Growing Up On The Farm

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My parents were able to scratch out a living on small Delta farm. We never were in need of anything yet neither of my parents wanted anything extravagant either. Only got two new cars while I was growing up and only made improvements on the house when it was totally necessary. We lived down a dirt road that was just less than half a mile and our neighbor lived at the other end where the road met up with the state paved highway.

Mr. James had been married and I knew his wife while I was growing up. I had to walk the half mile each day to catch the school bus and she usually would come out to chat with me and give me a cookie or something sweet for my walk home. They more or less looked out for me while going and coming from the school bus stop. As I got older I would help out some on their farm when they needed it. Mr. James was more like a grandfather to me than a neighbor and I liked being around him.

Mrs. James got sick with some type of cancer and died the summer before my sophomore year. I had not realized how much I missed seeing her until school started and she would not be coming out to meet me at the gate. I would see Mr. James from time to time working on his old tractor or other farm equipment and now and then he would call me over to hold something while he fastened it back on. It became a habit of mine to ask if he needed any help each evening when I passed his house.

I think he would find something to do and wait until I was due back from school before he would start working on it just so he had something that I could help him with. During these times of working on equipment Mr. James would ask how I was doing in school and if I had a girlfriend yet. I was a shy chubby boy at the time and would turn red in the face from embarrassment. He seemed to like teasing me about it and would make comments about growing hair on my palms, or going blind. This was really a touchy subject for me since I had started to spend a lot more time alone learning about my body.

For the next few years our routine was pretty much the same with the only changes being when the weather was bad and I would stop at Mr. Jamesí to wait out the rain. During those times we would chat about the farms, crops, which animals were about to drop young and of course it always got around to if I had a girlfriend yet. He knew I had no life outside the farm nor no time for it. One day I had taken as much of the kidding that I could and simple asked him what he did since he no longer had a wife. It caught him off guard and he hesitated for a few seconds before answering. I figured I had hit a nerve and was feeling really sorry about what I had asked when he simply looked at me and said he did probably what I did. It was my turn to look dumbfounded as I did not have a response for him.

Smiling he told me to lighten up that all men and boys of all ages play with themselves when they donít have anyone else to help them get some sexual relief. When I did not respond he went on as if it was just an everyday conversation, telling me he probably jerked off three or four times a week. Sometimes, he went on, he would do it more than once a day if he got excited watching the farm animals going at it. With a sly look on his face he said he bet that me being such a healthy young man that I did it at least once a day and would not be surprised if I did it more than that. Looking up toward the ceiling he said he could remember a time when he would jerk off in the morning when he woke up and then again when he went to bed, plus there were days he did it a couple times during the day.

While he was talking I was thinking about how often I did it and figured he was pretty close to being right on and I felt myself beginning to swell a little in the crotch. He patted me on the back and said it looked like the rain had let up and I could probably get home without getting wet. Welcoming the interruption from the conversation I got up and was able to adjust myself before it became too apparent, gathered up my books I told him I would see him tomorrow.

At home I changed into my work overalls and went about doing the little chores I did just about every day. While my father was out checking on some of the crops I went about servicing the old tractor and straightening up the work shed. The entire time I could not stop thinking about Mr. James and him jerking himself off. I began wondering what he looked naked and just how large his cock was. Could not remember seeing him in anything other than overalls so his package was hidden by the looseness of the crotch. Suddenly the thought of my father naked and jerking off and I shook my head to try and clear that image from mind. It was then I realized I had a boner that needed some quick attention before my father showed up. I knew from experience it was one that was not going away anytime soon.

Stepping into the work shed I dropped the strap on my right shoulder and released the button on my hip to allow me plenty of room in the front of my overalls. Pulling my cock free from my underwear, I pushed the waistband beneath my balls and began stroking my hard cock. It was hard but I managed to keep myself from moaning which kept me from being caught in the act. Just as my cock erupted and I aimed the streams out the side of my overalls, I heard my father calling for me. He was maybe twenty yards away and I barely was able to get my clothes fastened and hoped I did not have a couple last drops left that would show up as wet spots on my crotch. Stepping out of the shed I walked over to my father and helped him put away some tools. He asked if I was feeling alright because I looked a bit flushed and hot. I told him it was from working inside the shed where it was hotter. He just let out a little humph sound which he does when he does not really believe what he is hearing.

