Greek Art

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“Greek Art”
Written by Ryan Black.

David: 43 years old; painter; resides in upstate New York in the country; divorced for three years; hasn’t dated since.

Robby: 19 years old; football player; resides in upstate New York in the country; has had numerous girlfriends.

“The Ad”

David sat hopelessly and restlessly in his studio. Paintings and pictures surrounded him, but there was nothing to his liking. Once, long ago when he was married and younger, he specialized in nude painting. All of his subjects were female as he admired the form of their bodies: their curves, their softness. But as he looked around he saw only old, nothing new. Sure, all of his paintings were worth several grand each because of his reputation, but David did not care at all about the money, so he had vowed never to sell any.

DAVID: (grabbing painting) Piece o shit!

He threw “Lady on a Bed” (one of his nude wife) onto the corner of his drawing table. It broke in half, as his marriage had, and he apathetically let it drop to the floor.

Now it took David a long while of thinking to get his great idea, but it finally came to him. If the female figure was not pleasing enough to his artistic inspiration, he would have to use a male. However, he knew no guys that would be willing to pose nude for him to paint. So to Craig’s list David went and posted the following ad:

Looking to hire fit male age 20-40 to paint nude. Will compensate for time. Please send pics with reply. Thanks.

Two days later he received a response from a young man named Robby, who was upfront about his age (19) but promised that nudity did not bother him. When he sent David his pictures, David was more than impressed. They were not full nude, but Robby was definitely in shape with muscles far beyond his years.

They made the arrangement to have Robby over that weekend.


It was Saturday. David spent about an hour cleaning up his studio and preparing a space for Robby to pose. He would be leaning against a single wooden block that would reach his hips. David set out his paints, the canvas, and a towel for Robby. A flood of inspiration was channeling through him, unlike the past months of nothingness.

The doorbell rang.

Excited, David hurried to the front door and opened it. These stood his muse, a healthy, fit, young football player from the local high school looking to make some cash. Robby was about six feet tall, taller than David, had dark curly hair and tan skin. His shoulders were broad, his stomach flat and hard, and when David invited him in he couldn’t help but notice his bubble butt.

DAVID: Have any trouble finding the place?
ROBBY: (smiling) Not at all. I’m good with directions.

Robby’s smile had some sort of hypnotic effect on David, one that made him stare at it too long and he had to bashfully correct himself.

DAVID: Sorry…uh…you want anything to drink? Water? Soda?
ROBBY: Naw, I’m fine.
DAVID: Cool. I guess we’re ready to get started then. Follow me.

David led Robby into the studio where everything was set.

ROBBY: I just get naked?
DAVID: Yea. Whenever you’re ready.
ROBBY: Okie doke.

Robby stripped immediately while David set up his paints. David was taken aback by how good looking the young man was. Ripped muscles, a tight butt that flexed with every step, and even his manhood was beautiful. Robby obviously trimmed, and his cock hung smoothly between his legs on top of two swollen testicles.

DAVID: You take very good care of your body.
ROBBY: Eh, I try. How do you want me to pose?

David had him lean against the wooden block facing forward, his shoulders arched and one leg behind the other. The painter couldn’t help but notice that with this pose, Robby’s cut pecker stood straight out in plain view. It was amazing how comfortable this kid was, just standing naked in front of someone who might has well been a complete stranger.

DAVID: You comfortable?
ROBBY: Yea I’m good. Is this the angle you want?
DAVID: Yea you’re perfect.
ROBBY: Cool.

And Robby was perfect. As David began to sketch Robby’s form his painting became more of something else, something more…carnal. His eyes were beginning to explore Robby’s body, his flesh, and his mind was at such a fast rate beginning to appreciate and glorify everything that was the human male body.

Robby’s face was sharp. He had strong jaws and rigid edges around his chin, his forehead was bold, and his eyes had a piercing gaze that David could only hope to capture a bit of in his artwork. Robby’s neck was lean, leading to his broad and muscled shoulders, which only connected to his bulging arms. His stomach was firm…hell his whole body was firm. He was nothing like a woman. He was not soft, he was not curvy. He was a man, a rigid, hard carved young man possessing every physical quality there is to praised in a young man’s body. This was no longer a painting in David’s mind, but a celebration of the male body.

Roughly half an hour passed, and David had almost completed his painting when he looked up and noticed that Robby’s penis was half hard. He paused his work, and Robby noticed.

ROBBY: Sorry…I can’t really help it.
DAVID: Hey its all right. Thinkin about girls or something?
ROBBY: No, just standing here naked after a while.
DAVID: I understand. After all we’re both guys. I know what its like to get hard-ons.
ROBBY: (laughing) Yea I’ll probably jerk it later.

