Good Friends

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Me and my friends had gone out clubbing. We were on our way home. I always stayed the night with one of the girls when we went out just because I live that much further out than them. Tonight I was sleeping around my friend Tally's house. We'd been best friends for only about a year now. We'd spent the night together many times before. But never engaging in any girl on girl activities.

I had thought about it though, and I'm pretty sure she had too. Certain things she's said when we'd been out drinking before had raised my eyebrows.
We were good drinkers and tonight was no exception. We were completely hammered when we made it back to her place.

I took off my clothes, and pulled on my night shirt. I watched her undress, removing her clothes with painstakingly slowness. We weren't exactly shy and we'd changed in front of each other a hundred times before. So it shouldn't have felt any different, it did. I don't know whether it was the alcohol or the fact I'd recently had my first lesbian experiences but I was getting turned on watching her undress. My panties moistening with my juices.

When she was finished getting dressed into her pjs we climbed into bed. It was only a single, but we'd done this before and so was used to lying next to each other in such close proximity. I could feel the heat of her skin on my skin, and when she spoke I could feel her warm moist breast rush across my face.

We began talking about boys, we did this quite a lot. Sex was our favorite subject. And now because we were drunk we were going into spectacular detail!!! I was getting hotter and hotter as we spoke about her sex life (or lack of)... I could've burst into flames....
Tally was saying how she'd never had a proper orgasm, her old boyfriend had trouble getting hard, and whenever he was hard he never lasted very long. I couldn't help thinking that I could make her come, and I'd enjoy it too!!!

"Thank fuck for vibrators" she exclaimed... I laughed at this, asking to have a look at it, just because I haven't got one and she swore by hers. I wanted to see what makes her come.
She directed me to her top draw. I pulled out an 8 inch pink vibrator. I looked at her and laughed. She was lying on her back, and I was on my side looking at her.

I turned it on. It shook in my hand with each powerful vibration. I got so wet, just thinking that she had used this to bring her to orgasm. I looked at her, a limp in my throat, warmth flushing my skin... Juice wetting my panties. I slowly pulled back the covers, giving her enough time to resist. And put the vibrator against her panty clad mound.

"What are you doing??" She asked softly, her voice husky and her eyes dark with lust.
"I'm going to make you come..." I replied.

I ravished her mouth with my own. Sucking her tongue into my mouth. Biting her bottom lip. She responded to my kiss just as urgently.... Desperate. All the while I'm just resting this vibrator against her sweet cunt.
I tell her to remove her pjs. She does, leaving just her panties on. I straddle her hips, her pussy grinding against mine, only thin strips of material between them. The vibrator thrust to the side of the bed.

I'm sucking her tongue now, I'm rolling one of her extended nipples between my thumb and fore finger. She has magnificent breasts!!! So large and firm!!! I'm starting to kiss and lick my way down her neck to her other nipple... Taking it into my mouth. Suckling on it, occasionally nipping at it. She's got her one hand resting on my hip.... The other hand in my hair, pushing me down towards her steaming cunt. She's begging me, pleading with me to let her come.

He chest heaving with her harsh breaths.

I shift myself further down the bed, so I can lie on my tummy. And I open her legs. Her panties are completely wet through. The scent of her desire filling the air. I breathe in deep.... Enjoying her scent. She watches me as I bring my mouth closer and closer to her pussy. I've left her panties on, so I can suck her clit through them. Its driving her crazy and her loud moans are filling the room!!! She suddenly sits up and rips off her sopping underwear, throwing them to the ground!!! Letting me look at her swollen lips, her juices dripping out between them. Its a glorious sight!! I want nothing more than to make this girl orgasm!!!

She opens her legs wide and opens up her lips with her fingers...
"Put it in as far as you can!!" I comply. I'm tonguing her vagina.... Thrusting it in as far as I can. I'm using my fingers to rub her so swollen clit... She's involuntarily moving her cunt against me..... I start tweaking her clit harder and thrusting my tongue faster... She comes in my mouth with a scream... I swallow every drop... She tastes so good!!! I wouldn't mind eating her out again!!! She lies back, closing her eyes.... Totally spent....

She looks like she could be sleeping.... I don't want to disturb her... She looks so peaceful... But I must orgasm!! Right now!!! I'm so hot for her... I'm so wet, its dribbling down my inner thighs!!!

I spot her vibrator lying next to her... I swiftly remove my underwear... I'm kneeling on the bed... Facing her... I want to be looking at her when I'm comming.... I position the vibrator at the entrance of my vagina, and slam it inside me hard... The vibrations stimulating my inner walls... I withdraw it completely before letting it enter me for a second time... I start off slowly like this for a while. I'm panting. Watching my girl as I'm satisfying myself. I start thrusting this big vibrator faster inside me... Increasing the rhythm. Well on my way to orgasm.
"What are you doing??" She asks a second time that night.

"I really need to come" I answer between moans...
"Let me help you"

She sits up, and crawls towards me... She now knealing in front of me. She removes my hand from the vibrator. Taking control. I'm resting my sweaty brow against hers, as she drives the vibrator into me. How long will this sweet toture last??
She picks up the rhythm... I'm thrusting my hips to match her pace. I come with an all mighty groan!!!

That was fun... :D

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