We went in, cleaned up and sat down for dinner. My father said that if we did not get any more rain that we needed to do some disking on the back forty yards before the grass got out of hand. I told him I would get on it tomorrow evening after school if the weather held off and he said that would work and would give the grass time to dry out from the rain we already got plus he had to run into town and would be gone most of the day. That night I turned in early because my cock was wanting some more attention.

The next day the weather held off until just before I was to get off the bus. Mr. James was waving me over to his house as soon as the bus pulled away and before I could make it to his porch the rain had started and I was soaked through and through. I could tell by Mr. James expression that there was something wrong. Pulling me inside he pointed to some clouds that were beyond dark with colors of green and yellow in them. Told me that there was a tornado warning for our area. He picked up the phone and called my parents to let them know I was at his house and would be there until the storm blew over. I watched out the window as large hail and heavy rain looking like sheets of water blowing across the front yard.

Mr. James told me to get my clothes off so I did not track water through the house and he would find me something to put on. Looking down there was already a large puddle around me so I started removing my clothes. He tossed me a couple towels while he went to look for some clothes. I was down to my underwear when he returned and he told me to peel them off as well. Grabbing the waistband I was reluctant as I eased them off my ass. A loud blast of thunder made me jump and I almost fell as I pushed them all the way down. Stepping out of them I took one of the towels and began drying off.

When I looked around Mr. James was staring at me and did not try to hide that he was. He had a look about him that I had never seen before. He told me that I needed to dry my head off before I caught a cold. Picking up my wet clothes he said he would throw them in the washer and dryer so I could put them back on later. When he stood up I noticed his gaze had been directed at my crotch which made me feel uneasy and excited at the same time.

As he turned away I began drying my genitals off again mainly because I was beginning to get a little stirring in my cock. Taking the shirt he left, I put it on and was surprised to see it was big on me. There was a pair of old boxers which I assumed by looking at them were some that he had grown out of. They were loose on me but if I pulled them up on my belly they would stay there.

I heard the washer start up just before Mr. James returned to stand beside me as we watched the swirling action outside. There was a lot of leaves and small limbs flying about along with the rain but nothing really bad yet. He said if it got much worse that we would head to the storm cellar out back, but figured the worst of the storm had already passed us. Reaching over he rubbed my back and asked if I wanted something hot to help get the chill out of my body while we waited. I told him it sounded good but was more engrossed and trying to figure out why his hand running along my back had felt so hot and left me wanting to feel it again.

He went into the kitchen and I had time to grab my cock and squeeze it to keep it from getting hard. I stayed close to the door as if I was watching the storm but really was trying to keep my distance from Mr. James since i could not figure out these strange feelings he was causing in me.

I excused myself to use the restroom while he was heating something on the stove. Relieved to be able to take a piss since it would help deflate my cock. While standing there I glanced over at his reading material and was not surprise to see National Geographic and TV Guide but what caught my eye was a pic of a naked leg sticking out beneath the magazines. Shaking myself off I pulled out the porn which was of only men. It took only one pic of a man sucking a big cock to make mine spring to attention. Just at that moment Mr. James yelled out that the hot chocolate was ready. Putting the magazine back I tucked my cock back between my legs hoping it would make it go soft, I flushed the toilet and gingerly walked back into the kitchen.

Sitting down quickly while Mr. James had his back turned I pulled my cup over and blew on it. He sat down at the table with me and said it looked like the storm was letting up and my clothes would be ready in about twenty minutes. He started off the conversation as usual asking about school and such. I was surprised he had not asked about any girls I knew, but figured he would get my patented answer of not having a girlfriend. He asked if I was warm enough or if I needed something else to put on. After telling him I was fine he got around to asking about my fatherís crops and how they were doing. We spent the next fifteen minutes discussing his and my fatherís crops and how soon it would be before they had to be gotten out of the fields.

