Hannah. Ow Hannah.

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My wife, Hannah, is 29 years old, 5 11, 125 pounds with long straight blonde hair, very long athletic legs and perky 32C tits. We have been married for 6 years and have a very active sex life. We have always discussed and acted out as many of each others fantasies as possible and this is the story of one of Hannah's, and my own, longest standing fantasies and how it came true a few months ago.

My wife has always known that I love to see her getting fucked by other men and she loves as much cock as possible. However one thing that we had never done was to get her fucked by a Black guy with a huge black cock. Now she has had few cocks in her time but she has always wanted a long thick black cock.

About three months ago we had gone on a night out with some friends. the night was going well but the group was thinning out as people started to go home. As the last couple decided to leave my wife wanted to stay out and move onto another nightclub. I still had some partying left in me so we decided to go onto one final club before heading back to the hotel that we were staying in.

My wife was looking particularly stunning on the night in question, wearing a very tight fitting red lacy dress that only just covered her ass cheeks and made the most of her long athletic legs. At the top there were thin straps and a low cut top. Due to her having very perky tits there was no need for her to wear a bra.

We got into the dance club at about 2am and she headed straight to the dance floor as I headed to the toilet and then to the bar. When I got to the bar I ordered us some drinks, and as I waited for the girl to get them I scanned the dance floor looking for Hannah. I spotted her quickly, dancing away looking sexy as hell. As I stood watching her I noticed that nearly every male on the dance floor was watching her as she rolled her hot body to the music. Then I noticed that a group of three guys were paying her particularly close attention and were moving closer and closer to where she was dancing. As they moved closer I realised that 2 out of the three were black. As they moved next to her she turned and without hesitation began to dance with them, teasing each one in turn. She would grind her hips into one whilst looking the other deep in the eyes and then alternate to the third. She repeated this over and over and I could tell that they were all enjoying the experience.

After a while she happened to glance over in the direction of the bar and she spotted me watching her. This only seemed to spur her on and she backed into the biggest of the 2 black guys and wound her ass into his groin as she stared at me whilst slowly licking her lips. I got an instant erection. As I watched, she reached round behind her and run her hands over his ass. His two mates spotted her move and took this as a sign that it was going to be his lucky night rather than theirs so they both moved off and left him alone with my wife.

For the next 10 mins she proceeded to dance with her new friend, turning to face him and letting his hands roam all over her body. I watched as they danced together, never letting their bodies part as his huge hands groped at her ass and ran through her long blonde hair. She leaned in and kissed him on the lips and he instantly responded by kissing her deeply as he lifted her off the floor with his hands under her ass right in the middle of the dance floor. She broke the kiss and I saw her whisper something in his ear. He put her down and she lead him by the hand off the dance floor and over towards me at the bar.

As she arrived at where I was standing she leaned forward and kissed me hard, swirling her tongue around my mouth. She then turned to her new friend and said "Anton, this is my husband Steve, Steve this is Anton. I held out my hand and he shook it saying hi as he did so. As we shook hands I looked up at him and realised how big he actually was. He must have been at 6ft 8 and seemed to be pure muscle. His hands were like shovels and when I looked back at Hannah she was grinning from ear to ear. I could tell exactly what she in mind and then she came out and said it "Baby I have told Anton that I want him to come back to our hotel. Is that OK with you?"
I instantly realised that I really had no choice in the matter so replied "I guess so".

We all headed for the door, and as we were only 5 mins from our hotel, decided to walk. As we headed down the street I walked ahead as they walked arm in arm behind me. I could hear her giggling and as I turned round I saw Anton whispering into her ear as his hand groped her ass up under her dress. She was totally absorbed with him and didn't notice me watching her. I carried on walking until we reached the hotel.

We had a room on the first floor so we all walked up the stairs and straight to our room. I opened the door with my card and let Hannah and Anton walk past me into he room. As she passed me Hannah groped my crotch and whispered in my ear "thank your baby, now sit down and enjoy the show. I'm gonna give it up to him".

As I sat down on a chair facing the bed he walked up behind her and whilst pushing himself up against her ass, he reached round and started to grope her tits through her dress. She threw her head back against his chest as she pushed her ass into his groin. He groped both of her tits hard and then in one sweeping movement dropped his hands to the hem of her dress and pulled it off over her head leaving her in her high heels and her tiny thong.

He ran his hands up her back and then when his hands were on her neck he pushed her forward so that she bent forward from her waist leaving her ass in the air and her head on the bed. He then dropped to his knees, pulled her thong to one side and buried his face in her pussy and ass. She moaned loudly as he pulled her ass cheeks apart with his hands and probed at her holes with his tongue.

