Harlem Nights II

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I'm back ya'll and I better tell you what happened with me an Bryan. Well Bryan made me spread my ass cheeks for him and arch my back. He wanted to see if I really had sista in me. "Let go your cheeks", he said as he rubbed the head of his big dicks. He cupped his hanging balls and told me "I gotta go handle some biness. "Veronca" he said waving to her "come help Pricilla clean up she can't be smelling like my hot dick". "Yes Bryan", said Veronica as she walked in her high heels and rubbed me on the arm.

Bryan put back on his boxers with his dick still hards as a rock. When he walked out of the room Veroniva laughed, "HA ha". I turned over and sat on the massage table. I started to put back on my clothes and asked "Veronica what is so funny girl?" "I think you know stop trippin". I pasued for a minute and started to giggle "You talkin about how he barely got his dick back in his draws?" "Hell! yeah gurl. He couldn't tuck the damn thing in cause it stuck up like a fuckin night stick.", said Veronica. "I began to button my shirt and walk over to the door and Veronica said suddenly, "SO gurl I know you not gone walk outta here without telling me what you thought of your interview."

I turned around slowly with a stare, "How you think I did?" "You were da bomb gurl", she said waving her hand. "I just wonder what made you start sucking on my fucking nipples?" Veronica stared at me, "I sucked them casue I wanted to bitch, what you gonna do about it?" I looked shocked and was about to slap her, then she laughed and said, "I couldn't resist. Look at your nipples gurl." "I do everyday thank you very much." "Stop trippin girl, you hava had them same chocolate hershey kiss nipples, since we were in middle school" ,she said licking her lips. It's kinda funny cause my mouth started to water. Shit, I just drank my own spit, and shook my ass. I'm hungry hell. Hershey kisses sound good to me. "I looked down at my breasts and asked, "Did they taste like hershey kisses?" "They were way better. I have waited to so long to taste them things." "Can I tell you a secret girl?", I asked. "Of coure you my girl". "When you sucked my nipples you made my pussy juices run". Veronica just smiled. I knew by the look in her eyes that she wanted to taste my pussy. I just might let her, but not now.

The next night Veronica and me had off from work. We went to the gym because a fat massuase is not gonna get no customers. We did a lot of sit ups and running on the tredmill. Veronica showed me machines to make our thighs tight but still thick. After we worked out Veronica asked me, "How much do you weight gurl?" By the way ya'll I'm 5'6 119lbs 36D-24-36."How much you weigh?" Now Veronica is my gurl so I gotta give her props. She is the video gurl of every rappers dreams. She is 5'8 165 lbs, 36c-25-40. I picked up my towel and Veronica and me left. We went back to her townhouse. When we walked in the door I could smell the sweet scent of mountian breeze airfreshener. "It smells good in here", I said. "YOu like it? It's my new airfreshner I'm about to go take a shower girl." I looked at her."I'm sorry gurl I only have one shower do you mind waiting?" there was a pause. "I'm kidding. You are my gurl. I saw you naked already. Hell I sucked you nipples come shower with me."

I followed her to her master bedroom. It was big, like a luxury hotel. She opened the bathroom door and she reached in the shower and turned on the water. She started to pull off her sports bra. I could see her nipples pop out of her bra. I started to do the same. When she pulled down her shorts and thong at the same time I saw her famous ass. She told me she had som many customers becasue the brothas liked her pretty face and her ghetto booty. I could see why when she dropped it, and I usually don't like girls that much. Plus she was my girl, but I haven't seen her naked since high school.She stepped into the shower and motioned for me to join her with her index finger. I dropped my shorts and thong and took off my bra. I stepped in the shower with her. The warm water felt good and made me shiver when it hit my nipples.They instantly turned hard and stuk out. Veronica grabbed the bar soap off of the shower caddi and began to rub it on my nipples. "ummmm", I moaned. "Does that feel good", she asked. "Yessssss", was all I could say as she massaged the soap around my erect nipples. She then unwxpectedly dropped her her to my nippleand began to suck the soap off of them. "Ahhhhhhum Ahhhhh", I moaned and threw my head back. I'm glad it did not bang against the wall. Her long brown hair fell down on my breast and added to the pleasure her toungue and saliva gave my nipples. I lowered my hands to her hips and let them freely move. They stopped on her hairy soft pubic hair. The texture of her pubic hair felt good between my finger tips.

She sucked my nipple harder and used her tongue to push it deepr into her mouth. Damn this girl loves my nipples. I should sell it to this hoe. haha. "Suck my other nipple too", I yelled. She raised her head and said,"These are my nipples now and I decide which one I suck". She pinched that nipple softly and began to suck on the other with the same technique. While she was sucking my nipple I took the soap from her hands and began to rub it on her pubic hair and felt my way down to her pussy. "HAaaaaaahhhhhhhhha", she gasped from my gentle touch of her super sensitive pussy lips and opened her mouth so my tit fell out. I rubbed it faster and softer. She had her mouth wide open and her head fell back. I then grabbed her lips between my fingers and sepearted them. Now her pussy was wide open. I started to wash each lip with the soap.

After our shower we went to sleep and did not wake up until the next day. The next day was back to work. We began to get dressed.....

(to be continued)...

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