Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

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100% fiction!

When I was 18, I met a girl. I had just come out of the closet the previous year, and not everyone knew that I enjoyed the company of other girls. But I truly saw her. I realize now it was just lust, of course. I called her Z. After three years of me pining after her, a night I would never forget came to pass. Now, Z was amazing.

Shorter than my 5 feet, which only fed the attraction, as I hated being short. Her perfectly shaped body was evenly tanned everywhere but her bikini lines, which also turned me on somehow. It helped that she never wore a bra and shared my sexual preferences and all my turn-ons. She was wonderful. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

A year before this wondrous night, she moved a city away and I never saw her. One day I received a text ordering me to come over, as she was bored. I rode public transit and got lost before she met me on a corner near her new home. We swam in her small pool, ate pizza, and listened to music before we arrived at the topic of my sore neck.

"Bro, if you rub my neck, I will love you forever."
"Flip over then.", she laughed.

I did as she said and she began massaging my neck. Once in a while, her hands moved up to my hair, a highly erogenous zone. Z didn't realize exactly what she was doing. She told me later that she was thinking of turning me on, and her subconcious recalled my telling her of my reaction to women caressing my hair. (even with stereotypical two-centimeter-long hair.)

After she was finished with my neck, I rested my head on her stomach, secretly extremely aroused. My hand made its way to her perfectly tanned abs. I myself have a thing for abs on any sex, but hers blew me away. Not only that, but I knew her greatest turn-on was women stroking her abs.

I moved my hand up and down, side to side, all around her stomach as her breathing got heavier. I knew she was horny and you can't fathom how much I wanted her. I stopped briefly and asked her why she liked that so much.

"I don't know. Maybe because my boobs are right above that."

I began my motions again, this time teasing her and spiralling up closer to her swollen nipples before dropping to her belly button, starting the cycle over as she groaned.

I obeyed, as she knew I would, delirious in my lust for her. I took one nipple in my fingers, ever so slightly pinching, drawing sharp breaths from her soft lips. I rolled her hardened nub in my fingers before sitting up and teasing her more. Of course, overcome by my stimulation, she promptly straddled me and kissed me full on the lips, sneaking her skilled tongue into my inexperienced mouth. I circled her tongue with mine, sucking on it gently as she moved in and out.

Z was very aroused by now, as was I. She removed her shirt, exposing perky perfection. She moaned as I took her in my mouth, biting and sucking on her lovely chest. I had her lay on the floor, never losing contact with her addictive skin. I trailed my hand down to her shorts, looking into her warm, bright brown eyes, asking permission to touch her.


I let my fingers do what my instincts and years of porn addiction told them to. My middle finger carressed her tight opening, coating it with her wetness, drawing out her moan. I touched her clit carefully, wondering how much her moans would turn me on. As I sped up my small circles, her moans grew in volume slightly, and her hips started to thrust with my hand.

Apparently she thought it was her turn, because she flipped me over forcefully, getting a husky moan from me. Z knew how I liked it and went straight into touching my wet pussy. Her index finger slid in and made me gasp with the extreme pleasure that initial touch gave me. After many touches, scissoring for my first time, and wonderful kisses that sent shivers through my body, we sat downstairs to watch a scary movie.

While the previews played, tested out a move I learned the previous summer. Hip biting. Needless to say, her moans would have been deafening if she had not covered her mouth. Throughout the night, sexual acts continued to happen until we fell asleep, including her first orgasm in front of another person. (my ego skyrocketed) she came while laying on top of me, and I held her as her body rocked on the waves of pleasure I knew she was feeling.

Honestly, this happened last night, and I sincerely hope I must only wait a week for it to happen again.

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