After a few minutes of lapping at her holes he stood and stripped off down to his pants. She stood and, without having to be asked, knelt down in front of her soon to be lover. Anton was facing me, so I could see the enormous bulge in his pants. Slowly my wife, with a smile on her face pulled away the last piece of clothing between her and his monster cock. As the elastic pulled down over the head of his cock it sprung free and hit Hannah in the face. It was absolutely massive, at least 12 inches long and was the thickest cock I had ever seen. Hannah gasped and just stared at it. His scrotum must have hung down 4 inches and she tried to take his massive balls into her mouth as she started stroking his cock. She licked up and down the full length of his shaft before opening her mouth wide.

He didn't need a second invitation and pushed the large head between her lips. Instantly she gagged as his huge cock filled her mouth. He held her head there to allow her to get used to his size and then released her. She gasped for air but then opened wide again. Anton began to push his cock in and out of my wife's mouth and she greedily began to take him deeper and deeper as she got used to his size and rhythm. Soon he was fucking her mouth hard but only less than half of his length was able to fit into her mouth. Spit ran from Hannah's mouth and dripped down onto her tits.

Anton was clearly loving the blowjob that he was getting but obviously wanted more. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and went and lay on his back on the bed. Hannah stood and whilst standing directly in front of me slid her thong off. She walked over and climbed up onto the bed. She stood over Anton's face and then lowered her married pussy onto his face. She then knelt and leaned forward, again taking his cock into her mouth in the most amazing looking 69 I have ever seen.

She moaned loudly as Anton clearly probed both her holes with his tongue and fingers. After about 5 minutes she began to slide her pussy off his face and move her hips down to where his huge cock stood to attention. She crouched over his cock, facing me, and slowly lowered her pussy towards his throbbing head. As she did so she looked at me and said "Baby, I haven't taken my birth control pills for the last 2 weeks". My eyes widened and I sat upright but before I could say a word she pressed her pussy lips onto his cock and let herself drop downward.

His Coal Black cock rammed into her fertile hole. "OHHH ffuuccckkkk" she gasped as he spread her wide open. She had to pause for a few seconds before slowly lowering herself any further onto his shaft. It took about 10 mins but eventually she managed to take most of his length, and I have never seen her look so pleased with herself as she began to slowly bounce up and down on his length.

He was gentle with her as he let her make all the moves. However as she began to move faster he began to lift his hips upward to meet her strokes. He got faster and faster with this movement until he was eventually pounding into her making her scream with each stroke as his balls slapped up against her pussy.

Watching this was making me so horny so I unzipped my pants and started to stroke my cock as I watched Hannah getting pounded by this monster cock.

As she seemed to be approaching orgasm Anton stopped fucking her and threw her off his cock onto the bed. He knelt up and told her to get on all fours. There was no question now that he was really turned on and he was taking charge of the situation. She did as she was told and knelt up. He moved behind her and pushed her head down onto the bed roughly. Her ass was now sticking straight up into the air and he slapped it hard. She screamed and he spanked her again, leaving red marks on her ass. She gasped with each slap but was clearly enjoying herself. He leaned down and spat onto her ass letting it run down onto her pussy.

He began to rub his cock up and down her wet slit, slapping it on her clit before sliding it between her lips right up to her tight ass, then back again. She was moaning loudly but then said "oh no please don't!". For a split second I wondered what was happening but then I realized. He had roughly taken hold of her hips and was holding her strongly in place. She was unable to move and as she gasped he began pushing his huge cock at her tight ass hole. She pleaded with him to stop but he continued pushing. Anton looked around at me and barked "I'm gonna Fuck your wife up the Ass".

With that another big push, As it had done with her pussy it took a while but suddenly her hole opened and took the head inside. She screamed loudly as his cock entered her tightest hole. As she screamed Anton slapped her ass hard as punishment. "Shut up" he growled. Hannah pushed her face into the bed to silence her own screams. He gave her a few seconds but then began to push deeper into her ass. She kept her face burried in the bed but I could tell by her breathing that he was hurting her. This made me even harder and I stood up and got naked myself.

I walked round the bed to where her face was burried. I grabbed a hand full of her hair and lifted her head up off the bed. "Does that big black cock feel good in your ass baby? You wanted it now you take it all". Tears were rolling down her face but her breathing had steadied and she yelled as he pushed in again. She seemed to be getting used to the huge intrusion in her ass so I again took her by the hair and guided her mouth to my own throbbing cock. She greedily took it deep in her mouth and easily took my 7 inches deep into her throat. Just as my cock hit the back of her throat Anton began to fuck her ass. He roughly started pounding in and out of her ass as I companied his motion in her mouth.

For five minutes we both roughly fucked her ass and mouth and I quickly began to reach climax. Just as I was about to cum I pulled my cock out of her mouth and shot my load over her face as Anton continued to pound in and out of her ass.

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