Going to the Wild West - Part I

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Don’t ask me what made me do it, but something in the piece of “junk mail” that I received from the local junior college district caught my eye. The colorful flier was inviting (on a first come, first served basis) a group of adults to volunteer to be part of a two week incursion into the past. That’s right, the project was to explore how modern day people might take to the rigors to which the pioneers in this country were subject to years ago. There were to be five men and five women that would travel to an undisclosed destination and begin living the “american Dream.” I must qualify that, the dream of which they were speaking was the dream envisioned by American pioneers as they prepared to head for parts west during the latter part of the nineteenth century. I thought “what the hell,” picked up the phone and called the number shown on the flier. I was connected immediately to a woman who identified herself as Stephanie Williams. We chatted for about fifteen minutes and she told me that she thought I would be an excellent addition to the group that was already forming. She gave me the particulars as to the first organizational meeting which was to be held the next weekend at the school’s continuing education office. I told her I’d be there.

On Saturday evening I met with the other four men and the five women, one of whom was Stephanie. As I arrived she introduced herself and told me that the way things had worked out, I would be her partner. That’s right, she and I would be virtual spouses for the little adventure. Well, when I saw Stephanie, I almost creamed my pants. She was beautiful and articulate as well. She was about 5’2” and she had this silky, shoulder length dark red hair, a pair of 36C tits to die for and an ass that wouldn’t stop. Well, I didn’t want to act to excited, so I took my seat as she began describing the excursion. As it turns out we would try to dress as the pioneers did. Thought we would be transported west (hell, she wouldn’t even say where west) in somewhat modern fashion (train), we would, on arrival, be riding in horse draw wagons to the area we were to “settle.” The school, as part of the tuition, would outfit us in the proper attire and provide us the necessary equipment “of the day.” It sounded like fun until we found out that we would have to provide our own food, yeah, we’d have to somehow grow it. Ha ha, I said to myself, fat chance.

Anyway, Stephanie also told us that she had paired the five of us up based on her observations of both our physical demeanor and our personalities. She then dropped the bomb: The study would also be asking us to see how the adverse conditions of the earlier time in our history might affect sexual performance. That’s right, we would be expected to probe the sexuality of our partners. Damn, I was being required to fuck Stephanie! Well, I tried not to smile and to take a professional attitude towards all of this, but whom was I kidding…hell, I’m a college professor, not a gigolo. Oh, well, too bad, Ted.

Before I knew it, the day had arrived for our departure. I dressed in the damn traveling cloths that they gave me….a pair of very tight pants, boots, a loose fitting shirt and a had (well, they gave us underwear, socks and that sort of stuff as well). I felt stuffed into the pants and I thought my balls were going to be crushed when I sat down. I arrived at the “station” dressed like a 19th century pioneer ready to head west. Stephanie was just arriving too and damn, she was literally stuffed into this blouse. I mean her knockers were straining to get out of the thing. I don’t know if it was cool or if she was excited to see me (that’s a laugh) but her nipples were pushing through and my imagination simply got away from me making those damn pants very uncomfortable. Well, Stephanie came up to me, took my arm and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Talk about temperatures rising! She said that we would be sharing quarters on the train and it would be sort of our last vestige of modern living for the duration of this little exploration. We boarded the train and gave the conductor our tickets, whereupon he showed us to our compartment. It was nothing fancy, believe me, but it looked comfortable. We sat down and chatted, waiting for the train to leave the station. Stephanie then informed me we would be heading to Wyoming where, she said, the summer temperature was fabulous. I’d never been there, so it was something to look forward to. As I was musing on what the wild west in Wyoming might be like I felt Stephanie’s hand on the inside of my thigh. She was just rubbing it up and down but each time it seemed she got a little closer to the family jewels. I was getting noticeably hotter by the minute. Next thing I knew, she was pulling the shade on the window down and unbuttoning the tight blouse she was wearing. All I could do was stare in amazement at the tits that fell from that shirt. They were perfect in every way and the nipples stuck straight out. She took my hand and I stood, feeling the fullness of my erection as she pulled me closer to her. 

