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Hi my name is Mandy Jenkins, married mother of two teen girls. My husband David had anmbitions to move to the sun from the day we met. Every spare hour he had went into his programing business that he sold out last year.

Our new home is on a Spanish Marina Complex full of rich people like us, an older property with one thing missing, a pool, that will be built for next summer.
David had started a new business as he was selling out and has to travel as the business settles into his new market.

The girls and I are OK as our neighbours are brits or English speaking Eurepeans. Our nearest neighbour is Roger another rich computer industry old timer, widowed I believe but I met his daughter and her boy and two girles the same age as mine at the Marina bar.
We were invited to meet her dad and the rest of the family and use the pool whenever we wanted.

I met Mins husband and two or three of her sisters and their kids and a couple of her brothers ands their families. My mobile would ring and everyone would chorus high David as he called from the Airport on route to India or somewhere. The girls were booked into an american/English school early September as Rogers family had there last few days before heading to their homes and the satrt of a new school terms.

Roger and Min gave us the centry codes so we could use the pool at any time and after school the girls and I enjoyed a swimm and play in the pool.
On the 3rd day of school I painnted out a guest bedroom at home, it was a hot still day and I changed into a bikini and let myself into Rogers, eating a sandwich as I cooled in the water and then lounged in the sun reading the previous days UK papers.

"Hi Mandy" a voice called as I dozed, I recognised it as Rogers and called "hi" back. Can I get you a drink and some lunch he called, not wishing to be rude and still a little peckish I called "yes thank you"
As he called questions as to what I would like and said there was drink on the breakfast bar I wandered into the Kitchen. Not the most handsome of men but he'd warn well, early sixties I'd heard with a grey hairy chest and well tanned body from hours in the sun on his boat I guessed.

He chatted about the news and Davids new business as he prepared a warm salad and I sipped my wine.
"That's ready" he said as he walked around the cooker and prep gondola towards me with plates and bowls in his large hands naked with a huge Porno star style cock swinging beneath them a mass of grey pubic hair and huge bollocks. I guess I must have looked like a frightened rabit as my eyes stared at his big dong.

"You don't mind do you" he asked, " I have to be a Grandad when the kids are here but hate clothes in this hot weather. I kind of managed to mutter a "No" as he walked past me to the covered patio area and started to put salad on a plate for me. "Come and take a pew" he said as I still sat on the kitchen stool a little dumb struck.
"Are you shy he called as I adjusted my bikini bottom from its sticky folds and walked into the sunlight, as he handed me my food and I tried to look away from his huge dangling cock as he sat on a lounger.
I was like a lost child not knowing where to look or what to do, I wasn't sure if I should stay or go and mumbled some unconnected answer to a question about David and the girls as I stood looking at the food.

"we can't go on like this" said Roger taking the plate from me. "sorry" I said as he put the plate down and tugged at the two ties at the side of my bikini bottoms and waved the wet stained white crotch in front of my face. As he pushed me weakly down onto the lounger.
"Before you get worried, you will be able to take it all" he said smiling as he parted my legs and took my ankles. "you have great tits but we need to get this out of the way first" he said as he took his place on the lounger as his cock stood rock hard like a huge penile cruise misile its veins bulging as I started to protest as the fat purple straining cock eased tightely against my wet slippery cunt and I bucked involuntaraly as he teased my tight pusssy entrance open and I told him to stop. He gave a big smile and said "you don't mean that do you" , "I do" I said thinking that all though David had had a fling I had only ever had him. His cock head nuzzled in my slippery cunt opening my pussy, flaps splayed wide.

"I'm going to make you an offer" he said. "I'll let you try it for size or you'll always be curious" I relaxed as I was silly enough to give the offer some thought and he slowly pushed into my slippery love tunnel his fat dome felt as though it would tear me open as he stopped, as I went to protest he said "only another 7" to go. "what" said I , "7 inches in and 7 fat wide inches to go" he said as I took a breath trying to ease my tight wet he pulled back I relaxed and then he pushed deeper and deeper an orgasm ripping through my spasming cunt my clit felt as if it would explode as my orgasm exploded in my head and his hairy balls nestled against my arse. Cum leaked from around his cock wedged deeep in me a stream running over my anus to the small of my back my nipples were on fire all but exploding through the thin material as I ripped my top off and squeezed my tits and sucked my nipples as he knelt buried to the hilt in my cunt. Roger smiled as he looked at my position and looked at my clit that must have swelled to about a 1/2 and inch. My legs splayed either side of him he admired his intruder techniques as I went to tell him of he took my engorged clit and pinched it as hard as he could, I screamed out in agony and ecstasy a violent rush to my pussy as I seemed to black out for a few moments and he pulled back and then drove home deeper in my stretched hole before starting to build an explosive rythm as my tits banged back and forth and I begged him to make me come.

