Gym Class

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I woke up and pushed the covers off of me, the sun hitting my naked body and making it glisten. I walked into the bathroom and looked at myself in the full body mirror. My eyes were a deep purple and so was my hair, my eyes were that way naturally but my hair I died that way, and the carpet did match the curtains.

I pulled out my razor and shaved all but a little sliver of my purple pubes and then noticing that it was already 7:50 I ran to my closet, got dressed and ran to school. I got to gym class just in time and walked to the showers. I washed off and as I was getting out Megan stood in the doorway, " What do you want Megan?" I asked.

"Well, Kelly, I caught my boyfriend looking at your big double D's and I called him out on it. When I did he said that he was imagining me fucking your whore ass with a strap-on, so I decided that I would make his fantasy come true, record it, and let him fuck me while watching it."

I felt the fear in me show on my face and I instantly tried to push past her. She was stronger than me, and easily had me pinned to the bench in the locker room. One of her friends was recording the whole thing while another helped Megan get the strap-on on. The other girls in the room watched, some even fingered themselves. Megan smiled, "You know Kelly this can be a pleasurable experience if you want we can make this fun, I know you want me, I can see your all wet."

I wanted to argue, but I was really horny, and she was so hot. I thought for a second then ripped my arms from her grip, and pulled her face to mine. Her lips pressed against mine. The spectators cheered and I felt the strap-on touch my pussy lips, begging for entrance. I didn't argue when the pink dick slid into my pussy and I moaned as she slid it in and out of me.

I pulled my lips away from Megan's and sucked her nipple. She moaned as she fucked me. "Kelly, there is one thing that was in my boyfriends fantasy that isn't here," she pulled the strap-on out of me and forced it right into my butt as she yelled, "anal!"

The dick in my ass hurt like hell at first but soon it was replaced with an amazing ecstasy. I was moaning again and soon I came my nails digging into Megan's back and my toes curling.

Megan pulled the strap-on out of. My ass and offered it to the naked crowd watching. They all sprang forward and licked it, loving the taste of my ass and my pussy.

"Kelly, maybe we could make this a regular thing, I really enjoyed this. Call me sometime and maybe you could get with me and my boyfriend, or I could get with you and your brother, if your into that stuff!" She laughed and they all got dressed and left. I lay on the bench for a few minutes after, waiting for my strength to return but it didn't.

I walked out to the gym and completed class without falling over, barely.

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