Gotta have Faithe

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Everything seemed oddly out of place this Wednesday evening as I intently watched Faithe lost in thought; staring into the food well at “The Mongolian Spirit.” We had enjoyed nearly seven and a half months of saying things to each other that could land you in jail in most states, but her distraction tonight was one laden with guilt. In moments like these I cursed the intuitive nature bestowed upon me at birth as my inner demons began their battle deep within my soul.

Inevitably the “bad angel” prevailed once again as my transformation into the sexual monster I had been throughout college slowly took shape. In my mind I knew she was set to marry a man in less than 72 hours that would give her anything and everything she could ever want or need, but in my heart it became more of a service to prevent her from following through with a decision being made out of greed and companionship instead of love and desire.

“You’re doing her a favor Conrad.” I kept repeating to myself as the pitchfork was being driven deeper into the heart of my conscience. Everything in my soul pleaded with my logical side to let her be the one making the decision; there was no reason at all to do anything to wean her away from changing her last name. Unfortunately thinking at all was tossed to the wayside as words of potential seduction dripped through my lips like droplets off a leaky faucet.

“Hey Faithe, it’s not going to clean itself.” A perfect mixture of a joking tone colliding with a certain amount of brash undertones snapped her harshly back into reality. As she showed me the grin I had become accustomed to throughout our flirtmance, it was the tiny glint in her mystic blue eyes that instantly captivated my attention.

It didn’t matter to me if this was the first time I noticed the lust, the first time she had shown me her hunger, or if it was my imagination…in my mind it would have been criminal not to give her a reason to get out of a wedding she had worked incredibly hard to get into in the first place.

“Weeellllll, maybe you should come over and clean it for me?!?” She teased as I exhaled the capacity of air from my lungs while searching the vacant restaurant to insure there weren’t any straggling customers. Carefully maintaining eye contact with her I tossed my sauce laden towel into the dry well and strutted over to her with a confidence she hadn’t seen from me before tonight.

Her alarmed state awoke an ego that fueled itself by a certain fear she held in her eyes, as I powerfully stopped less than an inch away from her reddened face. A recognizable command had been easily obtained over her otherwise well thought out mind while I closed our gap even tighter. Coolly I brushed my lips past hers in what was easily mistaken on her part as an attempt at our first kiss.

In a failed but certain effort to meet my lips she was snapped back into reality like the perfected crack of a whip as I whispered in her ear, “I am going to wash this shit off my hands in the ladies room.” A tiny whirlwind of hot musty air blew past the four tiny hearts spelling out the word life tattooed just beneath her left ear before intentionally wafting a loose strand of hair out of the way. Effortlessly my voice had transformed into a manner of seduction that would leave nuns questioning their vows as my intentions were finally stated. “I don’t fuck married women, so if you want me tonight’s your last chance, sweetheart.”

My uncharacteristic straightforward approach sent chills through her entire body as the disappointment from the missed kiss dissipated and was replaced with thought, confusion, and just a tad of disgust. As she deliberated the obvious ultimatum just presented to her on a silver platter, I could feel her icy stare searing the back of my neck as I disappeared behind the olive green wall. Upon realizing the emotions boiling up inside her I felt it necessary to continue my mocking with a coy grin and a tiny kiss blown in her direction.

There was no doubt how much she prided herself on being a strong independent woman, who was certain to always be in control of whatever happened in her life; however she couldn’t shake the sense of regret she would feel for passing on an opportunity to fulfill the secret fantasy.

Leisurely I scrubbed away the mixture of sauces from my hands as traces of doubt seeped into the façade of courage that had been dolled out moments earlier. Clearly they were clean enough to perform heart surgery, but I was still preparing myself to not only thwart any angry emotions towards me…but then transform them into unbridled passion.

As I turned towards the door it flew open and I was met with an array of emotions. “Let me make something perfectly clear…” she started with an effort to seize the control, but was immediately ousted from her position before she even had a chance to claim it. Her eyes held a fiery passion, but it wasn’t difficult at all to see they were simply masking the immoral lust and desire witnessed moments ago.

“You’re getting married in three days and I have been for almost nine years, if you want to do this…we will…if not I’m leaving.” As the truths her eyes were unsuccessfully hiding, it was mandatory to keep her impulsive thoughts at a distance and force her to rely only on her primal instincts. Easing into her until she was flush against the bathroom door, I brushed away a few loose strands of her recently dyed hair with one hand while the other one casually flipped off the light switch, engulfing the room with darkness.

