Helen's story

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My name is Helen and Iím a slut and proud of it. Less then six months ago I was happily married
and planning a family. In the last six months Iíve been gangbanged countless times and even
fucked my bestfriendís husband. My friend Margaret, whoís been a well known slut for as long as
Iíve known her, try and outdo each other with men. I could never go back to married life and just
one man. My husband, John, put me into this life and I thank him for it every time I see him. It
started because I caught him out fucking one of the girls from his office. It hurt like hell at first
but once I started letting anyone and everyone fuck me, the pain soon faded. The only pain now is
from a sore pussy or ass the morning after. Two weeks ago as a favor to John, I let his best man
and three groomsmen from our wedding, gangbang me. John told me ages ago that the four of
them fancied me but I didnít think theyíd ever fuck me.

John didnít want it to seem like heíd arranged it so we planned an almost rape/gangbang. John
and the four guys, Ralph, Peter, Geoff and Ross, play poker every Saturday night at Johnís, it
used to be our, place. John had told the guys Iíd become a real slut since heíd broken up with me
and that heíd even participated at in gangbanging me at a city dance club. John said that once the
guys knew he was OK with me being called a slut, they all said how much they wanted to fuck me.
Once they settled into the poker game, John mentioned I was calling in to pick up some clothes
and stuff. John asked me to wear my shortest skirt, a halter neck top and no underwear. I donít
think John realized how short my shortest skirt was! Since separating from him I have completely
changed my dress habits. Everything I wear is very short, see-through or very, very tight.

I arrived just after ten pm and the guys were quite drunk and as usual intended to stay over and
sleep it off. I was wearing a red micro-mini skirt and a pink skimpy halter-top. The top barely
covered my nipples and the shirt DIDNíT cover my pussy or ass. John led me into the living room
and all the guys whistled and said hi. The clothes Iíd come to pick up were in two small shopping
bags in the corner. I deliberately bent over from the waist to pick them up and exposed my wet
and shaved pussy to the five guys.

John quickly moved behind me and slid several fingers into my cunt. I let out an involuntary
moan and dropped the bags back on the floor. I leaned across the armchair beside me and let
John continue to finger fuck me in front of his friends. I felt John raise my skirt, completely
exposing my bare ass to everyone in the room. I felt another two hands unclipping my top and
letting my 34c breasts swing free. Being exposed and finger fucked in front of four guys Iíd known
for six years was a tremendous turn-on. An almighty orgasm almost made me loose control and
collapse on the floor and I was moaning like a cheap slut in a porno movie. It wasnít an act any
longer and I was really getting off in this unreal situation. The four guys whoíd been participants
in my wedding ceremony were watching my estranged husband finger fuck me. Two more intense
orgasms racked my body before I felt John replace his fingers with his cock.

Other hands were playing with my tits and pulling on my nipples. I felt Johnís strokes start to
shorten as he neared his climax and he finally shot his sperm into my slut cunt. I was in a daze as
John pulled out of me and I was turned around to face my soon to be lovers. I made an attempt
to cover my breasts with my arms but made no effort to stop Ross undoing my skirt. The skirt
dropped around my ankles and my bald and swollen pussylips were now the center of attention. I
played my part and said I didnít want to do this with my husbandís friends and please let me get
dressed and leave. John just laughed and said if my cunt was available to strangers, it was only
right that it was available to his friends. I said nothing and just kicked my skirt off my feet.

Geoff suggested we all get comfortable and go into the bedroom. Geoff picked me up and carried
me into what used to be my bedroom. Geoffís right thumb was buried up my ass as he carried me.
I snuggled into his neck and whispered I wanted his cock in my ass not his thumb. Geoff put me
on the bed and I spread my legs inviting them to fuck me. Geoff quickly got naked and turning
me onto my belly pushed his hard cock into my ass. The lack of lubrication made it a little painful
at first but Iíd had so many cocks in my ass over the last six months I soon loosened up. Geoff
really gave my ass a workout before pumping his cum deep into me. Ross was next and took me
doggy style, alternating between my ass and cunt. He only lasted about five minutes before adding
his cum to my cunt.

Ralf proved he was the Ďbest maní and fucked my cunt non-stop for twenty minutes bringing me
to three noisy orgasms before his cock added even more beautiful cum to my red and puffed
pussy. Peter was next and was wonderful in the way he treated me. He didnít treat me like a slut
and was very gentle. His cock was quite long and slender and reached way up into my body the
others couldnít. I wanted him in my ass before the night was over and I did.

We fucked until the sun came up and I fucked and sucked all of them at least three times. John
was always last in line and really enjoyed fucking my overflowing cunt. I had Peter in my ass,
Geoff in my cunt and Rossís small cock in my mouth when John started taking photos. There
were that many photos of me out there, a few more didnít matter. John photographed each one of
his friends taking turns fucking every hole in my body. My favorite photo was of me fingering my
cunt, pinching my nipple while the four guys shot their cum all over me. John gave me a 20 inch
by 12 inch enlargement, which I have in my bedroom. I told John I had no protection and one of
his friends may have made me pregnant. This made John hard again and he fucked me while his
friends watched and called me names. Even Peter joined in the name calling, ĎSlutí, Ďwhoreí and
Ďcocksuckerí were the nicer names. It just made John harder and he filled my cunt with his cum.

Last week Margaret took my place at Johnís poker game and was fucked until she couldnít walk
and believe me that takes a lot of fucking. Iíve seen Margaret take on twenty guys and still want
more. This week itís my turn again and John has promised more guys for me. He said there would
be a couple of guys I know really well and it would be a test of just how big a slut I am. I wonít let
him down! Iím my husbandís slut.

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