Happy Friday

(Part 1 from 1)

Jenny would not come home until 9 pm and Claudia, her daughter had a sleep-over at her friends place. I was home alone, tired after a hard weeks work and decided to use every minute of it. After a hot, relaxing shower I positioned myself in front of our computer and dedicated myself to some serious one arm surfing. I really enjoyed the quiet moments, when I could watch some porn on the Net. My dick was rock hard looking at the beautiful young bodies and their inviting spread pussies. We had a domestic on Monday and five days without sex was clearly showing in a form of a bone hard erection sticking out of my shorts. From time to time I would give it a gentle massage, stopping just short of having an orgasm. I wanted to save it all for Jenny.

When she finally came home I was into my third Bourbon and Coke, with the emphasis on Bourbon. She walked in to my study finding me fully concentrated on some real estate page which I found and saved earlier for just such an occasion. Jenny gave me a kiss showing me her full breasts in process. My hand went up her thigh resting on her damp pussy.
“I missed you”-she said.
“I missed you to”-I responded showing her the full length of my erected penis. She smiled and dropped to her knees taking it in her warm mouth.
“Stop it right there, unless you are very hungry, it’s been five days so please be careful.”-I almost came in her mouth within seconds. “Go and have a shower. I have big plans for you tonight.”

I could hear the water running in the bathroom as I went to her wardrobe and laid out some special items on our bed.
Her eyes were full of surprise when she walked inside. A pair of pearl self supporting stockings, a white see trough blouse with just four buttons at the front, black high heels and a black coat.

“Where is the rest” she asked me with a mischievous smile.
Only then I noticed her pussy was completely shaven. The swollen lips opened up looking like a fresh mussel. 
“Don’t ask any questions please and get dressed. Oh and don’t forget to put this on” I said handling her a bottle of Fendi, my favourite perfumes.
She stepped out of our bedroom, as I was finishing my next drink, smoking a cigarette. Jenny looked stunning. Without a word we went to a train station to make our way to the City.

I could see the looks on the faces the men and some women as we walked down the street towards a well known bar. Once inside I ordered us some drinks and for the next two hours I was giving Jenny some encouragement in a form of some very potent cocktails and drinks. By ten o’clock she was ready. I could tell by the seam of her coat which by now was hanging down exposing her beautiful legs, just stopping short from her naked pussy.

It was the time to proceed with step two. We went for a walk mixing with the happy Friday night crowd making our way towards the train station. I could sense she was little bit disappointed to be taken home so early. But to her surprise I guided her into a narrow alley lit with red neon signs indicating some extreme sexual activities.
I could feel the grip of her hand tightening on my as we stepped inside. Some men were walking in and out of peeping booths, some were waiting at the entrance of the cinema. Heads started turning, they were all staring at us, or rather at Jenny as we disappeared behind a black velvet curtain.
The atmosphere inside the cinema was hot and stuffy. It was so dark I could not tell how many people were there. We made our way towards the front and found our seats.

Jenny was absolutely stunned . Within minutes she has completely forgotten about the surroundings. My eyes adjusted to the lighting conditions inside the room. Looking around I noticed building consternation and curiosity on the faces of the all male movie goers. Jenny’s eyes were glued to the screen. I undid the two top buttons of her blouse letting her full breasts free and squizzing them in process. She just sat there mesmerised with one hand between her legs, moving around under the folds of her coat, which didn’t leave much for imagination. I had to split my attention between the hard core sex in front of us and a few men changing their seating arrangements to get a better view of my wife. It didn’t take long for a man in his forties to sit next to Jenny. Nothing happened at first, but soon his hand started moving up and down his erected shaft while he was staring at her exposed breasts. Only after a couple of minutes Jenny whispered in my ear:
“There is a guy masturbating next to me”

“What would you like me to do? ”I asked and added “Enjoy the show, he is by the looks of it.” I kissed her fully on the lips.
By then her inhibitions have gone. I could not see her pussy but her glistening fingers were doing a good job. She bucked in her seat giving out some exciting sound as she reached her orgasm. The stranger shot his load high in the air got up and left. Nobody in the cinema moved. There was no sound except for the moaning of the girl on the screen being taken up the arse by a monster cock. The smell of sperm in the room was overpowering. We got up from our seats and made our way out…

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