The chocolate was gone and Mr. James suggested I go take a long hot shower to keep the cold rain from giving me a cold while he put my clothes in the dryer. Taking his advice I went back to the bathroom and stripped while the water warmed in the shower. Pulling the porn out I flipped through the pages almost gasping with each new picture. My cock was hard and aching as pre-cum dripped on the floor. Mr. James yelled out that if there was not a clean towel on the rack that there should be more in the cabinet. Being jerked back to the present I closed the magazine and put it back. Checking the towel, I stepped into the shower and took a few seconds to get accustomed to the hot water. Lathering myself up I went about scrubbing my head trying to get my mind off of the pictures I had seen.

Everything was going well until I moved down to wash my genitals. My cock had been only semi hard until I touched it and it sprang to attention demanding some attention. Stroking myself I closed my eyes and let my lust take over. Within seconds I was shooting my load into the shower wall and biting my lower lip to keep from moaning out. It took a minute or two of standing beneath the hot water to catch my breath and get out of the shower. Drying off I was tempted to look at the magazine again but changed my mind when my cock twitched telling me it would get hard it I did. Pulling my clothes back on I headed back into the kitchen where Mr. James was cleaning up the cups we had used. Looking over at the dryer he said my clothes should be dry in about five more minutes.

Walking over to the door I looked out and noticed the storm had all but passed and only a slight drizzle was left. Water was running through the filled ditches but in a few hours they should be back to normal. The phone rang and I heard Mr. James talking to someone who was asking if the storm had done any real damage around his place. He told them there was a lot of rain but did not think it had done any damage to the crops that wouldnít correct themselves in a couple of good dry days. When he hung up the phone he told me it was my father and was just checking to make sure everything was alright.

Mr. James told me to check my clothes and if they were dry I could just leave what I was wearing beside the washer. Though they were not completely dry they were dry enough so I peeled off what I was wearing and quickly slipped my clothes back on. I was sure he was watching but did not turn around to confirm it. Hearing him walking across the floor once I pulled my pants up, he said my shoes were still wet but he had a pair of rubber boots I could wear to get home, besides he was pretty sure he would be down our way to help clean out the drain ditches so the water could flow off of his and our crops faster. Taking my books and wet shoes I thanked him for letting me wait out the storm and headed down the muddy road. The ditches on both sides were almost overflowing and draining fast as I made my way along the patches of grass I could find.

Once at home I noticed my father heading toward the fields with shovel and rake in hand. He yelled for me to put my things away and come help. Putting my things on the back porch I grabbed a shovel and hoe and headed in the direction he had gone. Finding the little drain ditches swollen, we went to the far end of the fields where they all drained into a large ditch and started cleaning away any limbs, grass, or trash that was causing the flow to slow down. I knew that the sooner we got the standing water off the crops the quicker the crops could recover and we would get minimum damage.

To tell the truth I enjoyed playing in the mud and water so did not mind the chore at all. By the time we had done all we could most of the water had receded from the fields and the little side ditches were mear trinkels.
Thinking we had finished I was in a hurry to get home but my father reminded me we needed to head up the valley to Mr. James and help what water he had run on down through our fields. As we walked along the muddy road we opened any blocked areas in the ditches and saw Mr. James out across his lower fields opening up the waterways there.

Working our way in his direction we soon had the water flowing freely out of his fields and down through the ditches. He and my dad stopped and chatted while I worked up one side of the road in one ditch and down the other side until I got to where they were talking. Looking back down the ditches I could already see the effect we had made on the water. Heading home we took our time and by the time we got home the ditches were down to their normal flows.

Three days later when I got home Mr. James and my father had already started on Mr. James fields. With his and our tractor running together it would take less than half the time to gather his crops before starting on ours. Two of us would drive the tractors while the other would haul the trailer to the silos. My father and Mr. James always hauled the trailer to town and I would swap out on the tractors. It took us almost three days to finish Mr. James fields which left us the weekend to do ours.
The next morning my father and I was up early in the field before Mr. James showed up with the trailer, of course he knew it would not be needed until after we got started in the fields.