Damn, I guess she must have been around the same age as me, maybe a little younger. Her hair seemed to sparkle, even in the dim light of our compartment. She began unbuttoning my old fashioned shirt and then, as she opened it, she ran her fingers through the hair on my chest, stopping at each of my nipples and giving them a squeeze. “Peter, you seem tense, but, you know, we need to get to know each other, in the biblical sense…and I think those pants are going to strangle your manhood, so here…let me undo them.” Well, any guy will tell you, once the buckle is undone there’s no turning back. The “britches” dropped to the floor exposing my member trying desperately to escape the confines of my shorts. Well, Stephanie helped with that and as she pulled my almost throbbing dick out the opening in the shorts she became more gentle. “Peter, I want to feel this huge cock rubbing against my nipples…help me get naked.” As I helped her out of the blouse I made sure I felt each magnificent breast. I unbuttoned the long skirt she was wearing and she kicked it off. She was wearing those longish bloomer things underneath, but they would come off easily. I noticed that right about where her pussy opening would be there was already a stain indicating to me that she was oozing pussy juices in anticipation of our coupling. We pulled out the bed from the berth and laid down next to each other. She moved so that she could rub the head of my penis against her nipples. As she did that she kept stroking the head and I was getting very very turned on. “If you’re not careful, I’ll be shooting all over those magnificent breasts…” “That wouldn’t bother me in the least, Peter, having your hot cum all over them.” I pulled her close to me so that her tits were against my chest and I ran my fingers up and down her back, venturing below the waist of the old fashioned “panties.” As I lowered them I ran my fingers between the crack of her as down towards her pussy. 

When I neared the hot spot I could feel her juices oozing out. I wet my fingers with them, bringing them to my lips so that I could taste her. This must have added more fire to her arousal because she turned so that she was on her back. I took this as a sign to explore her love cavern. As I eased the bloomers off her hips and down her legs, she kicked them off and our bodies were completely naked. I began exploring…kissing each breast and nipple and then underneath each tit as I moved my lips quickly down her belly to her warm triangle. Her very swollen pussy lips were nestled amidst very soft, dark red hair which had been neatly trimmed to form a triangle framing her vaginal lips. As I ran my tongue through the soft hair I could smell her feminine fragrance and see the dewy drops that had formed on the external lips. I separated them gently with my fingers, licking each. My fingers were immediately engulfed in what seemed liked a rush of hot pussy juice. I was coming from her opening almost faster than I could lick it. I eased her legs further apart as I let two of my fingers enter her warm vagina. She breathed heavily as my fingers traveled more deeply inside. I curled them to feel for the little swelling that I knew would be just a few inches in. As she gasped when I pressed on it, I found her clit with my tongue and began flicking back and forth as I watched for signs of increasing passion and pleasure. Almost suddenly, her back arched and she pushed her pussy closer to me begging me so keep licking and pressing. Finally, with a burst of breath at the same time as a stifled scream she climaxed as violently as I have seen a woman climax. It seemed not to end so I kept pressing her spot and licking her swollen pleasure point. Finally, she asked me to stop…she hugged me closely and just sighed as she calmed herself from her sexual peak. 

Soon I felt her leg move between my legs, brushing my balls and sending a spasm of pleasure through me. “Peter I want you inside me, please, on top of me.” How could I question that command. I lifted up, positioning myself between her legs. I lowered myself towards the opening of her vagina and she took my penis and inserted the tip pushing it in and out so as to cover it bit by bit with her pussy juices. Finally, as she lifted, I slid into her, past her pubic bone and let my cock explore her torrid cavern. I pushed as far as I could into her so that the base of my cock was pressing against her once again swollen clitoris. She lifted her legs straight in the air and I began moving in and out of her vagina, the sexual tension mounting by the second. I felt her hand underneath me as she traced around the base of my cock and then began massaging my balls as I went in and out of her. I felt my penis grow even stiffer and I knew I was about to explode into her. At that point, I don’t know what she did, but I could feel the muscles inside her vaginal walls tighten around my swollen member and massage it as it began exploding my semen into Stephanie’s pussy. I was speechless and I heard and felt her gasp as my cock began throbbing inside of her. I collapsed on top of her, feeling her breasts underneath me. My penis was still hard inside her and I wanted it to stay that way for a long time. Finally, she said “Peter, I think you will do fine in the wild, wild West.”

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