Harlem Nights

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In the heart of the ghetto in Harlem, NY, there is a spa. Spa Cimsagro, is only open from 12:00pm until 5:00 am. It is in a secret location and is the most expensive on the east coast. It is cool working here. I am a masseuse, which means I am very good with my hands. I have an endless list of clients do to what I can do with my hands. Hold up! Let’s fly way back to how it all started. I was lying around at home, broke and bored. I mean real broke, eating noodles for dinner every night. I went to a friend’s house one day and she was moving to a nice townhouse in Manhattan. “Girl, how can you afford to move to a townhouse?” I asked. “I don’t know if I should tell you.” “Why not trick” I shouted. She gave in and told me she would tell me all once we got to her new place. 

When we arrived at her townhouse, fully furnished might I add, she put down her purse in the family room and left me to go to her bedroom, upstairs. I looked around here and there and noticed the many pictures that she had on the walls and on her tables. They were not pictures of her and her family, but of her with men. Not strange yet? The men were naked and she was on her knees doing their nails. In one photograph, a brotha had a dick so big and thick that I though it got stung by a bumble bee. The head was the size of a golf ball. My pussy instantly got wet. I had to stop looking at that photo before my juices ran down my leg. I was wearing a skirt so that would’ve been a big mess. Damn, after all that she still wasn’t back. I got tired of standing so I sat on the couch and waited. After a while I started to look at more pictures and got wet again. I looked back at the big dick brotha and said fuck it I’m wet shit. I put my hand up my skirt and started to rub my pussy lips through my panties. My lips were beginning to twitch and I pulled my panties aside and put one finger in my slit. Thinking about that brotha’s big dick slamming into my red-boned, black pussy made me almost cum, when suddenly I hear. “What the Hell you doing?”

I jumped to my feet and pulled down my skirt. “Me Veronica? You the one with pictures of naked men all over your place”, I said trying to not be embarrassed. She sucked her teeth at me and walked over looking pissed. She got in my face and turned her head and picked the picture I was looking at earlier, then looked back at me and said, “He is a big dicked motha fucka ain’t he?”, while laughing. I laughed too. She put the picture down and told me about her job at the spa and that she did manicures and pedicures. She told me she would take me to her boss tomorrow if I wanted and maybe I would have a job. “Make sure you dress nice tomorrow.” she said. I stared at her and she said “I’m sorry girl you have always been the professional one of us two. You got it goin on I know you gradated college and all. Don’t worry ya gonna do ah-ight. 

I spent the night over her house and dressed in a skirt and nice button up shirt with my heels the next day. We left around 12:45 pm. We were already late, but she told me that she needed to get a couple of things for work and left me in the car while she ran back inside. On the way there she suggested that I run by my house and get my massage table and other items I need for massages. Once we got all of our tools and made it to the spa it was 1:30 am. We went into a neighborhood that looked like the slums, but once we made a few turns; we pulled into this old garage. Once we were inside bright lights came on and two well built men escorted us out of the car and carried our things into the shop. How you dong today Ms. Hansen? That was Veronica’s last name. She introduced me to the men and told me to follow her upstairs to the owner’s office. She told me to wait outside while she went in to talk to him. “How you doin Bryan?” she asked once the doors to his office was closed. “I’m alright Veronica”, he said while taking a puff on his cigar and lying back in his high-backed desk chair. “I brought in the masseuse that I was telling you about.” “Oh. really? Well, bring her in, we need a good masseuse here. Hold on, before you bring her in I must ask are you willing to show her the ropes here?” “Of course. She is my home girl. “Then I expect her to be just as good as you or better. Send her in.” 