Expertly using the hand already on her face as a guide I moved my other one to join it in perfect symmetry. Each thumb rested directly below her ears while my fingers twisted the short strands of midnight black hair on the back of her head. Without any resistance at all, she was led to meet my previously moistened lips as they finally enjoyed the passion and hunger that had kept at bay for so long.

As I basked in the moment of feeling her slightly puffed lips pressed against mine, it was mindfully short lived in order to needlessly whisper, “In less than three minutes you’re going to forget all about Mr. What’s-his-face.” I knew the conceit of my statement would surely resonate in her mind, but before she had the opportunity to respond a tornado of lust swept throughout her body.

The focal point of my attack landed them just below her earlobe; centered between the jaw line and neck. It proved once again to never disappoint as unexpected whimpers escaped through slightly parted lips that were simply longing for another kiss. I tightened my grip and jolted her head to one side adding to the arousal while forcing the tiny opening to more than double in width. Precise strokes of both pressure and tenderness magically drove her unbridled emotions into a state of reckless abandon.

Her head was positioned at the precise angle as I unnoticeably glided my hand beneath a single layer of material. Greatly enjoying a very well trimmed patch I immediately stopped my seduction once again to intensify the situation with a well timed phrase “Flying commando? You are a naughty naughty girl.”

Skillfully I maneuvered three fingers to lightly trace over her clit and promptly received the budding results intended. Each precise stroke garnered greater results and each finger was rewarded with the damp texture of her bodily juices. Effortlessly they pried and manipulated her pussy lips as she gasped her way through a four word response, “It’s just laundry day.”

My index and middle fingers effectively pierced into her eager pussy with the force of a torpedo, causing her to slightly elevate off the ground. In an instantaneous and premeditated moment of seduction my arm applied a firm hold on the small of her back and fluently jolted her five foot seven frame off the ground. She was left with very little choice and within moments her legs instinctively wrapped themselves around my waist.

Advantageously her opening provided me with enough liberty to glide a third finger into her pussy, slowly and intensely massaging her tightening walls. As they began to build momentum she recklessly flung her head towards the door, to alleviate the instant gratification. In order to avoid the crash course her head was bound to encounter I lurched backwards and let my good friend gravity force my fingers to plunge deeper inside her.

Without upsetting the fluidity of our movements I lowered my hand underneath the back side of those skin tight yoga pants and yanked them just below an ass that could’ve been sculpted out of stone. Haphazardly she threw her arms around my neck as I took an unexpected one quarter spin necessary to secure her on the rather sturdy white porcelain sink.

The chilling temperature of the ceramic landing place caused shudders to instantly clash against the heated waves of exhilaration coursing through her body. Anticipating correctly her forthcoming shriek I jerked her lips toward mine and smothered her excitement.

As our tongues explored each other it was incredibly easy to get lost in the way hers felt against mine. How the inside of her mouth tasted. How smooth her teeth felt, and how they magically transformed into the sharp edges of her cupids. How every tiny ridge on the roof of her mouth was more unique than the one before it. This was all encompassed by the way those places in my own mouth felt as she expertly maneuvered her tongue during its exploration process.

As each second passed I fought a little harder against my will to dwell in feelings of passion not experienced in over three years. Our time tonight was limited at best and even though this was something I would have done for as long as she would let me…I knew I needed to focus on the true task at hand. Deliberately finishing the kiss by biting down hard on her bottom lip as my fingers continued to thrust at an erratic rate inside her clenching pussy. In a split second they were released and in a motion that caught her completely off guard; she found her yoga pants down around her ankles. Providing her the freedoms of using her legs as she desired, I slipped both shoes off simultaneously before elevating her ankles up past her head.

My fingernails harshly traced her calves, the backside of her knees, thighs, and finally over her ass cheeks as her legs unconsciously opened far enough to focus on the freshly tanned skin of her inner thighs. My index fingers rested less than a half an inch from her pussy lips before widening her legs to the desired distance.

