made her move on him. He was 65 years old, 6 feet tall, athletic build, with grey hair and brown eyes. He reminded Karen of the husband of her friend Barbie, with whom she had had an affair with when she was between marriages. George immediately sat down next to Terry. George was 55 years old 5’10” tall, slender build and very well dressed. Karry decided to keep an eye on him once they boarded the ship since he had definite possibilities. Annie sat next to Richard, 5’9” tall, a little overweight, but with a pleasant smile. Janet sat on the other side of Karry so she could watch and learn. From the conversation, they learned that Don was a retired electrical engineer, George was an executive with an insurance company and Richard owned an electronics store.

During lunch, Karry’s left hand found it way to Don’s crotch. He looked down and said, “Did you find anything you like?” Karry replied, “We’ll see”. Terry and George were deep in conversation as were Sally and Richard. Karry piped up, “Listen folks, it’s too early to make a pick, we all want to see everything available before we make any commitments for the week. There is a lot of time, and we will all make the most of it”. Meanwhile, her left hand has closed around Don’s cock through his slacks and she was squeezing it.

After lunch, they headed to the Port of New Orleans to find their cruise director. At 2pm, boarding began and the women found their rooms and waited for their bags to be delivered. When the bags were delivered, Karry winked at the steward and told him this might be his lucky week. When he had left, she broke out laughing and told Janet she had just given the steward the thrill of his life.

At 3:30 there was a meeting of the Swinging Single Cruisers by the swimming pool on the main deck. They were divided into groups and played games and discussed all the singles activities for the week which would begin after dinner that evening with Meet and Match, an activity designed to pair up the singles. Karry was excited about this because she did a lot of interviewing in her job and knew she would be the Meet and Match star. Just then Karry grabbed Janet’s arm. “Oh, no there’s Cindy McDowell”. Cindy was originally from Hattiesburg and her husband had best the best friend of Karry’s ex-husband, but had moved to California after Karry’s affair with her husband had ended Cindy’s marriage. “What is she doing here?” Cindy was a tall, beautiful brunette and still had ties with the folks back at the Racquet Club and the Country Club. “Well, so much for anonymity, she’ll tell everyone in Hattiesburg what we are up to. Maybe we can just avoid her all week.”

Meet and Match was a blast for the women because Karry had told them all the shocking questions to ask. After it was over, Sally left with Robert, an investment banker from New Orleans. Terry and Janet met two men from Nashville for drinks. Karry had picked a John, 45-year-old hunk from Memphis and they immediately headed for his cabin. Once inside, Karry immediately shed her clothes and jumped on the bed. John followed her and immediately began sucking her breasts. Karry moaned and changed positions so that she could suck his cock. John then moved them into the classic “69” position and began to lick Karry’s shaven cunt.

After about fifteen minutes of this mutual masturbation, John moved to his back and put Karry on top of him. She slowly eased her cunt onto his large cock and began rocking. “Fuck me, fuck me, I haven’t had a decent fuck today”, she cried out. John met her thrust for thrust. As he was getting ready to cum, he pulled out and positioned Karry’s mouth over his wet cock. She eagerly took it in her mouth and sucked like a vacuum cleaner until she had swallowed his entire load of cum. John said,” Stay with me tonight, Karry, we can do this over and over”. “Sorry, John, this was just for fun, I’ve got bigger fish to fry on this trip, but thanks for the fuck.” Karry then returned to her own cabin where she found Terry and Janet comparing notes of the men they had met. “Where have you been Karry?” asked Janet. Karry replied, laughing “Just had to get a little mud for my turtle”.

Janet and Terry were shocked. Karry said, “Don’t worry, it was nothing, I’ve fucked a thousand men in my life, one more isn’t going to hurt. He was a pussycat, but unfortunately, he works in a factory and has nothing I want other than a cheap thrill. Face it girls, our pussy is just a tool to be used to get what we want. Now, I’m tired and need a shower and some rest, Big Game hunting will start tomorrow.

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