We worked hard right up to lunch time, which was about fifteen minutes long when we would eat a sandwich or two and have plenty of water to drink. My father left with the trailer while Mr. James and I took off on the tractors. When we were ready to unload my father had not made it back yet and we figured he was caught up in a waiting line at the silos. Getting off the tractors we got beneath the shade of the only tree in the area and had some water. Mr. James released the snaps on his overalls and pulled his shirt off, hanging it up on a tree limb to dry. Noticing there was no clouds in the sky and not a breeze anywhere I followed suit.

Seeing the sweat rolling down my smooth and almost hairless chest I looked over at Mr. James and saw that the layer of fur on his chest, stomach and back was soaked and matted to his body. Feeling a stir in my crotch I looked away quickly. Hearing something splashing against the tree I looked over and almost gasped when I saw the large mushroom head of Mr. James cock as he released a long stream of piss. Instantly my cock was hard and I had to grab it to keep it from forming a large tent in my pants. Mr. James glanced at me and gave a little grin as he said it looked like I needed some relief but maybe not the same as he. I could feel my face turn red and get hot, but I held my grip on my crotch.

Mr. James glanced down the road and said he did not see anyone coming it I wanted to relieve the apparent tension I had. I just stood there with my cock throbbing in my hand. He told me it was alright with him that actually he would not mind watching as he stepped over beside me. Putting his hand on my back he rubbed it down along the sweat soaked muscles and even down into the back of my overalls. Resting his hand on the crack of my ass he whispered it was alright to stroke myself. With his other hand he slipped it inside the side of my overalls and around toward my cock. Gasping I could not believe what he was doing but was not complaining in the least. Releasing my grip on my cock I let his fingers snake down into my underwear. Rubbing along my shaft I sucked in air as I tried hard to keep myself from shooting in my pants.

It was like I was up in the tree watching all the action. His fingers wrapped around my shaft and he began to slowly move them up and down while his other hand was inside my underwear moving up and down my ass cheeks. My mind was swirling from all the new sensations I was experiencing. Just as I was really getting into it and had moved my hand down to feel his erection through his overalls, he pulled away making me think I had done something wrong. Opening my eyes I turned to look at him as he eased both hands from my underwear. Smiling he said we would have to finish it later because my father had just turned off the main road. Grabbing his shirt he put it on over his overalls as he headed toward his tractor. Grabbing my shirt I put it on while wishing my cock would relax. By the time my father pulled the trailer beside Mr. James tractor I had regained enough composure to climb back up on mine.

I was sorry to see Mr. James get into the truck and trade places with my father since that meant he would be hauling the next load to town. Back in the fields I did not have any real time to think about what had almost happened but now and then my cock would twitch and I was sure I could feel his thick yet soft hands on my ass and cock. Once I let my hard cock stick out of my fly while driving back and forth on the rows. Though I could not relieve myself it did take some of the strain of my cock pressing inside my overalls. Seeing it was time to unload I pushed it back inside and headed to the end of the row. When I pulled up beside the trailer, Mr. James came up to me and while the grain poured out into the trailer he reached up and rubbed my hard cock telling me to just sit still that my father could not see what we were doing.

I closed my eyes as he fished my cock out of my fly and slowly stroked his hand up and down. My moans were getting louder as I got closer to shooting my load. He reached back and pulled out his handkerchief and was able to place it over my cock head just as I erupted.

After milking everything out of me he wiped my cock and placed it back in my fly before wadding up his handkerchief and tucking it in his back pocket. Turning back to the unloading he let me catch my breath and composure as my dad headed toward us with his load. When he pulled up I was pulling away. The work went along easier than usual mainly because I was constantly daydreaming about the hand job I had just gotten from Mr. James and if I would ever get another one. Suddenly it dawned on me that he might be expecting me to help him out at some point.

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