I walked in to his office and he asked my name and I told him “Pricilla”. “A pleasure to meet you “. “A pleasure to you as well sir”, I replied. “Don’t call me sir, call me Bryan”. He sat up in his chair. “Now I hear that you are a masseuse. Is that right?” I nodded yes. We are in need of a masseuse, and I believe that Veronica has explained to you our business hours. Are those hours ok with you?” “Yes”, I answered. “Ok. Then we will continue with the interview. “Would you describe yourself as playful, interesting, funny, likeable, dependable and attractive?” I smiled and uncrossed and re-crossed my legs “Yes.” There will be other duties required other than just a massage, is that ok?” “Yes” “Ok now I will need you to do one more thing?” “What is that?” “A demonstration massage of course. I can’t hire you without seeing what you can do can I?” he chuckled and smiled. “Don’t worry. Veronica will show you where you can change into your masseuse attire and set up your equipment. Did you bring your own tools or do you need some of ours?” “I brought my own sir.” “I knew you were a well prepared lady.” You sound so proper, you must be an intelligent woman. Did you go to college?” “Yes, I have a degree in Business, and marketing”. “Wow. You are really a classy lady and that will come in handy here. Who knows I might put you over public relations. Now go and prepare and by the way your practice client will be myself, so do a good job I’ll be evaluating your performance.”, laughing. “Don’t worry, I know you will do well”, he winked. 

In the massage room I talked with Veronica and she gave me a swimsuit that I left over her house last summer and told me to get dressed. I put it on and the robe she gave me. “Why am I wearing this stuff V.?” “You will see, but the most important thing in this spa is to look sexy, just don’t be slutty with it, the clients hate that. I sat on the chair and waited for Bryan to come in. He came in and asked “Are you ready?” I said yes and he layed on the table. I walked around the candle light room and turned on some soft soothing music. I rubbed massage oil on my hand and began to rub his back. I had practically finished his massage when Veronica came in. He sat up and said that I had done a terrific job, but there was more to it than just the massage. I asked Veronica what he was talking about and she told me to remove my robe. I said no, I did not feel comfortable, and he told me that he warned about needing to be sexy. So, I took off my robe. “Umm Um! Your red-boned body looks good. Come here baby”. I walked up to him sitting on the table. He turned me around and looked at my ass. He slapped it and I wanted to turn around and slap him but I didn’t. Veronica looked at me and licked her lips. “You are a true apple bottom princess.” He took my hand and told me I wasn’t finished with my massage. “What?, I asked. “You missed this spot,” he said as he took off his towel and put my hand on his dick. I was shocked but at the same time turned on. His dick felt like it was as thick as my massage table leg. Feeling myself starting to get wet, I gave in and stroked his dick up to the head. “OOO shit!” I thought as I moved the head in between my finger tips. His head felt as swollen as a tennis ball. I turned around and saw a familiar friend. I gasped, with my mouth wide open. Veronica grabbed me by the shoulders and told me that this was the big dicked brotha from the photo. My mouth began to water. I asked Bryan” can I massage your dick”. He said “Ooooh yes. Go ahead”. I opened my mouth and sucked on the head, encircling it with my tongue. I then began to lick the shaft, up and down. He grabbed my hair and said “You are a proper bitch, you have your real hair. Take it down your throat baby.” I opened wider and put his dick down my throat. Up and down my head went and he was pulling my pony tail every time I went down for me to get up. Veronica surprised me and pulled off my top and began sucking on my nipples. 

“Uummm”, I moaned but got muffled by the dick in my mouth as Veronica’s hot tongue flicked my nipples. Bryan pulled my head back off his dick and told me “You have a hot mouth and a wet tongue”. “MMMmm, thank you Bryan”, I said while swallowing my saliva. “Turn around for me mama” Bryan told me. I turned and he slapped my ass cheeks, each one by one. Veronica stopped sucking my nipples. “Pricilla, shake that ass for me”, Bryan told me. I started to move it a little. “You move so sexy and still lady like, that is gonna come in handy here, you better than a lot of these hoes in here. You can be sexy and not be sluty with it. Damn! you making me hard as fuck”, bryan said. I just smiled and turned to face him. 

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