Hank Wakes Up The Neighbors- Part Five

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2 of Mina's slave girls were in deep trouble with her, having lost track of time in the kitchen that night, eating each other out, when they were supposed to be using Pastor Gilbertson. She punished them rather severely later that evening, when she caught them red-handed, by making them perform cunnilingus on her, but refusing to do the same for them. There were supposed to have been at least 4 women besides Mina fucking Guy, but he only did 3 that night, counting her.

The next morning, she flogged both girls several times, before letting them go home to their unsuspecting husbands. They knew that their duties as slaves included helping Mina seduce their husbands, which was fine with them, as long as they got to service her themselves. Meanwhile, as summoned, Guy and Karen Gilbertson showed up that Sunday afternoon, both ready to service Mina. She also called her newly discovered son, Lewis, and his sister/girlfriend Candy. 

She was his half-sister, the daughter of that same uncle, and they had fucked each other as swinging lovers for a couple of years before they found out the truth. They had simply refused to let that get in the way of their relationship. Both of them were promiscuous, so nothing consensual, whether orgies or incest, would bother them. 

Anyway, the group was together, and Mina decided to go ahead and invite Hank, Sally, Yasmin, Connie, and Penny over as well. Hank was very pleased to hear that, and he especially wanted to fuck Candy again (they had their trysts together, naturally, over the past few months). Mina wanted him to fuck Karen, and that was just part of her plan, she suggested that night after a large barbecue dinner.

"Hank, Sally, Connie, and my dear son, Lewis, as well as the rest of you- I want to make us a complete circle, sexually, with everyone here knowing each other's needs and desires, as well as satisfying them. All of us here have already fucked someone else, but Lewis has not had Penny, Sally, Yasmin, or Connie, for that matter, Hank has not shagged Karen, and Sally, Yasmin, Connie, and Penny have not fucked Karen or Candy, either."

"Good points, my future mother-in-law, and you're right- that should change. Has Karen fucked Candy?"

"Yes, on several occasions, most recently last night."

"Good. How about I go ahead and screw Karen, while Guy does Sally, Penny and Connie fuck Lewis, Yasmin fucks Candy, and you get it on with any or all of us?"

"Sounds great, Hank- I especially want to fuck Penny, as I have not really done that yet."

Hank dropped his pants, and motioned for Karen to come over and suck him off. The pastor's wife eagerly obeyed him, getting on her knees and moving her mouth and tongue over his manhood. She got him quite hard in minutes, and then he commanded her to bend over, so he could fuck her pussy and ass. He did not ease into her, either, but rather rammed her rug ruthlessly. She squealed a bit, but evidently enjoyed the penetration of her cunt by this seemingly heartless "infidel", as she had once called him. He reminded her of her negative comments about him in the past, even as he drove her crazy with painful pleasure. Hank thought, proudly, here I am, cuckolding the man who cuckolded me!

Guy was too busy to care, of course, as his mistress's daughter was riding him hard, not giving him any break from the determined sliding she did on his South Pole. She was Mina's daughter, after all, and evidently felt that she was entitled to borrow the rights to her Mom's slave. Sally kept taking him further inside her, and flexing her cunt's muscles, until suddenly the pastor exploded into her womb.

Lewis was fucking Penny doggie-style, while Connie was fingering his ass. That was something his Mom had done to him a few times, but his aunt was just as good at it. Hank had by this time graduated to Karen's butt, fucking it feverishly after having come inside her twat.

Yasmin was being dominated by Candy, who was delighting in the chance to ride this delicious college girl. Candy used her fingers first, sticking one into her pussy, while another penetrated Yasmin's ass. Then she graduated to a dildo, and was making Yasmin suck both after they were in her, and then, finally, she took out a strap-on and shoved it up Yasmin's pussy, making the woman gasp with excitement as the fake penis filled her. Candy was using her missionary-style, mounting her as she played the man's role. She was also greedily kissing Yasmin, even using her tongue.

Connie was now under Lewis, as he pushed his sizable cock into her cunt. Penny was not free of her sexual "duties", either, as Mina now sat on her face, getting into a 69 with her, while shoving a vibrator up her ass. Hank's soon-to-be ex-wife was getting the rough treatment, as the strained look on her face would have revealed, had it not been covered by Mina's pussy. She grunted and winced at the pain in her posterior, but she dared not defy Connie by resisting her sister.

Just as soon as Hank emptied into Karen, and Guy once more ejaculated into Sally, only this time into Sally's hungry throat, Candy finished with Yasmin, Lewis shot his sperm into Connie, and Mina climaxed together with Penny. It was almost uncanny how simultaneously they had all been relieved. They had to relax a bit after that orgy, of course.

That lasted for an hour, as Sally chatted with Lewis and Candy, suggesting that they and Yasmin fuck each other. They also discussed their current lives, and what it felt like to found out about one's siblings. Sally was now experiencing what Lewis and Candy had, and she found it exhilirating to have a brother she had never met. She also really want to fuck him, so she whispered that to Hank, who indicated his approval.

"Sweetie, we're all swingers here- you know that; I won't hold it against you, if you want to fuck Lewis. The same goes for Yasmin."

"Thank you, Hanky panky!", she said, reinforcing her happiness and love with a sloppy wet kiss.

Lewis straddled Sally, entering her from on top, while Candy moved her mouth and tongue back and forth between his balls and ass, and Sally's delicious derriere. Yasmin, meanwhile, leaned over so that both Lewis and Sally could eat her out, sandwiching herself between his face on her ass, and Sally's on her cunt. They both went to town on her, getting her worked up, while Candy now fingered Lewis and devoured Sally's ass. Then, Lewis ejaculated, and Sally came, causing the girls to swap places. Sally rubbed Yasmin's face with her cunt, and let her brother rim her butt-crack, while Candy got in front of Sally, and made her taste her pussy and tush. Lewis, at this point, was so aroused that he had no choice but to let loose inside Yasmin's cunt.

Connie was all turned on at this point, and she arranged with Mina for Penny to fuck Karen and Guy in front of everyone present.

Guy was ordered to lie down on his back, while Mina shoved a dildo up his ass, just like she normally did (except that she only briefly fucked his butt with a hand-held vibrator while he shagged Sally).
He was getting penetrated by Mina's strap-on, as Penny straddled him, and Karen was required to rim her ass as she did him. She was then told to finger-fuck Penny's ass, and lick her fingers afterward. Yasmin was invited to sit on Guy's face, since he hadn't fucked her yet. She delighted in kissing Penny, and getting her own pussy kissed by Guy, at the same time that Guy and Penny were getting buggered.

Connie, meanwhile, begged Candy and Hank to DP her. Hank insisted that the 2 69 each other first, and they gladly obliged him. He then started fucking Candy's ass while she and Connie enjoyed each other's twats. There was girl-cum all over Connie's face, when Hank pulled out of Candy, and simply shoved his manhood into Connie's cunt. They fucked standing up, while Candy rimmed Connie's butt for a minute, and then inserted a strap-on dildo of her own into the woman. Connie groaned for a moment, but she, as she anticipated, adjusted to the pleasant pain in her posterior. 

Both Connie, Penny, and Guy were getting too much stimulation to resist it any longer, and they came at last, prompting the others to follow suit. This was just the beginning of their group relationship, albeit divided into smaller groups. The last sex act of the night was a 4 way between Lewis, Hank, Guy, and Mina, where the pastor sucked Lewis's cock, while Hank butt-fucked him, and Lewis ate Mina out. It took a while for them to cum this time, and then they all collapsed from sheer fatigue, to wake up the next morning in a heap of naked bodies.

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