In a single motion I used my thumbs to spread those luscious lips apart, dropped down to a perfect squatting position, and expertly found the ideal location for the tip of my tongue; barely above the rim of her anus. Once it flattened out I let it rest against her entire opening before moving it with malicious intent at a painstakingly slow pace. Each new area was pleasured until twinges of anxiety consumed her in anticipation of landing on her already pulsating clit.

Torturing her with more resolve than even I thought was possible my tongue curled once it neared the center of her pussy and magically spread her lips apart, sliding in to savor the creaminess that was slowly coating it completely. She had decided without thought to own the situation and wildly bucked her hips in an effort to insure complete satisfaction. It became apparent that nothing was going to be held back as she violently clutched hair in each hand and fiercely yanked my face against her pussy with alarming force.

She had absentmindedly released her death grip on the sides of the sink creating an opening to tighten my quads and hastily I prepared myself to rise straight up from the squatting position that had been held in place for a little over three minutes. Securing my arms around the small of her back and forcing my tongue to find new depths caused a sudden culmination of sensations to race blindly through her body.

It had begun its betrayal of her and it didn’t help that all she wanted was to freely allow it every ounce of satisfaction he was willing to give, but the grip she had maintained on his sandy brown hair came at the cost of having to entirely trust that she wouldn’t crash into any number of obstacles in the blackened room.

Her tightening pussy muscles combined with the ferocity of the grip her legs had suddenly obtained on the sides of my head clearly indicated her incessant need for control. She powerfully shoved my entire face further into her dripping pussy, momentarily causing me to blindly stumble around the bathroom in search of something, anything flat to pin her against.

Sweat had started to drip into my eyes as I desperately struggled against her will to deprive my lungs of the slightest traces of oxygen. In the midst of my battle for air I could feel tiny but present hints of dizziness as I squeezed her ass cheeks with just enough pressure to allow her clit to land directly on my mouth. I felt her juices pouring out of her drenched pussy and freely drip through my well trimmed goatee.

The creamy mixture of her cum and salty solution of our sweat dripped off my chin and I could feel the dampness of it soak into the top my uniform, as a desperation spurt of adrenaline found its way through my mind. She could sense control was about to be lost, so she vigorously grinded her pussy as hard as possible against my face as she powered through my expert nibbling. Wildly bucking her hips against me indicated that all concern to safety had been lost and inadvertently she landed against the bathroom stall.

My lungs were finally given tiny traces of oxygen and they served as a catapult to my newfound determination, which resulted in utilizing a move that never ever failed me. Firmly, yet gently, securing her clit between my teeth she was shown no mercy as my tongue danced all over it. As she tried to grind herself against me and squeezed my head between her muscular toned thighs it felt like she was attempting to crack open a walnut. As she desperately attempted to maintain any control she may have had I casually and unknowingly undid my pants and let them fall freely to the ground.

In perfect harmony her pelvis began to convulse against me until I clutched her upper thighs and forcefully pinned her in place. In that instant she had lost all her leverage and “The Astaire” was bringing her to the orgasmic bliss she had yearned for so long. Her clit was locked in place and my tongue expertly swirled around it while emitting natural saliva to keep it well coated, adding slight humming vibrations to course through her before tightening the muscles in my neck, causing my teeth to chatter uncontrollably.

One wave after another crashed through her body as each orgasm was released without any opportunities to stop. She was at my mercy and there wasn’t a chance I was going to let this end any sooner than I had to, at least not at this moment. She desperately jerked my head to relieve the torture as gushes of liquid sprayed all over my face and cascaded off my chin like a babbling spring brook flowing down a mountainside.

There was little time to marvel at her power before I was covered in an absorbent amount of ecstasy laced juices. Basking in the feel of it freely dripping down my face, her body slowly grew limp as the last squirts shot into my opened mouth. She rubbed some of it through my hair and slowly descended down my body, without any clue what was about to happen.

As I savored the sweet nectar of her juices she was suddenly pinned against the stall less than a half an inch away from my penis, which felt like a bull waiting to be released from its pen. I found her mouth with little difficulty and shared a few light kisses as my stance broadened just enough to keep her from unwrapping her legs as she slid down to feel my throbbing penis.