It was like all the trains arriving head on at the same time as I came his bollocks slapping loudly against my arse cheeks before he pulled out and shot a river of hot sticky spunk on my belly and tits.
And then licked out my pussy gently as it closed on his tongue before he packed me away in a some of Min's clothes to get the girls.

We had a quite evening and the girls were tired and went to bed early after a long school day and I laid dozing on the playing with my tender pussy and clit before I fell asleep after my once in a liftime experience knocked out by half a bottle of local brandy to sooth my guilt as I dreampt that I'd had an old mans huge cock. Was it real I dreampt as I must have spread my legs imagining a giant falus ploughing my cunt and I woke with a jolt to a wonderous feeling of Rog pinching my angered clit before he ploughed my cunt again to a deep long shagging orgasm before he turned me over and he pistoned my pussy before unloading spunk deep in my belly his fore finger buried deep in my arse as he milked at my aching tits.
He left me just before day break as I kissed him and a trickle of spunk oozes from my hot sore little ring piece.

I saw his car was gone as I took the girls to school and I never saw Roger for about a month and david was away for about another 3 weeks giving my body time to recover.
David seemed to enjoy my wanton needs and as we slipped into our twice a week, Wednesday night and Sunday morning sessions and even had a girl free fumble in Rog's pool as the girls were at a party.
David flew out to the States and I saw Rogers boat had left its mooring a day or two later. The girls and I were leaving his pool when he came in and asked me to pop over for a drink whispering in my ear that he had about a pint of spunk to fire down my throat as the girls skipped home, I declined to respond and avoided him for a day or two, I decided that I'd tried his cock and that it was just sex and that I was happy with David, we had a good sex life when he was at home and I didn't need to be ripped apart again.

Roger called to me as we passed in our cars as I took the girkls to school, I said I was to busy and we should do our own thing, drinking coffee an hour or so later with Yolanda and Steph I received a message on my mobile saying to come around to Rogers, I sent a polite "NO THANKS" reply and then got another media message. The phone went to media player and I started the video player assuming it was from David. A seductive voice groaned "your cock is awesome" to my horror. Yolanda and Steph sniggered, is that how you and David keep it together sniggered Steph as I blushed and laughed out a "yes" and quickly changed the subject.

As I approached the table the two women looked flushed and quickly put my phone down as I got my round of coffee and cakes.
"You lucky cow" they whispered as I grabbed the phone and ran to my car, I drove along the road before stopping and playing the video of Roger fucking me in the pussy and arse abd spunking in my mouth as gobbled on his cock as he ate out my cunt.

I had no idea how he'd filmed me on my own bed, but he would regret his actions, I nearly crashed into his houses gates and screached to a halt in the driveway charging around the side of the house to the pool where he was sure to be, he smiled as I raced towards him and swang wildly at his face he grabbed my wrist before it landed and span me around his hand went up my skirt ripping my thong off, my cunt was nigh on fire and the snall gusset awash with precum pussy juices as he spread my cunt and buried his cock deep in my hungry snatch as I went into wild thrusting onto his cock milking it for a rush of spunk to fill me and spew through me till I tasted it in my mouth.

At that point I couldn't care what David thought any more I just wanted cock and have been getting it nearly every day since, we take the boat out and speed across the sea his cock buried deep in my hungry hole naked under the under warm winter sun, spunk and cum dripping from my prescious snatch. David received an email of Roger and that has kind of settled my future, I could have killed Rog but he just shakes his big willy at me and I have my legs spread wide begging for cock and cunt or mouth full of spunk.

Rog has double ended me with his business partner Jorg and his son David Junior has a slightly bigger cock and we now team fuck with Yolanda when he is in town. With two fourteen inch cocks, one cock in my cunt and one in my arse I don't care what happens in the future as Long as I get daily cock.

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