They both paused in silence.

DAVID: You can go ahead and stroke it now if you want.
ROBBY: What? You mean…right here in front of you?
DAVID: Yea I don’t mind. I told you, we’re both guys. Its not
really that weird.
ROBBY: Well I guess…
DAVID: I’ll even help you if you want.
ROBBY: What! You mean…jerk my cock?
DAVID: Yea. You have a nice dick. I wouldn’t mind helping
it out.
ROBBY: Sounds pretty gay dude.

Robby broke his pose and stood up straight. His cock was at half mass still.

DAVID: Why? Why can’t men be able to appreciate their bodies
with other men?
ROBBY: I guess…that makes sense…kind of…
DAVID: (walking to Robby) I’ll tell you what. If you don’t like it then just ask me stop.

David slowly reached his hand forward and placed his fingers delicately on the head of Robby’s dick. Robby shook a little, then stood still as David began to massage his head.

DAVID: Want me to stop?
ROBBY: ………no.

Robby leaned back onto the block while David grabbed his cock completely, stroking it slowly up and down the growing shaft. Robby’s breathing grew heavy. His cock quickly reached full hardness, an astoundingly gorgeous 8 inches.

ROBBY: (moaning) God damn.
DAVID: That’s a beautiful cock man.
ROBBY: (moaning) Keep going.

David switched hands. He kept one on Robby’s blood-filled, warm dick while putting another on his tightening balls. It was even amazing how round and full Robby’s balls were. David remembered what it was like to be this young and horny all the time, where a guy’s sack is full almost all of the time.

David spit on Robby’s cock several times making it wet, simulating the wet pussy that every young man desires.

ROBBY: Damn that’s good!
DAVID: Yea? (spit on his cock again) Here’s some more.

David held his loose grip on Robby’s rod back and forth and back and forth until Robby was thrusting forward in and out of the hole made by David’s hand. The boy moaned and groaned, his body started shaking. He was almost there. David could feel it in his balls. They were gathering into Robby’s crotch.

ROBBY: I think I’m about to!
DAVID: Not yet.

David ran and grabbed his painting of the young man, then laid it in front of him.

DAVID: I want you to cum on the painting.
ROBBY: Allright.

David grabbed his cock and balls, going back to work. Robby was throbbing in his palms.

ROBBY: Oh God! I gotta shoot this load!
DAVID: Yes Robby! Right there on the painting!
ROBBY: Aw fuck!
DAVID: Yea man! This is all you! Put yourself on that painting!
ROBBY: Aw God damn!

David never figured out whether it was instinct or not, but he spit into the palm of his hand that was on Robby’s balls, then reached around and put his hand right in between the young man’s butt cheeks and quickly found his tight hole. He put his fingers slightly inside and wriggled them, completely massaging Robby’s firm ass.

ROBBY: Oh FUCK! Keep doing that!

His cock was extremely warm and filled with blood, his hole was contracting, his balls tightened into his body and then Robby’s dick started pulsing. This was perhaps the most beautiful thing about the male body, how quickly it is able to reach its point of complete and satisfying pleasure. It had only taken David minutes of masturbating Robby and then…

Robby roared and blasted cum into the air, reaching farther than the painting. It was as if a revolver hung between his legs and shot bullets of sperm. Streaks of Robby’s cum splattered onto the painting, completing its theme.

David continued stroking Robby’s wet, red dick until it was soft again. Robby’s breathing calmed down and his body stopped shaking. David brought him the towel.

ROBBY: Thanks.
DAVID: No problem. You really completed the painting.
ROBBY: (laughing) Hey, whatever I can do to help.
DAVID: You feelin allright?
ROBBY: (smiling) Hell yea.

David smiled back. Then the phone rang.

DAVID: I’ll be right back.

David left the room and answered the phone. It was a woman named Karen that he had talked to at the grocery store earlier that week. After a five minute conversation he let her go and returned to the studio expecting to find Robby dressing, but Robby was no where to be found, and neither were five of David’s best paintings.

DAVID: Shit! Robby! Where the hell are you!

He looked all over the house and in the driveway and in the backyard…everywhere. But there was no hint of the young man. He’d left no clothing, nothing to trace him. And he’d stolen David’s most valuable works.

As soon as he could, David called the local school asking about a young man named Robby.

SCHOOL SECRETARY: I’m sorry sir, there is no one named Robby enlisted here.

David fell into shock. Was that even the kid’s real name? Was he even 19? Who had he let into his house? Who did he paint? Who’s cock did he service?

All that was left of the beautiful muse that was blown through David’s world like a tornado was the cum covered painting in David’s studio, but…………who was it of?

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