“I can’t” she softly whimpered between kisses. Gently letting it rest on her opening for just a moment before I searched through the shadows for any indication that a boundary wasn’t about to be crossed. There were moments to take charge in this situation and opportunities to let the moment take control; as I gradually lifted her up she whispered “Conrad. Please be gentle”

Little by little her body was lowered until the very tip of my raging manhood felt her overly sensitive pussy lips. We shared kisses filled with the lust that had built up over months of flirting, wanting, and waiting as all seven inches nestled slowly into her. In perfect rhythm my entire shaft engorged every bit of her pussy as we relished the moment we were sharing.

Lost in the passion she no longer cared about her impending wedding, the drastic age between us, or getting caught by the manager that despised us both. The kisses intensified bit by bit as the pace quickened and soon her climax began to consume everything in its path as she steadied herself in an attempt to draw out the short amount of time we were allowed together.

It took more will power than I realized was at my disposal, but straining against what I had so desperately wanted to do on so many earlier occasions I instead attacked the spot where we had started. Careful to demonstrate the perfect control the incessant nibbling of her jaw and neckline was tender and loving while my hips were quickening their pace. Soon it was perfectly matched with the level of fervor and unbridled lust she was on the brink of achieving.

She lightly traced her hands around the back of my neck until one was placed on each side of my face, and slowly directed my mouth back to hers. Chills corrupted my spine as she lovingly whispered, “I just want you to kiss me, they are so tender.” As our lips met in what promised to be a kiss that changed our lives forever she firmly gripped the top of the bathroom stall.

The rattling was increasing in velocity as she pulled up to the point where I was about to exit, before plummeting down to feel the self inflicted thrusts of her pelvis. As our soft tender kisses became filled with hunger and desire, she increased the ferociousness of her dropping until she could feel the very tip began to show signs of pulsation.

She circled the very tip one last time as she felt the unmistakable twinge, releasing her grip from the stall I felt her legs form a vice grip as she consumed my convulsing penis. Her entire body weight seemed to have literally dropped from the sky and left me with no other choice but to spurt one hot jet of sperm after another until she was satisfied my entire load had been dispensed.

As my ejaculation seemingly came to its end she unexpectedly clutched the sides of my head and kissed me in a way that I had never been experienced before this moment. She continued her assault on my tongue and mouth as she started a rotating gyration motion in her best effort to not only extract every last drop of cum, but more importantly maintain its stiffness.

I felt her heart beating through our uniforms and next to mine as it was made clear what this moment meant to her. Once enough composure was regained on my part I began to grind through the mixture of juices we had shared and it wasn’t long before she began to tighten up one more time. Instinctively I made the choice to extract a multitude of orgasms from her, as she willed her way to find a source of sperm I didn’t know existed.

The typical throws of passion necessary to fuck your coworker in the bathroom had been tossed to the wayside after her last kiss and instead we were about to make love. Slowly nudging her to the pinnacle that not many women find themselves I kissed her as though she were the last woman I would ever kiss.

She allowed the tenderness of those kisses to send a ripple effect through her body and without bucking wildly or needing control to climax, she savored the repetitive tiny vibrations of orgasmic bliss that were overtaking her completely. Each of us longed for this moment to continue until eternity was met; unsure whether or not it would ever have an opportunity to repeat itself.

The kiss was finally broken as an unavoidable awkward silence filled the air and I searched for the perfect phrase to break it, when I heard these words come spewing out of my mouth. “It’s been a really long time since that has happened, Thanks.” Unsure of how to navigate the murky waters ahead of me I realized after thirty eight years I had reached uncharted territory.

Slowly I lowered her to the ground as I relished in what may have very well been the last time we shared a moment together. The most loving kiss in my arsenal was placed on her forehead as I took a moment of reflected silence to fight off a speech I had rehearsed and rewritten a thousand times in my head. I knew it had to be her decision to end the wedding and it couldn’t be one that was coerced by my words, so I simply uttered. “I just want you to know how special that moment we shared was to me.”

My statement was left dangling in the air as I slipped out of the ladies room and scurried back to finish my closing work. On the freeway of my mind all lanes were filled with emotions, indecision, and the elation I had felt just moments ago. My attempt to sort through the chaos my mind had assumed disappeared with the sound of her sweet tender voice, “As long as you understand how special it was to me.”

I watched in disbelief as she began to remove her engagement ring while marching towards me with a purpose in each stride. We gazed into each other’s eyes as we realized the raw emotions we were feeling towards each other, until she grabbed my hand and placed her ring gently in it. “I’m going to go see if we still need a closer on Saturday.”

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